Track and Field Competition

Track and Field Competition

Every year, our high school track and field team would compete at the city finals. The entire team would cram on to a school bus and we competed at the local university stadium. When the competition was finished, the bus would take us to McDonald's to eat, and then we would be dropped off at school to go home. That year, I was competing in the cross-country running race.

I had a huge crush on Judy, who was on the girl's cross-country team. She was a tiny little thing, only about 5 feet tall. But she had the silkiest midnight black hair, big brown eyes, a fantastic rack, and an ass that I still dream about today. I used to love watching her run during practice. When no one was looking, I would watch her do her warm-up stretches. I imagined walking over while she bent over to touch her toes and then pulling down her shorts and penetrating that luscious ass from behind. I would go home afterward and jerk-off dreaming about her amazing body.

We only really said hi to each other when we would pass in the hallway and during practice. To be honest, I didn't even think she knew my name. But that all changed the day of the city finals.

My race was in the morning, and I placed a modest 33rd out of 250 students. It was a personal best for me. With my race out of the way, I was able to watch the rest of the events throughout the day. I was really only waiting for the girls cross-country race which was at 2pm. When the time finally came, my eyes were glued on Judy. She was wearing a white tank top with blue running shorts. They really accentuated her perky chest, her toned legs and super tight ass. I could hardly contain my erection as I watched her. She did much better than me, and she finished 6th overall. When the race was over, she came back to the stands and everyone congratulated her on a good race.

I was watching the next event, when I felt someone tapping my shoulder. I turned around to see who it was. But as I turned, my face bumped into something soft. I had accidentally turned face first into a pair of fabulous tits. It was Judy! I managed to stammer out a quick "I'm sorry", although my face was completely red with embarrassment. I looked up, and Judy was also blushing. She apologized for startling me (but really I was thankful for the accidental face plant into her cute breasts). When the embarrassment finally passed, she asked if anyone was sitting beside me. Of course, I said no, and cleared some space for her.

I started to congratulate her on her race. She thanked me, and congratulated me on my race. She said she timed it, and informed me that it was a personal best for me. I asked her how she knew that, and she said that she always watched me during practice. (I was blown away. She did notice me!) Then she started blushing again. She turned her eyes shyly to the ground and admitted that she had a huge crush on me. Now I started blushing.

I told her that I watched her during practice too, and that I really liked her. She laughed and said she knew that I watched her. And in fact, she would purposely do her warm-up stretches so that I had a better view. We laughed, and continued talking until the competition was over.

We boarded the bus, and sat next to each other at the back of the bus on the ride to McDonald's. I asked her why she decided to tell me about her crush. She said that she actually had a crush on me since grade 6, but was too shy to say anything. Her family was moving that summer, and if she didn't say anything now, she might never get that chance. I didn't know what to think. On the one hand, the prettiest girl I'd ever seen just admitted to having a crush on me for 4 years. On the other hand, she would be leaving in 2 months time. I was elated and saddened at the same time. She continued and said that she didn't want to waste any more time. She put her head on my shoulder and squeezed tight as she hugged me. I felt the same way, and I stroked her hair as I held her in my arms.

She started to relax a little, and her hand moved up and down my side as she hugged me tighter. I comforted her by rubbing her back and caressing her arm. Then she nuzzled her nose into my neck and kissed it softly. All the while, her hand was slowly moving down my side and onto my lap. I was getting really hot and nervous. Could this really be happening? I looked up to see if anyone was watching. Everyone else was joking around and doing stupid stuff like normal teenagers on a bus. They weren't paying any attention to us.

So, I decided to test the waters. My hand starting rubbing her back lower and lower until I reached the top of her ass. I lingered there to see what Judy's reaction would be. She responded by moving her hand closer and closer to the inside of my thigh. Then she continued higher and higher until she had my balls cupped in her delicate hand. By this time, I had a full-on erection and I could hardly contain myself. I inched my right hand to the inside of her thigh and fondled her breasts with my other hand. It was the first time I had ever groped a girl, and it was amazing. Her breasts felt even better than I had imagined. I could feel her nipples getting harder as I squeezed her breasts gently. She moaned softly as her other hand gripped the shaft of my penis. She stopped for a split second and started caressing it. (Later she told me that it was bigger than she expected.)

I was in heaven. And she was enjoying the moment too. Judy's breathing was getting shallower, and her body was slowly writhing to the rhythm of my breast fondling. Then I moved my hand from her thigh to inside her shorts. She was moist, and her juices were seeping through her panties. I started to trace my fingers over her underwear and tickled the outer edges of her pussy lips. This drove Judy over the edge. She had to bite her lower lip to keep from moaning too loudly. She retaliated my pussy teasing by stroking my shaft harder and faster. I was going to cum hard if she didn't stop. But I didn't care. She was the most exquisite creature on Earth, and she was melting in my arms. It was the most erotic feeling I've ever felt.

I pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, exposing her wet pussy to my fingers. She was dripping wet, and my fingers slid right in to her aching vagina. She just about lost it. She was so overwhelmed with pleasure that she stopped stroking my rock hard penis and she soaked in the pleasure for herself. My fingers were pulling in and out of her pussy and I started rubbing her clit with my thumb. That definitely pushed her over the edge. She buried her head into my chest and I could feel her body tighten as her pelvis convulsed and her pussy squeezed around my two fingers. She could barely contain her moans of ecstasy as my chest muffled the sounds of her orgasmic climax. (It was a good thing the bus was so loud that no one could hear us.)

Judy was panting hard. She wanted more. I started to pull my fingers out, but she stopped me. She gripped my hand and pulled it closer to her crotch. And then she started grinding her hips around my hand and my fingers. She was slow at first, but her rhythmic grinding grew stronger and more intense. Her every up and down, and in and out motion was perfectly calculated to stimulate her already aroused vagina. She was so wet that my fingers slid deeper and deeper inside her pussy with every movement. And then the convulsing and squeezing started again, even stronger than before. Unbelievable! She was cumming again! With her head still buried in my chest, she exploded with moans of pleasure. She bit my chest to try to contain the intensity of her second orgasm. I wanted to cry out in pain, but I held it in so that we would not attract attention.

I think that if the bus had not reached McDonald's at that point, she would have gone for a third round. The other kids starting getting off the bus. Judy and I were sitting at the back, so we had some time to cool off and gain our composure. I withdrew my fingers slowly from her pussy. The slippery texture of her juices were driving me crazy. And when I was completely out, the smell of her secretions enveloped me and I had the strongest urge to fuck her right there. I wanted to taste the juices on my fingers. But, before I could lick them clean, Judy grabbed my hand, put my fingers in her mouth and savoured her own juices. I protested to her saying, "Not fair". But she said, "Don't worry. Meet me in the handicapped washroom in 5 minutes, and you can taste all you want from my pussy." Those words made my subsiding erection spring back into action. I left the bus with my sweater tied around my waste to hide my raging hard-on.

When we entered McDonald's, Judy headed straight for the handicapped washroom. She winked at me and said, "Remember, 5 minutes". I could hardly wait. In the meantime I stood in line and ordered a Big Mac to go, so that no one would suspect anything. When it was ready, I took it and discreetly made my way to the handicapped washroom.

My heart was beating so fast; I didn't know what to expect. I knocked on the door, and it opened from the inside slowly. Judy peeked outside, and when she saw it was me, she quickly pulled me inside with her and locked the door. We were alone at last. She threw herself on me, and we kissed passionately and held each other closely. The emotion was overwhelming and also very physically stimulating.

As we kissed, my hands explored every inch of her angelic body. I caressed her back and lightly played with her ass. Her body was in peak perfection. She giggled with pleasure and responded to my every touch. My hands were feeling more adventurous and made their way under her tank top. Judy's skin was the softest thing I'd ever felt. It felt like silk as I moved my hands up her back, closer to her bra. I fumbled with the clasp for a few seconds before it finally came undone.

Judy gasped and pulled away from me for only a moment as she started to take off her tank top and bra. She lifted them over her head to reveal the most spectacular sight I've ever seen. Her breasts were perfect. They weren't too big or small, just the right size for someone as petite as her. Even so, they were a handful as she guided my hands over her perky nipples and I felt them hardening with every touch. They were magnificent. Judy moaned softly as I continued to fondle her milky white breasts and lightly pinch her round nipples.

I turned her around and held her in my arms with her back towards me. She held me tighter and pulled me in closer. In doing so, she discovered that my rock hard erection was pressed to her ass. She smirked and started grinding that perfectly round ass into my cock. The feeling of her breasts in my hands and her ass grinding on me was too much. I was on the verge on cumming. She must have known because she stopped before I could explode. She turned around and started undressing me.

She pulled my t-shirt over my head and kissed my neck and chest. Her cool lips felt great against my burning skin. And as she pulled me in and held me close, her naked breasts were pressed against my bare skin for the first time. I had never experienced such a great feeling of softness with her hardened nipples stimulating every sensation in me as they brushed over my skin. It was driving me crazy. Judy hands roamed my shirtless body with pleasure. Eventually, her fingers found their way to my waist band. And in one quick motion, she had pulled my shorts and underwear down around my ankles, exposing my pulsating cock.

She grabbed my quivering member and pumped it slowly as her kisses moved lower and lower. First my chest, then my stomach, and then … oh yes! Her lips were exploring every inch of my aching cock. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, she took my balls in her mouth. She bit on them lightly as she tugged on them with incredible skill. I could feel the pre-cum start to ooze out of my tip. At the sight of this, Judy's eyes opened wide and she licked my shaft from bottom to top, finally licking up the salty secretion. This only excited her more, and before I knew it, she had enveloped my head in her mouth. It was almost too much for her small mouth to handle. But when she got used to it, she was unstoppable.

Her mouth and lips slid up and down my cock with precision. She knew exactly when to press her lips as they moved past my head and exactly when to twist her head as her mouth left my tip. This was my first blowjob, and it was incredible. I held her head with my hands as she continued her assault. Her hair was entangled in my fingers and her hands gripped my ass firmly. I marveled at the sight of Judy's head bobbing up and down with pleasure. Each pass went a little deeper, until finally, she had me completely inside her mouth. She gagged a little, and I felt the back of her throat. She swallowed, and it sent shockwaves up my spine as her throat squeezed the tip of my almost erupting rod. Then she suddenly pulled off my cock, and teased, "No no, you're not gonna cum yet."

I wanted to scream. My cock was pointing straight up and needed immediate release. But before I had the chance, Judy had placed her right leg on the sink, and was removing her shorts and panties. She was completely naked, and I was completely naked. Nothing was more sexy and exciting. My heart raced as my eyes took in the sight of her perfect body. My gaze wandered from her gorgeous face to her fabulous breasts, down her flat stomach and toned legs, and eventually stopped at the glistening mound between her legs.

With her right leg still on the sink, I moved in. This was my chance to taste her intoxicating juices. I went down on my knees, and as my face drew nearer, that scent drove me over the edge. I planted my mouth over her dripping pussy, and I tasted her for the first time. She moaned and purred like a pussy cat. My tongue was going in and out of her cunt, and she was loving every second of it. Judy grabbed the back of my head and forced my head deeper between her legs. I continued by sucking her clit and placing two fingers inside her moist pussy. She grabbed me harder. I flicked her clit intensely with my tongue, back and forth, all the while fingering her in a twisting motion. By now, Judy was moaning ferociously and she was thrusting her hips in rhythm with my tongue and fingers. I felt her body tense slightly, and I knew she would cum soon. I pulled away and the ache and hunger in her eyes said it all. She begged me not to stop, but now we were even. "So, that's how you want to play?", she said with a vengeful look in her eye.

She pushed me on to the ground on top of our clothes. I was flat on my back and before I knew it, she was kneeling over me with her pussy in my face and her head between my legs. Could it be? She starting sucking my cock, and I knew that we were going to 69. I buried my face in her pussy and continued the attack with my tongue. I grabbed her fine ass with both hands and licked her cunt up and down until I could hear her moaning with my cock in her mouth. She was loving every minute of it. And I was loving her incredible blowjob skills. She played with my balls with one hand as her lovely mouth and tongue worked my hard shaft to a volcanic frenzy. All the while, Judy's boobs were swaying back and forth with her up and down motion. The feeling of her hard nipples brushing my stomach was more than I could handle. I knew I was going to cum soon. And the way Judy was moaning, I knew she was going to cum soon too. But this time, neither of us was going to pull away. We were going to climax together in an incredible fit of passion and wild animal instinct. I increased the speed of my tongue flicking her soaking wet, fully inflamed clit, and Judy sucked deeper, harder, and faster than ever. My balls started contracting, and I could see her pussy lips starting to quiver. And then I exploded like never before. And Judy came and her pussy got wetter and wetter as her magnificent cunt contracted and convulsed with each lick of my tongue. I moaned with extreme pleasure as she continued to suck and swallow spurt after spurt of my huge load. Neither of us was backing down. We were cumming but not losing concentration as we still focused on giving the other total and complete fulfillment. Shot after shot of my cum filled Judy's mouth, and her pussy juices continued to flow like a river into my mouth. She tasted wonderful. It was the most intense sensation I've ever felt.

Eventually, we were both spent, and we laid there naked in each other's arms. Judy was cupping my balls and I was fondling her ass. We didn't have to say anything because we were thinking the same thing. Neither of us would ever experience such a magical moment again. But we were wrong.

Within minutes, my penis was succumbing to the playful antics of Judy's ball massaging. And I had a full-on raging erection again. She didn't waste any time. Before I knew it, she was sitting on me and guiding my stiff rod into her still wet pussy. I looked at her, and she looked back. Her eyes said, "Yes, it's my first time too. But it has to be with you and only you." Her pussy was so warm and inviting. It surrounded my cock and every of inch of it was filled with incredible pleasure and sensation.

Judy let out a small cry of pain as my penis popped her virgin cherry. I asked if she was ok. And she said to give her a few moments to get used to it. So, I sat up a little to hug her and just let her soak in the sensation. Before long, she started to rock back and forth a little bit. I was getting even more aroused. She throw her arms around my neck, and I started sucking on her nipples. They grew hard, and she started rocking faster. Her pussy juices were really flowing now, and I could tell that she was getting used to my cock filling her up. She pushed me back on the ground, put her hands on my chest, and rode me cowgirl style. Her hips and ass had a mind of their own. They found a perfect rhythm. I could feel her pussy pressing against my pubic area, stimulating her clit with pure pleasure. But I also felt my penis pressing something inside her pussy. Judy felt it too, and started moving to stimulate it more. She did it; she found her G-spot, and she was going cum like there was no tomorrow. She rode me hard and fast, and her tits were bouncing with every movement. I gripped her hips and ass, and enjoyed the ride. I have never seen anything so sexy in my life as when she climaxed. She slowed her rhythm down and every movement was more precise than the last to elicit that powerful explosion from her clit and G-spot. She came hard and she moaned as if the pleasure was too much to bear, but she didn't want it to stop. Judy was addicted to my cock, and she wouldn't give it up for anything. When she finished cumming, she rode me again, and came another two times before collapsing on to my chest. I held her there in my arms not wanting the moment to end.

As if we both had the same thought, we looked at the time on our watches. The bus was leaving in 10 minutes. We had to clean up and clear out. I kissed Judy gently on her neck and she held me tight for a few moments before getting up. We started to gather our clothes from the ground.

Judy bent over to pick up her bra, and the sight of her, butt naked, bending over, with that super fine ass sticking out in the air was too much. I still had a full hard-on from when she was riding me. And I just had to stick it in her from behind, like I wanted to do so many times when I watched her during practice.

At first, Judy was startled. But when she felt my warm penis penetrating her pussy, she knew exactly what was going to happen. She put her hands on the floor, and drove that ass down on my hips. I was fully inside that wet cunt, and it was the most incredible sensation ever. I grabbed her hips and started thrusting my cock in and out of her. I was pounding her and fucking her doggie-style. Judy turned her head around, and looked up at me with those big brown eyes, and she begged me for more. So, I grabbed her ass with a firm grip and drove my cock deeper, faster and harder. Her moans of pleasure were instant. Pump after pump, I could feel that eruption getting closer and closer. My cock was so hard, I couldn't stand it. When I looked at Judy's naked ass and my cock driving into her wet pussy, I needed release right there and then.

Then I really gave it to her. I moved her over to the sink, and she leaned over it and grabbed it with her hands. At the same time, she put her right foot on the toilet bowl. That completely opened her up. I had full access to that pussy now, and I was going to take full advantage of it. I fucked her so hard that every thrust lifted her two inches of the ground. She cried with pleasure and I felt her pussy muscles starting to contract. This put me over the top and I spilled my load into her hot wet cunt just as she came too. Squirt after squirt, our bodies moved as one, convulsing and cumming in perfect harmony.

I held her close to me with my penis still inside her. She hugged back, and we knew it was time to go. We didn't want that moment to end, but it had to. As we dressed and tried to make it look like we didn't just have the most incredible sex ever, we giggled to ourselves. We totally defiled the handicapped washroom at McDonald's. We almost felt sorry for the poor schmuck who was going to use this place afterward.

We peeked out the door, and when the coast was clear, we left the washroom, and walked back to the bus together.

That summer, before Judy left, we had sex almost every day in the most incredible ways and in the most unusual places. We explored and experienced each other's bodies in ways most people will never get to do. And we bonded deeper than that too. On a spiritual, emotional, and physical level, Judy and I were perfect soulmates.

It broke our hearts when her family left that summer. We tried to stay in contact, but it was never the same. Over the years, we lost touch with each other, but not a day goes by that I don't think about her, and I wonder if she thinks about me.

Judy, if you're out there and if you're reading this, I hope you'll think of me and that magical summer we spent together. It's still not too late for us….

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