the wrecker moves on

the wrecker moves on

It had been about 8 months since Jenny had died a period that I had remained celibate, partly as a feeling that I should still be faithful to her and partly a belief that perhaps I was being punished for my previous behaviour, however being only 25 years old it wasn’t too long before I was starting to feel really horny again and looking to let the wrecker loose once more became a necessity.

My upstairs flat looked out onto a new housing development that had been built on some reclaimed retail land just across the road from me, I had noticed a pretty brunette that had moved in a few months earlier with her “partner“, I would have guessed that she was perhaps in her early thirties, very attractive about 5ft 6inches tall with a slender waist and a nice round ass, and her tits looked well proportioned too, so I had made a point of saying hello to them at every opportunity and had engaged the woman in conversation a couple of times and found out her name was Rachel and her “Partner” was William, I had tried to flirt with her but she had seemed very cool to my advances so I guessed that was the end of that, quickly it became apparent that William liked to be out with the boys much more than being home with her often at night he would roll home from the pub at closing time very drunk and nearly every Saturday he was off to the football home or away with the local supporters club, some nights I would hear them arguing and slamming doors, most nights both bedroom lights were on so I guessed they might be sleeping separately.

About a month later I came home to find that they had had a delivery of paving slabs and sand delivered that had been dumped on the pavement, William was at work and Rachel was trying to move the slabs by herself “here is my chance” I thought, so I trotted across and offered my assistance, in no time at all I had them and the sand safely stored at the side of their house though I was now dirty and sweaty she thanked me with a hug and one of William’s cans of beer, “He is supposed to be doing the patio this weekend” she said but added “fat chance” but then said no more about him but began to inquire into my relationships which I found more than interesting, it began to cloud over and the rain was coming so we said our goodbyes and left it at that.

Needless to say there was no progress on the patio that weekend, however the following Saturday I woke up late to find that the slabs were laid out in preparation for work and William was hard at work trying to dig up a area of turf, he was really struggling as it was a hot humid day, Rachel kept popping out to urge him on and it was winding him up no end, finally a blazing row broke out with more than a few swear words exchanged, it ended when William stormed off to the pub and Rachel returned to the house slamming the door, about 10 minutes later I watched her leave the house and begin to try to lift the turf herself, so I wandered across and said hello she seemed pleased to see me and dropped her spade “fuck him, he is a bone idle waste of space” she said then added “I guess you heard all the swearing, what a blight on the estate we must be” she smiled and I smiled too “fancy a coffee over at mine” I asked, she gave me a knowing look before accepting, once back in my flat she seemed nervous so I made the coffee and kept my distance, we began chatting and before we knew it a hour had passed, I had gone to take a piss and noticed through the hall window that William was back toiling in the garden opposite.

I told Rachel and so she came to take a look as she stood beside me I felt the sexual tension rising, I slipped behind her as she gazed through the net curtains watching William toiling and sweating, I then placed my hands on her waist, she tensed but did not move away so I lent into her and allowed my hands to move up to her breasts and gently cup them feeling the firm nipples through her top, again she did not move away so I slipped them inside her top and fondled her bra less breasts, she lent back into me and her head tilted back so that I could kiss her, as she turned to face me she pulled my tee shirt over my head and her hands went to my jeans feeling my hardening cock through the denim, I had pulled her top off and was sucking hard on her nipples, my hands were up her skirt and inside her panties, my fingers deep in her hole working her juices up, I felt her undo the button and unzip my jeans so they fell to the floor, her hands delved into my boxers to pull my cock free, it was already hard as she hooked it out, the look of lust on her face as she took in the full 9 and a bit inches of hard meat was a joy to watch, I had her panties around her ankles now and she stepped out of them as I kicked my jeans and boxers off, this left me naked and Rachel only in her skirt, “take me to bed” she said, but instead I turned her back to face the window, “tell me what William is doing” I asked as I lent her forward a little and lifted her skirt, I bent my knees and lined my cock up with her pussy, “is he working hard”?
“is he hot and sweaty”? I asked as the head of my cock slipped between her pussy lips.
“YES oh YES” she panted as I slipped a few inches into her.
I started to slowly fuck her from behind as she told me about William working.
“He is all hot and bothered, sweating a lot……………oooooh yes”
I gave her another couple of inches
“he must be wondering about me…………Oh Yes………… FASTER”
I slipped my full length home and began to fuck her with long fast strokes.
“Oh shit that is soooooo fucking good………..HARDER, please, DEEPER”
Her pussy was squelching as I continued to shaft her as fast as I could, her legs began to buckle so we stopped and I led her to the bed and mounted her missionary style raised her legs to her chest and rode the shit out of her, when I finally came I pulled out and shot my cum all over her belly and tits, she was panting, sweating, lying with her pussy gaping.

I fell onto my back beside her and rested, he can’t ever find out about this she said he would kill us both, he is so jealous, I said that I had no intention of telling so it was down to her if he was to find out and she seemed pleased at that,” I need to get back” she said, but as I slipped down the bed and begin to eat her out she changed her mind and opened her legs further to allow better access, gradually turning around into the 69 position and taking my cock in her mouth she gradually brought me back to full erection so that she could climb on top and ride me to her second orgasm driving her pussy hard onto my cock, she flooded my balls with her juices, with that she got quickly dressed and left.

I watched as she left my back door, slip down the stairs, and round the side of the house, across the road, passed William without saying a word and into her home, She never mentioned it when we next met and never since and to be honest I think it was for the best.

At least the mingewrecker was back in business, and I found out that leopards never change their spots.

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