The rise and fall of a boy called Rave part 7

The rise and fall of a boy called Rave part 7

Playing with Stacie

I was pretty sure Lacy was using. In fact I was sure it was the reason I had been made his Lt, the others knew and it was my job to pick up the slack. So long as it stayed casual use and didn’t start to interfere with the running of the corner I could handle it. As long as he showed up some of the time I could use his name to keep people in line, sooner or later I was going to have to start using my own name but my reputation wasn’t there yet. So I sat and watched the product move, my breath misting in the air in front of me, it was almost fully dark. One of my spotter came running down the street, there had been no cry about polices or another gang so the crew didn’t stop working. The lad kept his distance, shifting nervously from one foot to the other until I gave him a nod of acknowledgement. Bex was coming. It was rare for her to go near a corner and he didn’t know what it meant but didn’t want to catch a beating for not warning me.

I stood and his eye showed terror, maybe my reputation was better than I thought, leaving his post for no good reason could get him a beating all by itself. To do him credit he didn’t back down as a walked closer. He was a good kid, kid ha he was maybe six months older than me but to me he seemed to be a kid, I put my hand on his shoulder and the look of relief that washed over his face was almost painful. He ran off before I had chances to change my mind about him and I leant on a wall to wait.

Bex came round the corner strutting like a tom cat. I wouldn’t let a girl walk alone at night around here but only a mad man would have attacked Bex and he would have to be a strong mad man for her not to break them in half. Even wrapped up against the cold she looked damn good, she gave off an presence of raw sexuality or maybe it was just me, she got looks somewhere between fear and lust from the rest of the crew.

“Alreet Bex, Lacy isn’t here, gone to take care of some personal business” I didn’t think she was looking for Lacy but it was his corner and would be bad form not to act like it.

“Alreet Rave, I was looking for you not Lacy. I want to have a word” She said.

At a glance the lads nearest me moved to a distance where they could only just overhear what was said and pretended not to be listening hard. I nodded to Bex to make sure she knew that what was said would be public knowledge by the time these lads found a phone.

“I have a new play thing” she said with a smile “Stacie finally broke, she is mine now”

“I do hope she is worth it, seems like a lot of work for one pretty girl” I replied

“Oh she will be believe me. I am having a little get to know her party Saturday night. You and Faye will come” it wasn’t a request. We spent another 5 minutes talking about nothing then she pressed a piece of paper into my hand with an address on it. With every other lad there I watched her tight backside as she walked away and then I went back to watching my crew work.

Faye had gotten me to drop almost £40 on sexy underwear for her to wear to the party, I wasn’t allowed to see her in it. We walked in comfortable silence across the estate, the address was in one of the better tower blocks closer to the edge of the estate. It was strange the difference that a few streets could make. I found the block and headed on up.

I was let into a fairly large flat, it didn’t look like anyone lived there, I didn’t know the gang had a place out her. It was more than likely that it was an old drop point that no one had ever moved back into. The where getting to be more and more empty places on the estate, most became squats for the smack-heads and other dead beats, and the gangs must have taken over quite a few over the years. Taz and Amy where there and we sat down by them and passed around a bottle. Inviting Taz was some kind of power play on Bex’s part but I couldn’t see what she was going for. Others arrived including Stacie who was lead straight to a back room. There were 6 lads including myself, Taz and Mike who Bex had been playing with while waiting for Stacie. I was glad the lad would no longer be Bex’s main toy, he was starting to look a little over used. There were 8 girls including Stacie, Bex Amy and Faye.

Two of the girls were sent back to get Stacie ready. Bex walked over to us.

“I have found a problem with my new play thing. Her skin is too perfect, I love the soft smooth finish, I can’t bring myself to put a permeate mark upon it. I don’t like to damage perfection like that. But it really does put a stop to my favourite foreplay. I need someone so marked that it won’t bother me. So do you mind if I smoke?” She asked Faye, not me.

Faye nodded slowly, a smile touching her lips. Faye leaned over me and grab the hem of my top, I let her pull it over my head. Bex rapped her lips around a cigarette and pulled it from the pack. The flash of sharked from the lighter left blues spots floating in front of my eyes. She took a deep up and then offered it to me, drawing out the process, I took a drag blowing the smoke slowly out of my nose. Before to red glow on the end had chances to fade Bex pulled the cigarette from my lips pushing it into my chest. Air rushed from my lungs, I am not sure if the noise I made was closer to a growl of pain or a moan of pleasure. God it had been to long since I last played with Bex.

Mike gave out a sound somewhere between a nervous giggle and a whimper of fear. I pulled the cigarette from Bex’s fingers and offered it to him.

“Want a drag?”

He flinched away but his eyes where alive, like the first time I saw him steal a car, and Bex laughed. I took another drag.

“I think you broke him Bex” I chuckled.

“Oh you just have to give him time to warm up and tie him down so he can’t get away” she replied. Taking the cigarette back she held it just above the skin letting me feel the heat. My chest hairs melted before it began to cool. She took it in her mouth sucking it back the red before slowly lowering her head to press the hot end to my skin. I hissed a curse at her as she lifted back up.

“Can… can I try?” Asked Faye, her eyes bright, focused on my chest. Bex passed her the slowly shrinking cigarette and smiled down at the younger girl. Faye tried to take a deep drag but it made her choke and cough. On Bex advice she took several quick, shallow puffs to heat up the end until she got used to smoking. I offered up my forearm, palm up, of her first attempt. Her hand where shacking slightly as she pushed the smouldering end closer and closer to my naked fresh. When the girl I loved pressed the burning end into the soft skin of my inner arm it was imposable not to call the sound I made a moan of pleasure. It took an effort of will not to move my arm away from the pain, its red sting going deep into my flesh. Faye pressed to hard coursing the cigarette to bend, more or less stubbing it out, and making a tear shaped burn.

Faye beamed at me, proud of her work, and I could feel my own arousal building from the pain. I could feel the eyes of everyone in the room upon me. I though back my head and laughed.

“Give her another one Bex, she needs practice”

With a new cigarette in hand Faye straddled me. Her second attempt was too soft, the ember barely touching my chest but It was a better attempt and built her confidence. I closed my eyes and leant my head back breathing slowly, letting the pain come as a surprise. I gasped with each new touch of pain letting myself sink deeper into the red missed inside my skull. I let the pain fill the rage deep in my soul and then let the rage fill my lust. I wanted to take Faye then and I didn’t care how. My hand moved forward on its own, looking to rap around Faye slender neck.

It never got there, Taz grabbed my arm and forced it back down. I growled in frustration, looking at him in rage until I realized what he had stopped me doing. I could play rough with Bex, she could take whatever I could dish out, but if I was going to do it with Faye I would have to be careful. I looked up at Faye she looked confused than scared, she had no idea what had just happened. I smiled at her and her face lit up and I felt the rage and lust melt away sinking back into my core.

One glance at Taz told him I was back in control and he let go of my arm. Other than Bex I doubt anyone else in the room knew what was going on.

“We have better start the main event soon, it looks like Rave here is getting a little over excited” said Bex. Most of the others laughed, me and Taz didn’t.

Bex left to get Stacie. Taz picked up a bottle and held it to my lips. The rough spirit burned my throat on the way down, I fought not to cough. He pulled the bottle from my mouth and let the liquid flow down my chest, I hissed as the alcohol ran over my burns making them sting like hell. Faye leaned her head down to lick it from my chest and abdomen. I enjoyed the sensation of her tongue running over my skin.

“Ladies and gentlemen” came Bex’s voice from the door “boys and girls, children of all ages it is time to get ready of tonight’s entertainment. To make sure my new toy is not too embarrassed would you kindly strip to your underwear.”

This got cheers from the room and we started to take our cloths off. Bex liked pretty things, the girls where all beautiful even if my eye where drawn back to Faye over and over again. The new underwear had been worth it. The boy where all slight and vaguely effeminate, Taz and myself the only ones with any real muscle mass, but other than Mike they didn’t have the tail-tail imperfections in the centre of their chest that came from smoking with Bex. The other lads had not been Bex’s toys before.

“I know they are your type but you could try looking at Amy more often, she is supposed to be your girlfriend and she looks good tonight” I whispered to Taz. He looked away from the lad he was studying quickly, looking guilty. He looked at Amy, she was the only girl whose underwear wasn’t see-through or lace but she still looked pretty damn good for the geek that she was.

“If I swung that way I would love to have a girl with legs like that” He whispered back.

“Go tell her that not me, I don’t need to hear it, I know”

He walked over to her and put his lips to her ear, she smiled and started to go red. That girl had blushing down to an art. We clapped and cheered as Stacie was dragged out of the back room. She was naked but for three well placed red ribbons over her breast and cunt.

Bex had been right about her flesh, it was perfect, soft and supple without a mark swelling in the right places to give flowing feminine curves. It was worrying to compare her body to that of Faye or Amy, they might be the same age but they were still girls but Stacie was an early developer and she was almost fully matured by now. She was smiling but it didn’t go near her eyes, her eyes look like she was about to break down sobbing.

Bex might have been worried about permanent marks but as she instructed Stacie to twirl it was apparent she wasn’t worried about the short term. The where half a dozen whelk marks on her shapely arse and there was also a clear red hand print. I wondered how long it would take Bex to grow sick of that perfect skin and being to mark it for real. I wondered if I should start a book on it, gambling was always part of the sex lift of the gang. Hell gambling was part of any life in the estate.

We backed off to the walls to give Bex room to work. The last two girls came in behind them, closing a circle around Stacie. I laughed at the image of a trap being closed, drawing strange looks from some of the others around the room, Taz was the only one to get the joke the only other real predator in the room. Bex would have got it but she was too focused on her new toy.

I had had that stair on me before, that laser focus on your body, part of me felt jealous of Stacie then but most of me was too turned on to care. Bex ripped the ribbon off her left nipple its bow coming undone in flurry. The ribbon hung in the air, drifting slowly downwards. Stacie’s nipple was already stiff as Bex lowered her head and began to devour it. Stacie began to speak and squeal as Bex’s lips and tongue went to work overtime on her breast. As some as she began to moan Bex bit down around her nipple pulling her head back until her skin was pull tight at right angles to her chest. Bex began to rise still clapped around Stacie’s nipple. It was clear it was uncomfortable as Stacie was forced onto her tiptoes and began to whimper.

Bex opened her mouth much to Stacie’s relief, she dropped down fast almost losing his footing and gasping for breath. There was a clear bite mark imprinted around her nipple. I am shore the other saw Bex smile but I saw her bearing her teeth. She did the same to her right nipple but this time it took a lot more work to get Stacie to start moaning again knowing what was to come. This time when Bex let go her knees buckled and she fell. Bex looked down at the kneeling girl stroking her hair with something close to affection.

“Just the right height, take off my panties my little slut” Bex reached behind herself to take off her bra as Stacie’s hand slipped up her arse to the panties her nails just scraping slowly down her arse cheeks as she pulled them down. Bex looked over her shoulder and threw her bra at Mike. The lad panicked, trying to grab it but failing miserably, and it hit him in the face hanging on his head.

Bex reached down and rapped her hand around Stacie’s thin neck dragging her to her feat. She took hold of the last ribbon and pulled it away from her crotch. The stark contrast between the two girls was amazing. Bex was all hard muscle and overpowering sexuality while Stacie was soft curves and sensual femininity both beautiful in their own way.

“When was the last time a lad fucked you Stacie?” Bex asked.

“Almost 3 months ago before you told them not to” she replied, looking down at her feet, the hate easy to hear in her voice.

“And in that time what have you been doing anything to relieve yourself?”

Stacie mumbled something under her breath and Bex slapped her arse hard making her scream.

“I can’t hear slut, say it a loud”

Fine, yes I have been masturbating almost daily are you happy!” she hissed back going red.

“When was the last time you came slut?”

“Wednesday, then you told me I wasn’t to touch myself until tonight or you would never let me have sex” she forced out.

“So right now you must be begging for it. I would like you to let me hear you beg of it. Beg for me to let you cum slut”

“Please let me cum” Stacie hand where bunched into fist.

“Ok you can make yourself cum, masturbate for us slut, it will be better if you are wet for later” Bex instructed.

The shock on Stacie’s face lasted but a second before her hand began to move down her stomach towards her cunt. Her fingers ran though her pubic hair she began to gasp and moan. She spread her legs slightly to let her hand slip between them. Her moans got louder as she began to rub her slit. As she warmed up her knees bent slightly spreading herself more and letting her push her middle finger up insider her. She now held her hand almost still and moved her hips back and forward at speed fucking her finger at speed and forcing her clit into the palm hard.

Her body began to shake with each forward thrust and the room began to clap and stamp in time with each one. Her second hand began to slide around her arse cheek moving slowly to the top of her arse crack. Once there her fingers began to move down into the middle of her soft arse cheeks. Her hand stopped suddenly as it reached its goal and began making circle movements almost too small to see. Her body was shaking violently now.

Her climax was close, her moan going up in pitch and volume. Sweet poured down her chest and back. She gave one last scream and her pleasure peaked then everything went still as her body tensed over and over again with her orgasm. Her legs clasped underneath her but I court her. I really don’t remember moving off the wall but I had somehow moved behind her. As she fell I rapped my arms around her body holding her to my chest. Her eye where shut, her body on limp in the afterglow. I held eye contact with Bex, she was mad that I hadn’t let her hit the floor.

“I was just making sure I got the first go” I said to her with a smile “that is if Taz doesn’t want it. I do hate sloppy seconds.” Bex broke into a grin at that. The sound seemed to bring Stacie back to herself, her eyes opened slowly blinking. Once she realized where she was her the look on her face changed from one of contentment to one of deep shame. She began the struggle a little in my arms until Bex walked over and took hold of her chin and made her look at her.

“You really are a slut, playing with your own arse like that, maybe you will even like what I have planned for you” With that Bex pushed me off and grabbed Stacie hair. One of the girls left to bring in a bag and put it on floor by Bex. Stacie hands were cuffed behind her back and a bar was placed between her legs spreading them. She was then forced to her knees and to put her face on the ground pushing her arse into the air in the most appealing way. Then Bex placed a bowl between her legs under her cunt, I didn’t get that but I would.

“Don’t hold back, don’t go slow. Fuck her hard she will get plenty more tonight” Bex told me. I wasn’t going to disobey instructions like that now was I? She was very wet from the orgasm and I sunk in without any real effort. I pounded her, taking out all my rage and lust on her sweet cunt. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head up and making her scream. I didn’t last long, I wasn’t meant to, I shoot my load into her and kept right on fucking until the last spurt. I pulled out of her and watched as long strands of my cum and her juices dribbled into the bowl.

As soon as I was clear another lad took my place giving her the same treatment. I sat down and a girl walked over and began to suck me hard again. I was just beginning to rise when Faye grabbed a handful of her hair pulling her off.

“Did I tell you that you could suck my boyfriends cock whore?” The girl look terrified of my little Faye but really as my status had risen so had hers. She pushed the girl across the room then walked back to me smiling “Now where was she?” Faye got down on her knees and took me into her mouth, she knew just how to pleasure me by now and it wasn’t long before I had to push her off or cum down the pretty little throat of hers. When I told her this she purred at me.

By now the second lad had been replaced by the next and was getting his own cock sucked. It went on like this until it became Taz’s turn last. I know he wasn’t into girls but there was enough male nudity and sex to turn him on. He walked forward slowly, he was not interested but he wasn’t going to be shown up in front of people. Then Bex surprised him by reaching forward and spreading the girls arse cheeks wide.

“I know how much you like anal sex, hell it is why you are dating Amy, so why don’t you take her arse I know she want to try it.”

Stacie began to beg not to but Bex quietened her by razing one hand and bringing it down hard. A girl came forward with a tube of lube and began to apply it to Taz’s hard cock. It took him a dozen thrust and more lube to get his cock fully into her arse. Once there he began fucking her no less hard than we had, she cried out in pain the whole time but there was no mistaking the sudden spasms she went into when reach her second climax. The contractions pushed more cum out of the cunt into the bowl. Once Taz was done he flopped back down and pushed away the girl that tried to suck him hard again.

Taz may have been done for the night but the rest of us weren’t. On Bex’s instructions I took another go, Stacie was used now and she pussy was stretched and abused. It took me longer to cum the second time but it really was inevitable. I sat back down and Faye went to work on me again. It went around twice more each time Stacie became a worst fuck but she came twice more over the night.

Bex let her go and she lay there looking scared. Two girls went down on her, licking and sucking as much cum as they could and spitting it into the bowl that was now more than half full. Once they were done Bex had her stand.

“You are all mine now until I let you go, understand?” She said slowly. Stacie just nodded dumbly.

Bex had her put on her shoes and just a coat, naked underneath. They kissed slowly, tenderly like true lovers and then Bex stepped back and emptied the cum bowl over her head. The look of shock and disgusted on Stacie’s face was almost comical and the room broke down laughing. It dripped over her hair and face and ran down the inside of her coat.

“Now walk home slut!” Bex ordered grabbing hold of her arm and throwing her out of the front door as she began to cry.

Once the door was closed she turned to me and Taz “Follow her, make sure no one goes near her. I want her humiliated not hurt, no one hurts my toys without my say so.”

We did as we were told, grabbing our cloths quickly we followed. We kept well back as she staggered home sobbing. The few jackals that she passed kept well back once they saw that the girl had real predators on her tail. She let herself in to her home trying not to make any noise not wanting her parents to see the state she was in. We walked back chatting.

“You seemed to like fucking her ok Taz” I said

“Aye, I just close my eyes and thought it was your sexy arse I was fucking” he teased back.

“I have got no problem with what goes on in that fucked up head of yours but you ever try to fuck my arse I will bite you mate”

“Promises, promises Rave.” He grinned at me.

When we got back Faye let us in, the others had left now that the entertainment was over, and she put her fingers to her lips to get us to be quiet. I walked into the living room to see Amy on her back with her legs wrapped around Bex’s head. Bex had one of the ribbons around Amy’s neck and was pulling it tight. Amy’s near purple face contorted in pleasure as Bex’s mouth pushed her over the edge. Once they were done Amy looked over at her embarrassed, we all smiled and Taz took her home.

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