My first experience with a vibrator has so far been my only experience. I was young, and stupid, 15 i think. my boyfriend at the time was 3 years older and just as clueless about sex as i was. however, he did have a huge dick and i had a pussy that has only been a virgin 5 months ago…and it isnt that hard to figure out how to put them together. but we were not porn stars in our sexual acts, and usually he would last about 5 minutes. never once did he try to make me cum.

one day while we were doing the usual foreplay [which was me naked giving him head while he was in boxers and a shirt], he brought out a small pink vibrator. Now this was long before i became a porn addict, so i had no idea how a vibrator worked. neither did he, and he used it on me like a dildo. i hated the feeling to be honest, it was like a giant bee was inside me, and the vibrator wasnt as big as he was so it didnt feel as good. Neither of us knew that vibrators are best used on a clit, outside stimulations. we just assumed since it looked like a penis we should use it like one. He put it away and had sex with me in the normal fashion afterwards. i havn't had a vibrator since then.

It would be 3 years before another vibrating object touched me again. during those three years i had several boyfriends, some would fuck me like i were a goddess, others just wanted to get rid of backed up cum, one nearly killed me by forcing me to suck on his dick without air for an entire minute. i realize now that i should have bitten down but i didnt at the time.

it wasnt until a very, very hot summer day that i first tried an oragsim. by then i had watched a few short movies on some free movie porn websites, and had an idea of how a vibrating stimulation on a clit would work, but i still didnt know how it felt. my parents were out for the day and i wasy laying in my bed at 103 degree tempurature, dying from the heat. I didnt have money for a vibrator, and too shy to buy one anyways. but…. i did have a sonic toothbrush.

I had a friend about a month ago tell me she used one as a vibrator so even if her parents found a toothbrush in her room, it wouldnt seem strange. she had told me before to use the smooth vibrating side of the brush and have the brissles facing the other way. I went to the bathroom and got my brush.

I went back to my room and tried to relax. I undressed. ( i cant say i look like any super model, but i am no 300 pound wal-mart fatty with a mustache either. One thing everyone has always commented about me is that i have very nice D cup tits and a black girl's round ass.. even though im white. I guess have an hour glass figure, the trational kind from the 1950s beauties. but i never liked how i looked so i covered myself up despite the heat.)

So i tried it, smooth side down on my clit, brushes upwards where they wont touch me. I turned the brush on.

To the men of the world, I am so sorry you will never experience this sort of feeling. I am sure your male ejaculation orgasims or prostate orgasims are wonderful, but the feeling of a vibrator on my clit cannot be measured.

I played with myself for weeks. At first I knew only of the squirting orgasim. That meant I put the vibrating toothbrush directly on my clit and squirm like i was being tickle tortured until i squirted. at first i was pretty grossed out "did i just pee on my bed?" and did some research on the subject. so far scientists have said that a true squirting orgasim is translucent in color and has different chemicals than urine, though it comes out of the same hole. So it was some sort of an orgasim, translucent in color, odorless, water like.

It took a few months before a tried moving the vibrating head to other parts near my clit. and it turns out (now listen up guys who want to make their gf orgasim) that having it just slightly below my actual clit there is a spot that, at first, feels just nice. i found out that if you apply pressure there for 15 minutes, moving the head around slightly, that i began to spasim here and there. i kept going, wondering what would happen, 20 minutes passed and a new sensation i didnt know pulsated inside of me. i had no controll over my arms or legs, and they would jolt or move without my knowing now, i felt as though something big would happen if i kept going, so i didnt stop.

i kept moving the head back and forth, faster and faster, the feeling was amazing… like scratching an ich that had been there my entire life. I moved my hips into the vibrations. my body jolted upwards and my back arched. The feeling was bone-shattering, my clit hummed. and there it was, as far as i know- my first real orgasim.

just like a man's dick gets sensative right after he cums, i had to turn off the brush quickly after i felt myself come down.

i laid there in my heated room. my mind was dizzy, i felt sleepy. my tiny clit still spasmed every few seconds. i reached down to touch it and felt a very warm sticky liquid comming out of my pussy. it was translucent, and kind of felt like egg whites, it had no smell. i pushed a finger inside of myself and felt a warm waterfall of sticky girl cum. i was amazed. I waited a few minutes until i wasnt so sensitive and tried it again.

my note: yeah i know the usual comments 'your sick' 'your gross'. but go try this on you gf (a real vibrator works best and isnt as creepy as a boyfriend pulling out his toothbrush) see how she feels. ill tell you this now, it did make me orgasim but it also made me a freakishly horny girl who wanted to get fucked hard right afterwards. its a fun way to spend 20 minutes before getting the best sex of your life. and if you think 2o mins is too long to waste on a girl then maybe you should just invest in a plastic one.

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