The Sisterhood prt 2 (Charlotte and Leanne)

The Sisterhood prt 2 (Charlotte and Leanne)

I had been having sex with Tanya every morning and every night now. It was only getting better. Mum and the rest of my sisters would got to work and me and Tanya were left alone. She usually had two hours left before she had to get ready for school so she would sneak into bed with me and we’d sleep for an hour before having sex in the shower. I would watch her get dressed in the mornings and give her a kiss good bye then get back into bed for a few more hours.

But when Leanne was on holiday we stopped this for the week. We didn’t want her to find out. I would wake up a few hours after Tanya had left feeling horney and hard. Wishing Tanya was there to suck me off or fuck me hard. But no such luck. I went down stairs one morning and found a note from Leanne. It said she had gone round to Charlotte’s house for a while and will be back around lunch time.

Charlotte was Leanne’s girl friend. Yes girl friends. Leanne’s bi sexual and had always liked girls just a little more then guys. I thought I would never have a chance to fuck her so I didn’t try. Leanne’s hair was dark brown at the time and she wore small tops forcing her large 36 GG tits to strain against the material. Charlotte on the other hand was different. She had short blonde hair and was a little over weight. I didn’t bother me so much as I knew both of them were not interested.

Around lunch time I went over to the shop to get some food. I left Leanne a note and locked the door. It wasn’t till I came back that some thing was wrong. I opened the door and saw Leanne was home as her shoes were by the door. So were Charlotte’s. I could hear moaning upstairs so I silently crept up to get a better listen.

“Oh Charlotte,” it was Leanne, “Yea baby. Lick my pussy.”

My cock went rock hard. I couldn’t sit there and listen any more. I had to go see what was happening. I crept to the door and saw Charlotte on her knees and her head in-between Leanne’s legs. She wasn’t wearing anything and her ass, although slightly big, begged me to go over and smack it. I took my dick out and began to slowly rub it. Leanne looked up still moaning and saw me. A cheeky smile crept across her lips.

“Oh Charlotte,” she said, “You know what will make this even better?”

Charlotte looked up. Her chin was damp from my sister’s pussy and a smile was on her face from ear to ear.

“What?” she asked through her smile.

“A nice hard cock to ride your cunt as you lick my pussy.”

I couldn’t see the look on Charlotte’s face properly but by what she said I could tell it was good.

“You said it,” she said, “Even your brother’s dick would be nice.”

Although she said it like I was the worst person she would wont to have sex with. I took it as a complement. Charlotte was a lesbian and hated dicks. But she would never turn Leanne down for a kinky idea.

She went back to licking Leanne out and Leanne began to moan again. She grabbed charlotte’s head and clenched her fist around her hair, grinding her pussy into her lips. With her free hand she motioned me to join them. I could resist. I took my shirt and jeans off and bent down behind Charlotte. Grabbing her ass in one hand I rubbed my cock over her pussy lips.

She stopped licking Leanne for a second and moaned into her pussy as I pushed my cock into her. Leanne grabbed her head and pushed it back down to her cunt.

I pushed in and out of Charlotte harder and faster. Her moans getting louder. I could feel her pussy muscles contracting across my cock and I knew she was close to cuming.

A few minutes later she reached her head back and screamed. I felt her cum over my cock and her ass push against me. I reached over and grabbed her tits, rubbing the nipples between my fingers and pumped her pussy. I could feel my balls tighten as I rode her hard. Her screaming not stopping and her pussy still leaking with her cum.

“Oh God yea Jack,” she moaned, “Yea. Harder. Harder. Harder!”

I couldn’t hold it any longer. My balls were getting tighter. I didn’t like Charlotte like Tanya so I pulled my cock out shot my load over her ass cheeks. I quickly got up, not wanting to see any more to get me aroused again for the minute and went to my room.

20 minutes later I heard Charlotte go. I hadn’t yet put my clothes on because I couldn’t really be bothered. But I didn’t need to. My bedroom door flow open Leanne stood there, still naked. But she wasn’t happy.

“How dare you,” she said through clenched teeth, “I was this close to cuming and you had to make her cum and scream.”

My cock had gone rock hard again from seeing her perfect figure. She must have liked it because the next thing I know, she’s pinned me to the bed and sticking her tongue down my throat.

I felt her grab my cock and rub it as she kissed me. I felt like cuming right there. But I held strong knowing that I was going to get more. Leanne broke the kiss and placed her legs either side of me. She slowly lowered herself on to my dick. Her pussy lips spreading as I filled her.

“Oh yea,” she said with an almost immediate orgasm, “Your dick hits my G-Spot right on the mark.”

Immediately Leanne began to raises off my dick till only my helmet was in her and pushed back down again till I was all the way. My balls hit her ass softly as she moaned with each stroke. I could feel her pussy juices over my dick and I reached up and grabbed her tits in my hands, squeezing them lightly. I was almost there when she stopped and raised herself off my dick.

“I want you to fuck my ass now Jack,” she said with a kinky smile.

She grabbed my cock in her hands and slowly pushed it into her ass. It was a tight fit and I thought I couldn’t get in. but after a few minutes, Leanne was riding my cock again as I filled her ass hole.

I felt my balls getting tight again as she moaned. And then her orgasm hit her. I couldn’t believe it. She was a squirted. Her cum flow out of her pussy onto my stomach and chest and just kept coming. After a few minutes my entire torso was covered in her hot sticky love juice as my cock filled her ass hole.

A few minutes later and she came again. This time it went as far as reaching my mouth. I swallowed as her cum entered my mouth and pushed my cock up her ass harder. At that moment my balls collapsed and I shot my entire load into her ass. I felt Leanne twitch as I filled her ass up with my cum.

She soon raised her self off of my cock and began to lick her cum off my chest before walking outside and to her room. Two weeks and two sisters. I must have been the luckiest man alive.

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