the wedding_(0)

the wedding_(0)

In this story i do not describe characters. This is so you can imagine the two teens anyway you like. Now to the story…

My name is mark. Last week i attended my cousins wedding. That night was one i would never forget because of the events that will follow.

I stared at her across the room, she stared back at me. Finally after about an hour of stares back and forth i approached her…

Mark: Excuse me miss, could i have this dance?

Girl: I don't know how to dance.

Mark: well niether do I.

Girl: Will look like idiots.

Mark: We can look like idiots together than, can't we.

girl: I guess

Mark: That's the spirit, it'll be fun, you'll see.

We started to dance, the song was "a moment like this"by kelly clarkson. Through the awkwardness of stumbling feet, and hand placement we began to talk…

Mark: My name is mark by the way.

girl: oh, right, my name is angie.

Mark: You look very lovely tonight

Angie: Thank you, my older sis picked out this dress for me.

Mark: Well she made a wonderful choice

Angie: Thank you

Mark: So what's your relation to the families?

Angie: My mom was the grooms babysitter when he was little, and she's good friends with the family.

Mark: that's cool, i'm the grooms cousin.

Breath by Faith Hill start's to play…

Mark: soo we've been dancing for a whole song now.

Angie: yeah, so

Mark: So i think that warrants the lowering of the hand to hip level.

My hand had been on her back during the dance…

Angie: oh it does does it?

Mark: I believe it does

Angie: alright, but you mine as well just put it on my ass,

Mark: oh really!!!

Angie: Yes really, i think you've earned it.

Don't stop until you get enough by Michael jackson starts to play…

Angie: Oh i don't like this fast paced dancing.

Mark: me niether, wanna go sit outside.

Angie: sure, theirs a great place out on the patio.

We go sit out at the end of the padio…

Mark: so

Angie: so

Mark: where do you live?

Angie: Over by Lake Onandaga, near Galveston.

Mark: Oh really that's beutiful country.

Long moment of silence…

Angie: Oh my god look at us we have nothing to talk about.

Mark: I've never been a real social person.

Angie: Me niether.

Mark: So what should we do?

Angie: I know how about a game of 20 questions?

Mark: Alright, nothing like sharing personal info with a woman you just met.

Angie: Exactly!!! So what's you're favorite color?

Mark: red, i guess.

Angie: You guess? What's that suppose to mean?

Mark: I don't know, i've never really given thought as to what my favorite color is.

Angie: Never given it a thought? But a persons favorite color tells you who they are.

Mark: really, how so.

Angie: well my favorite color is blue, that means i'm a cool laid back person. Red means you have a fast-paced firey personality. Black means your depressed, and white means you're really plain.

Mark: well i guess i'm blue then.

Angie: See, now everytime someone asks you what your favorite color is can tell them the truth.

Mark: When your right your right.

Angie: I am right, i'm alway's right.

Mark: Oh no your not one of those girls are you?

Angie: Like what girls.

Mark: The ones who have to be right all the time.

Angie: So what if i am.

Mark: don't get all angry, i was just kidding.

Angie: well, so was i.

Mark: Alright, next question.

Angie: Tell me about… your first kiss?

Mark: My first kiss, wow, well i was about eight when one of my female classmates planted one right on my lips.

Angie: Wow, you player.

Mark: Yeah that's me, i'm a real player. So what about your first kiss?

Then Angie leaned over and kissed me on the lips…

Angie: well i was 16 and i kissed you.

Mark: Really, that was your first kiss.

Angie: Yeah

Mark: well it was mine to, if you don't count that whole kindergarden thing.

Angie: really

Mark: Yeah, were pretty pathetic huh.

Angie: No were just socially awkward that's all.

Mark: Wow you really know how to cheer a guy up.

Angie: I know what will cheer you up. Let's have sex.

Mark: What!!!

Angie: Think about it, when we go back home we can tell all our friends we had a romantic one night stand with a perfect stranger.

Mark: Yeah that's a great idea. One minute i got another idea.

I went inside, i found my cousins friend at the bar. I'd met him before on numerous occasions, he's real cool, and i told him my prediction…

Mark: So can you help me out.

Jim: Of course you lucky bastard.

He gave me a few of his rubbers( he had plenty, he came prepared for the drunk bridesmaids), and a bottle of jack daniels…

I walked back outside to meet up with Angie…

Mark: Angie, i'm baaaack.

Angie: What took you so long.

Mark: I got us a little something extra.

Angie: What?

Mark: some jack and rubbers.

Angie: Wow, now we can really party.

Mark: So where do you want to go?

Angie: Let's go down by the river.

Mark: alright.

We went down near the river and found a nice spot out of sight from the wedding party…

Mark: Perfect!!!

Angie: yeah perfect.

Mark: are you sure you want to do this?

Angie: Yeah i'm sure.

Angie takes a swig of jack as Mark starts to caress her body…

Mark: Are you nervous?

Angie: a little.

Her voice quivered as she spoke. I started to undress her…

Mark: do you want to keep your bra on.

Angie: No why would i?

Mark: well your on the bare ground?

Angie: no it's fine don't worry.

I removed her bra, and followed that by planting my face into her chest…

Angie: What are you doing?

Mark: I'm kissing ypur chest.

Angie: Why?

Mark: because it's romantic.

Angie: no it's not.

Mark: Sorry

Angie: it's fine but would you just fuck me already.

Mark: Alright.

I began to lick her pussey…

Angie: oh, oh. oh

Angie: Yeah faster, faster

I picked up the pace and added my finger into the equation…

Angie: yes, yes i'm cumming, i'm cumming.

She quickly came all over the ground.

Mark: wow you really enjoyed that.

Angie: Fuck yeah i did that was amazing.

Mark: Honey, we ain't even close to done.

Angie: Oh really?

I quickly removed all of my clothing, and held my erect 8 inch penis in my hand.

Angie: Oh my god it's throbbing.

Angie happily put the erect penis in her mouth to repay the favor of my prior acts…

Mark: oh yes you like that that don't you.

Angie: Oh yes

Mark: Suck it baby, suck it, I'm cumming…. ohhh

angie removed my penis from her mouth just in time for me to unleash my load onto the groung.

Mark: That was fantastic

Angie: I know, you gonna fuck me for real now?

Mark: Can you give me a minute i need to re-load.

Angie: alright.

We had a few swigs of jack and then i was ready to go…

Mark: I'm ready

Angie: Alright

Angie layed on the ground as i put the condom on…

Mark: Are you ready?

Angie: yes

Mark: are you sure?

Angie: yes, just fuck me already.

Mark: Alright

I slowly thrust my penis into her vagina

Angie: hsss… ow, ow, ohhhh…

Mark: Are you doin okay?

Angie: Yes, yes, harder, harder.

I could tell her pain has subsided and she was starting to feel pleasure,

Mark: Ahhh, im cumming…

Angie: No, just a little longer

I couldn't hold it i unloaded inside her and quickly pulled out.

Angie: Damn that felt amazing.

Mark: Really, isn't it suppose to hurt the first time?

I said this as i discarded the condom into the river.

Angie: It did at first, but then it just started to feel good.

Mark: well, you were great!

Angie: wanna go again?

Mark: I don't think we should, your bleeding.

Angie: Yeah i guess your right.

We slowly re-dressed and returned to the reception…

We danced once more to to "endless love" before we parted ways.

I never saw Angie again but i'll never forget her.

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