Trucker fucker

Trucker fucker

My name is Sara am a natural blonde and yes i have blue eyes am about 5;10 and a size 10 with 32b breasts

My reputation for being a slut had spread around uni and i started living up to it, wearing slutty clothes and loving the attention. so it was my mates hen night and we had gone to bristol for a night out. i was ment to be sharing a room with my mate becky. It had been a long night of drinking and drugs and it was a great night. but then becky got into a fight with some girls ( i never did find out what it was about) but anyway she wanted to go home.

Our train wasnt till 7pm the next day and here we were at 1am in the morning in the middle of a city that we didnt know dressed like whores, (becky in a black seethrough dress and black bra and knickers and me in a tight white vest and demin skirt and high heels, i forgot my underwear that night).

We walked for a while and found a truckers rest stop, their was a loads of big trucks all different sizes, we walked into the cafe and i swear everyone stopped talking and stared at us, i asked if anyone was heading back to home and it turns out one was. we asked if we could jump and a lift and suprise suprise he said yes!

George was just how you image a trucker, beerbelly, bald guy who eat to many fryups and rarely washed!! and a perv but whats new there, we started on the way and we talked for a while and we explained how we ended up hichhiking it wasnt long before the talk turned to sex, he question us on everything and being a weeee bit drunk we told everyting, he asked if we had every kissed, we had and we turned to each other and kissed, i mean proper tounges kissing none of that lip to lips. he asked if we had ever done more, we said we had he wanted proof, now if you have ever been in a truckers cab theirs plenty of room, becky got down and i pulled my skirt up and releaved my pussy, i had dark blonde hair and my pussy has seen some action so it wasnt as neat as it used to be but this didnt stop becky, she slip her fingers down and spread my lips before dipping her tounge in and starting to lap away, slipipng her two middle fingers into me and working them faster and faster. i spread as wide as i could so George could see. he reached over and grab my breast through my top and squeezed hard, i started pushing my hips out trying to get beckys tounge deeper in me, i took her hair in my hand and "encourged" her to get deeper. George started calling us names, "whore, sluts, fucking bitchs, nasty hoes" as he told becky to stick more fingers in me, she started to push 3fingers into me and her tounge flipped over my clit.

AS i screamed the cab down george pulled over he had his cock out, it was small but fat and looked like it hadnt been washed in a while but he still insisted that i suck it otherwise he would dump us in the middle of nowhere,( to be honest he didnt havent to threaten us i know i would have done him anyway).

Becky continued to finger me with 3 fingers while she watch me lean over and take his cock and start to lick it, I nearly gagged it smelt fucking awful, i tryed licking it but i really struggles cause it smelt so bad so the only option was to take it all in my mouth then i wouldnt have to smell it. I opened wide, closed my eyes and burried my head down his shaft, i tasted soooo bad but once it was in my mouth george grabbed my head and slammed it up and down. I remeber him called me "fucking slut" over and over again as he punched my fthoat with his cock, totally without mercy, becky said how it looked like a jack hammer.

He held my head down and he shot his sperm right into my thoat and i choked and had no choice but to swallow before he threw me off his cock. I lay their gasping for breath as he looked at becky and told her it was her turn. he pulled her up and ripped her dress while doing it. becky has real 36d boobs and he took them and in turned started sucking them and biting her nipples. he grab one hard in his hand till it started turning red then he slapped it hard till she screamed. he pushed her over the dashboard pulled her dress up and pulled her knickers to one side before spitting on his thumb and shoving it up her small brown bum hole.

She screamed in paid and suprise as George worked his thumb in and out spreading her asshole open, he pulled out and lined up his cock, "fucking Whores!!" as he slammed home, her ass started to burn with pain as he rammed it home only to pull out and RAM her home again.

Becky held on as george ploughed her ass for all it was worth. Slamming home over and over again, pulling her hair and forcing her to take him deep. I lay on the chair next to him and rubbed my dripping pussy while watching my best friend be fucked up the ass by the fat balding bastard.

It didnt take him long to cum in her ass and once he had he lost all intrest in her, pushing her out the way while starting up the engine and continuing to drive.. we both slept while he drove us the rest of the way home. we kissed him good bye and left.

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