The wedding day

The wedding day

This story takes place just over six years ago. My older sister Louise had just become a very wealthy widow. Not very surprising as Jeremy, her husband, was 86 and they had been married for 4 years in a marriage of convenience – the money was convenient for her and he wanted to kick back at his three wastrel sons after excluding them from his will by marrying someone younger than they are.

Jeremy had been a long standing friend of the family and had enjoyed the pleasures of both myself and Louise long before they married (and after of course) and I think he chose her as his ‘bride of convenience’ over me as she has bigger breasts with more prominent nipples and he so enjoyed suckling them.

However, back to my story which relates to their wedding day as it was hardly the usual sort of wedding in terms of preparation, ceremony and wedding breakfast later. The whole event was to be attended by Jeremy, Louise, myself and daddy. No other guests were involved as it was all done in rather a hurry after Jeremy had a final telephone argument with his eldest son and he decided enough was enough.

Louise and I were getting ready in the morning. As bridesmaid I had a fairly simple outfit to compliment that of Louise. I wore a shot-silk cream ankle length dress with no underwear other than hold-ups. It felt absolutely gorgeous against my skin! Louise was in white of course. She too wore no underwear other than lacy hold-ups and her dress looked superb as a full length fishtail with a short train and fluffy lace beneath to make it ride out. She sat naked ready for me to slide it over her head and I almost put it down to taste her there and then. However, my job was to get her ready for the ceremony so I dutifully helped her into the dress and busied myself fastening the buttons down the back when there was a sharp couple of taps at the door and daddy came in.

“Phew!” He whistled through his teeth “you both look stunning and my big baby girl is about to get married too.”

“Yes daddy but you know I only love you and Ruthie” she simpered back laughing “and anyway, don’t I get a wedding day kiss from you? I’ve already had one from Ruth!”

“I just bet you have” he responded, giving me a sideways grin as he moved across to Louise “happy wedding day my darling” he said as he placed one hand on her breast and sank his tongue into her open and receptive mouth. “Just make sure you don’t kill off the old bugger too soon or the will won’t stand up to challenge” he admonished as he pulled away.

“Oh don’t you worry about Jeremy, he might be getting on a bit but he’ll be around for some time yet and he’s still a delightful fuck ….. in fact, he’s one of the better ones in your acquaintances!” As she reminded us of that she rolled her eyes upwards and pushed her hand into the front of her dress to give herself a little rub. “God daddy, I’m feeling so randy right now and Ruth won’t play as she’s insisting I get ready but now that I’m all done except far the last few touches of makeup, why don’t you give me an early present whilst I’m still a young maiden.”

She stressed the term ‘young maiden’ and we all laughed as I don’t remember Louise ever being a ‘maiden’ as she and daddy were lovers long before I joined in with them.

Moving across to her dressing table stool she leant across it and looking over her shoulder she whined at me “Come on Ruthie, you’ll have to help or this dress will be in such a state before we even get to the registry office” and she shuffled her legs wide apart beneath it.

Daddy was already undoing his zipper and easing his turgid cock out so I sighed and moved alongside Louise but facing daddy, and I reached down to raise her dress up her back and reveal her beautiful arse to him. Looking at her reflection through her full length mirror, I could pretty much see what daddy did and it was a wonderful sight which would have raised a corpse.

Framed in the white of her lacy underskirts was her beautiful pink peach with legs spread and her glorious pussy above the lace tops of her hold-ups. I swear I could see little beads of moisture glisten there as she waited daddy’s attentions. She didn’t have to wait long! He stood for a few moments admiring his elder daughter as he stroked his cock to full rigidity and then simply stepped forwards and slid it straight into her.

Standing where I was I watched his approach and gasped with Lou as he slammed his cock in without any preparation or ceremony. “Open her Ruth!” he commanded and I grasped her buttocks and pulled them apart for him as he began rhythmically ploughing her. “Don’t forget girls, we have little time to spare and you don’t want to keep your future husband waiting do you Lou?”

“Do me Lou” I gasped out my lust and she slid her hand up under my dress and sank her finger into me where she began to frig me with a slow intensity.

I opened my eyes to see daddy grinning broadly at me as he nodded down to where he was sinking in and out of my sister. Taking his cue, I moved my hand down and formed a tight circle with my fingers and thumb around her wet hole as he slid in and out of her and then I tightened my circle to gently grip his wet cock, thus wanking him into her.

What a sight for the family album this must have been if anyone had entered then. Daddy fucking his eldest daughter, helped by his youngest who was holding her dress up to give him the required access as she in turn was being fingered through a series of orgasms by her sister.

Lou shuddered through yet another orgasm of her own and gasped “Now daddy! Cum in me now! Fuck your little girl and give her your cum.”

A few more rapid thrusts and he did just that, grunting loudly with his eyes clenched tightly closed as he shot her full of his spunk and then gradually slowed to a halt with his cock still buried in her and still resting between my fingers and thumb.

“My God girls that was just what I needed before the formalities of the rest of today.”

“Mmmmm daddy, that felt so wonderful and I’m going to grip your juice in me until the ceremony and then I’m going to dribble it out onto the registry office floor so that you can see it’s you I really love. Oh, and you too Ruthie.” She giggled, standing and letting her dress drop back down as she licked her fingers clean of my own juices.

“Come on you two” I muttered breathlessly “we have to move or we will miss our slot for the ceremony. I’ll finish your make-up in the car Lou” and we grabbed everything we needed and dashed down to the waiting car.

The journey to the registry office took little more than fifteen minutes so we were still somewhat hot and sticky when we got there. Daddy exited the car first and held his hand out to Louise and then to me as assistance and we walked up the steps and through the entrance to see Jeremy sitting there waiting for us and he smiled broadly as we entered and gave an approving nod at both Lou and me.

He rose as we walked across to him and shook daddy’s hand in greeting “Hello Michael, this is going to be a good day for us both don’t you think?” and he grinned lecherously at Louise and then at me.

“Oh, I’m sure we can make it that way Jeremy, Louise has already been prepared for you and Ruth is waiting just as eagerly for the wedding breakfast later.”

I shuddered excitedly at the prospect as I was still hot and ready from our session back at the house and could hardly wait for this wretched ceremony to be out of the way so that we could get back and have more fun.

Louise placed her hands on Jeremy’s shoulders, gave him a brief kiss and said, “Can you smell me darling? Can you smell me, because daddy has just given me a marvellous fucking and his cum is running down my legs now. See!” and she stepped back to reveal a small wet patch on the floor where she had been standing and where she had dripped daddy’s spunk from her pussy.

“Oh,” gasped Jeremy as he licked his lips and I thought he was going to drop to the floor there and then to slurp the little puddle of sex juices “Oh, my darling Louise, you are such a little sex pot, I hope you don’t drip it all out before I have chance to lick it from you my dear.”

“Of course not Jeremy, but now you have got me all hot again at the thought of you licking me out and drinking daddy’s cum from me so let’s hope this ceremony doesn’t take long.”

The four of us were standing there in a circle of lascivious lust when the registrar called us and in less than ten minutes or so, the ceremony was completed and we drove back to Jeremy’s apartments with the chauffeur attempting to keep one eye on the road and the other on his mirror as Jeremy slid his hand down the top of his new bride’s dress and stroked her nipples whilst she fondled his cock with her left hand and daddy’s with her right, leaving me clenching and unclenching my thighs together to self stimulate my throbbing clitoris.

We arrived at the apartments, dismissed the chauffeur (much to his disappointment judging by the look on his face and the bulge in his pants) and went straight through to the large reception room where Jeremy could contain himself no longer and dropped to his knees in front of Louise to raise her dress and gaze longingly at her neatly shaved pussy which was still oozing a slick little stream down her thighs. “My oh my, this is heavenly and I want to fuck you right here and now!”

“Let’s get something to eat and drink first,” giggled Louise as she pushed away from him and headed to the drinks cabinet “I’m starving Jeremy so if you want to fuck me you’d better feed me first!”

Sighing in a silly exaggerated way he ambled off and returned with some cold cuts, cheeses and breads which we nibbled on for a brief few minutes when he took hold of Lou’s hand and commanded in a mock forceful voice “Come wife! Get yourself to the boudoir and prepare to satisfy your husband!” and we all followed him to the bedroom where he grabbed her once more. “This gown is beautiful my darling but I think it is time now that it came off and you let me sample once more that gorgeous body of yours.”

“You get yourself ready,” she retorted “and we will soon be out of these dresses and give you a wedding day you will never forget!” Louise and I quickly peeled each other’s dresses off leaving us both naked except for our hold-ups and heels and we turned to see Jeremy getting rid of his last article of clothing and looking lustily at us both as daddy stood to one side grinning from ear to ear and congratulating himself on his daughters.

Lou moved quickly over to Jeremy and playfully pushed him back over the bed and as he bounced laughing at her she jumped up beside him and straddled his head. Taking him by the ears she pulled his mouth to her pussy and he clamped on with a murmur of delight. I knelt at the side of the bed level with his feet and from there I could look up at Lou’s beautiful pert behind as she ground herself on his chomping mouth. Each time she raised a little I could see Jeremy’s tongue swirling around inside her, scooping her juices mixed with daddy’s cum and gulping them down hungrily as she moaned in her ecstasy.

Meanwhile, daddy had stripped too and moved level with Lou’s head which turned obligingly in his direction to accommodate his hardening cock and lick along the full length of his shaft before taking the head deep back into her throat. Although she must have done this hundreds of times before it still raised a gasp of delight from him and he stroked her hair around her ears as he fed his cock in and out of her mouth.

Although I had my fingers buried inside myself and was stroking my way through a series of fluttering orgasms, I still now felt a little left out and although I knew that this would soon be remedied I decided to add my own little wedding present for Jeremy.

“Don’t you know that it’s traditional to give the bridesmaid a present Jeremy? And one such traditional present is pearl jewellery so I think I deserve a pearl necklace from you and I’m going to take it right now!” Lou giggled around daddy’s cock when she heard this and half turned her head to get a glimpse of me grasping her husbands cock and stroking it as I fed it into my opened mouth.

In an almost surreal moment, all four of us moaned in pleasure at the same instance. From past experience I already knew what a handsome cock Jeremy had and although he might not be able to attain the absolute rigidity he managed in the past, he was certainly hard enough to please any woman. I quietly pondered his cock as I stroked and sucked on it. It was probably about 7 or 8 inches long and quite nicely thick along the shaft with lovely tortuous veins running along its length. The head was a nice purple plum and it fit perfectly in the scoop of my tongue.

He felt so good in my hand and I stroked his length rather lovingly, especially as I remembered he was now my brother in law. His was a nice firm muscle and I could feel him throbbing with each stroke and lick I gave him. Pausing for breath I looked up at daddy and threw him a pleading look saying “I need you now daddy, please let me have that. You’ve already given it to Louise today and now surely it’s my turn!” and I pouted in a pretend sulk which brought a peel of laughter from him and he eased his cock from Lou’s mouth to take position behind my raised rear.

I felt his tongue lick along the length of my slit and his fingers parted me for him before he stood and placed the head of his cock against my moist opening. Several times he slapped it against my hole leaving it gasping and desperate to feel him inside me and I pushed my hips back towards him trying to push myself onto him.

The slapping ceased and he plopped the tip of his cock between my wet lips and then very slowly, but in one long movement, he slid into me to the hilt. God that felt so good! I clenched my pussy muscles hard together to both feel him better and to give him a tighter hole to fuck. “Oh yes daddy!” I yelped as he pushed me through a terrific orgasm “Oh that feels so good, fuck me daddy, give me that lovely cock of yours!” and with that I returned to suck hard on Jeremy and to wank his shaft into my mouth as daddy ploughed into me from behind.

Of all the cocks I’ve had over the years, none thrills me as much as daddy’s still does. Every time he slides in me I cum almost there and then. I suppose that the forbidden nature of our relationship adds to the thrill, just as making love to Louise is always so much nicer than any other woman. As we have had sex between the three of us since Lou and I were small girls it just seems so right for us and we know each and every little trick to make it feel so good whatever we do.

As daddy slid in and out of me I started to lose my concentration on Jeremy’s cock as I lazily perched there enjoying the feel of daddy fucking me. I quietly chastised myself for being so mean to Jeremy and renewed my efforts with him again. Resting the head of his cock on my tongue I began to increase the speed with which I was wanking him, drawing my hand down his shaft and then back up again to pull his foreskin over the head and then sliding it back again. As I cupped and stroked his balls I felt them tighten as be readied his load and I swallowed his bulb back into my mouth to add more suction and bring him off.

As his first pulse flew, I opened my mouth to let him splash over me, hitting my tongue, face, neck and hair. The warmth of his spunk jets felt so good and he tasted wonderful as he groaned and thrust his hips in the air. “Hey that’s my husband you are sucking there!” pouted Louise “and that’s my cum you naughty boy” she continued as she prodded Jeremy in the chest. “You had better do your husbandly duty soon and stop having my sister suck you off.”

When he finished cuming I took him into my mouth again and sucked the remaining drips from him as I continued to stroke him, keeping him erect and ready for his bride. “Don’t worry Lou, he’ll be ready for you soon. In fact, I think you can have him now” and with that I held his cock aloft and Lou smiled as she slid down his chest, turned to face me and straddled his hips sinking herself onto him in front of my eyes.

“Oh that is so good Jeremy! You just keep that cock rigid for me whilst I cum on it” and she rocked herself on his cock which was now buried to the hilt inside her and reaching forwards she held my neck towards her and kissed me before licking his cum from my face.

“You two look so good together” mused daddy “I’m so glad to have two daughters who are so obedient and sexy for me.”

“Don’t you mean sluttish daddy?” queried Louise as she peered over my head down my back to watch his shaft prodding me “You should see the spunk Jeremy has splattered Ruth with, she looks so good from here, are you going to splatter us with yours now daddy?” she teased him and I felt him begin to quicken his pace.

“Oh yes girls,” he grunted, slamming into me from behind “here it comes now and I’m going to spray the both of you. Now!” he grunted and pulled from me as he shot his cum up over my back and into Lou’s waiting face. I felt hot splash after hot splash on me and despite the pleasure it gave me I felt a little cheated. After all, daddy had cum inside Lou that morning and I had expected him to do the same with me now, not to shoot over my back and share his cum with Lou again.

“Daddy!” I whinged and thrusting my rear back towards him I heard him laugh as he humoured me and slid back inside to deliver his final few spurts in me. “Oh don’t be so peevish Ruth” he chuckled “it is her wedding day you know and we are supposed to make it special for her.”

“Yes, but just keep in me for now, she’s got her husband in her and I’m just missing out on everything now.” Even Jeremy laughed at this banter between the three of us and I leaned forwards to kiss my sister and let her know I was only joking as we embraced and daddy continued to fuck me as Lou now bounced on Jeremy’s cock, clenching and relaxing her muscles to milk him to another climax.

In our kisses we could each tell as the other orgasmed and then Jeremy gripped her hips tighter as they slammed up and down on him and it was evident he was about to cum too. I broke my embrace with Lou to better watch his cock disappearing in her and to arch my back further to better enjoy the thrust of daddy’s cock in me and with a loud roar, Jeremy started to cum inside her. She clamped down on him and he arched upwards into her as his spunk flew from him and with each subsequent thrust, it began to drip from her and dribbled down his shaft and coat his balls.

As daddy pummelled me I dropped my head further and licked out around Lou’s sopping cunt and Jeremy’s soaked balls, my oh my they tasted good as with a terrific lunge, daddy buried himself deep inside me and shot his hot spunk high up around my cervix. His lovely cock throbbed inside me and I clenched myself around it to better feel him as he pulsed spurt after spurt of his cum in me. Now Lou could enjoy her wedding day and continue to be centre of attention and I didn’t care as I enjoyed the feel of daddy’s lovely cock slowly massaging me from the inside as he gradually softened and then slid from me, letting his cum dribble down my thighs.

Almost as if we’d agreed it, Lou and I slid down side by side onto the bed and lay there in each others arms as daddy and Jeremy lowered themselves behind us. “This has been such a good day” mused Louise as she stroked my hair.

“Don’t think it’s over yet” quipped Jeremy “as husband of the day I want more of my dues later!”

“Quite right Jeremy” responded daddy “and I don’t think you will be disappointed by either your bride or your bridesmaid during the rest of the evening.”

“Just you two make sure you don’t disappoint us either!” smirked Louise as she prepared for further pleasures and began to kiss me deeply, licking around my waiting tongue.

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