The Shallow Depths_(1)

The Shallow Depths_(1)

Years past. I was beginning to lose faith that my dreams would ever come true…

It was a cold summer day, not to the point of a jacket, but there was a chill in the air. Ever since We moved into our new house, I have always wanted a pool. It is a kids dream to own a pool that all of his friends could come swim in. But to me, a pool meant something totally different.

I was 15 years old at the time, and horny as ever. Everyday after school, I would dart straight home and get on my computer. I wouldn't get on my computer for the normal computer things, I would get on for reasons only my dick can appreciate. "OHHHH! HARDER! FUCK ME FASTER, BABY! FASTER!" These were the sounds that were constantly springing from my computer speakers. I didn't care if the neighbors heard it, I was never afraid to show my sexuality, and I never will be. I would quickly bring out my 7 1/2 inch dick and stroke it to climax. On days that my parents didn't have work, I would simply wait until it was time to shower, and bring my laptop in the bathroom. It was simple, and I'm sure my parents didn't know what I was doing. Oh yeah, my parents. I had always been one on the kinky side. I have tried every different masterbation technique out there at least once, I masterbate no matter the circumstances, and I think of my parents in an incestual way. Speaking of my parents. On weekends my mother (Jennifer) and my father (Eric) usually go out and run errands, while I am left home alone. This doesn't make me angry, because this is when I have the most fun. I stroll into my parents room naked, and go through my parents drawers. My father, about 6'0 tall and normal weight, has a nightstand. The nightstand looks innocent, cuddling next to his side of the bed, but really it is an incest-lovers dream. This drawer contains condoms, and even contains porn cards. Some of the porn cards even have cum stains where my father must have wanked all over them. Although the cards are a great turn-on, the condoms are my favorite treat. Every weekend a condom disappears which can only mean that my parents are having sex right down the hall from my bedroom! The thought of this turns me on. When I find that a condom is gone, I quickly jolt to the bathroom and dig through the mini garbage can to look for the small, round clump of the weekly napkins. Inside the "treasure box" is a used condom from my parents the night before. I usually stare at the condom in amazement knowing that my mom's pussy, and my dad's dick has touched it. I soon get a hard on, so I put the condom on and jack-off with it. I love to feel the mixture of my dad's cum all over my dick. Before long, I have added my own jizz to the condom, and I put it back where I got it. Not only do I go through my dad's drawers though, I also go through my mom's. My mother is abotu 5'5 and slightly overweight. When I first started going through here drawers, there was nothing to excite me enough. But as I dug deeper through the underwear drawer, I found a white lace thong. I was star-struck when I found out that my mother had worn a thong even though she is so fat. Usually I put the thong on, and jack-off until I cum. I usually cum all over the thong, hoping that my mom will put it on while the cum is still wet. But that never happens. I have always tried to catch my parents in the act of sex, or either of them naked, but to no avail.

Finally, after years of imagining, my dream has come true.

My mom had been home all week from work due to a manditory shut down. I knew that this meant I wouldn't be able to jack-off right when I got home, so I had to find something else to do. I had recently got a pool, and so I decided that I would go swimming. My mom told me she would join me. Although the pool was only an on-top-of-the-ground pool, it cooled me off nonetheless. I didn't go in the pool to cool of that day though, it was only 65 degrees, but I went for a more sly reason. I climbed the ladder into the pool, and to my surprise, the water was warm. Jenny, happy to hear this, climbed right in too. She was too big for a bikini, so she wore a one peice. Instantly, I noticed how revealed her DD boobs were in the top. She dipped down into the water, and I finally after many years to trying, I saw her boobs. The top was so tight that her boobs showwed through, and I was stuck in amazement. She saw me staring, so I knew I had to make my move. I told her I was cold, and wanted to go in. She complied.

When we got in the house, I waited until she got in the living room and quickly threw her down onto the couch. She was big, but I was taller and much stronger. She knew she what I wanted, and she knew I would get it.

I stripped away her failing top, and slapped the top of her boob, letting her know that I meant business. I loved the sight of her fat body, and her hairy snatch. I had a raging hard-on, so I had to let it go. She told me she didn't want me to do this, but I didn't care, I was ready. I flipped her on her back, and rubbed my dick around her pussy lips. She seemed to be pretty loose, but nothing my 8.5 inch dick couldn't please. I quickly stuck my dick in her. She was now flooded with tears, but I didn't care. I had waited so long for this, and I wasn't going to let it slip away now. I rammed my body against the rolls of her ass, as my dick went in and out. I was letting slow grunts, as this was my first time in a real pussy. It felt so good, that in a matter of a few minutes, I could feel the skeet getting ready to drain into her violated pussy. "UHGGGGHHH". I had the biggest climax of my life, right there in my OWN mom's pussy. She was screaming at me telling me not to do this, and I just kept reminding her that I had so condom on, and that I hoped she got pregnant, so she would have to suffer the pain of pregnancy. I flipped my mom over and stuck my dick in her mouth. "Lick off your son's excess cum that your pussy couldn't handle, and if you bite, I'll beat the shit out of you." She knew I meant this, so she did. Within minutes, I had a boner yet again. I flipped her over and asked her if Dad had ever given it to her in the ass. "No, we don't like the thought of that," she said. "Good, then that'll make it even better when I give it to you in the ass," I laughed maniacly. I quickly shoved my ready dick into her tight brown nozzle. "OWWWW," she let out a high-pitched scream of pain. I rammed my cock into her for a good hour, and then I was ready to cum again. "Have you ever had cum in your mouth?" I questioned her. "Yes, I have, and I liked it," she said with some attitude. I could tell she was lying from the tone in her voice, so I flipped her over and shoved my dick in her pryed open mouth. "Good, then you'll like this." I let out another behemoth load of cum, half of it spilling out all over the couch. I knew she was in a state of shock, after what just happened, so I thought I'd humiliate her one more time, then let her go. "Lick up all of the cum that you couldn't swallow, or that didn't stay in your pussy and I'll let you be free for now," I demanded. She willingly licked up every last drop. "Now don't speak of this again or I'll kill your husband, and you'll be all mine," I laughed at her face when she thought of what I had just said. "Okay, but please don't do this again," she begged. "Oh, shut up bitch," I told her.

Ever since then I have been raping her anytime my dad is gone. I even shower with her in the mornings!

For many years I waited, but my dream has finally come true.

If you liked this, tell me, and I'll tell you guys some other stories in my life.

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