true story- 2 girlfirends hated each other

true story- 2 girlfirends hated each other

this is my first story. i had fun writing it i've got more, if you want to hear them let me know.

back in high school i had two girlfriends… at the same time. needless to say it was sweet. unfortunately i missed a lot of classes. the way it worked was that i had my girlfriend who was an extremely pretty short brunette with cute little titties and a tight little bum that kept everything about her soft and clean and beautiful (clearly i sort of regret all this because as could have easily been forscene it had negative consequences for the future of our relationship).but anyway, she was 5'2, about 110 lbs university bound medium length brown hair and beatiful blue eyes. she was intelligent and proper but she was in no way a prude. she'd actually been with more people than the other girl who was seen as a slut. this first girl the main girlfriend for simplicity and privacies sake we'll call her Kaleigh. and the second girl will call her Elisabeth.

I picked up Elisabeth after i had been with Kaleigh for about a month. Elisabeth used to hang around with me and my friends, we were punks. she had listened to Nsync and crap the year before and all of a sudden professed to love rancid and the misfits so because we were bored as fuck i figure we called people like that posers and gave them a hard time. i was in my last year, Kaleigh was done high school and worked through the day, and elisabeth was in her seconf last year. So i had all this time to hang around with this girl that absolutely adhored me for being a punk. I liked the look of this girl alot. she had long brown hair down to her shoulders, brown eyes, and the thing i liked most was big full lips. body wise seh was a dime but a little bit chubby a the time, i could see how people may not like that but i do. i meam she was still good looking. 17 prolly 5'5" is at most 15o lbs. and she had these great wide hips with a little bit of love handles to grab on to and a thick ass. plus her style was different she always were a thong and she always had a semi just had sex hair look. it was the differences between the two that made it soo perefect. it like they were both perfect for me in totally different ways.

so Elisa and i were sitting in between the double doors at the back of the school of the tech hall smoking weed. that sounds like bullshit but its true the tech hall had a strong smell to cover the closest class doors were far awy there was glass in the doors so you soulc sit on the floor and be unseen but still see people. it was a slightly risky spot but sometimes used in cold fall days, no footprints in the snow to a neighbours yard. i was always putting my hands on this girl whenever we smoked weed, passing the pipe by resting my hand high up on the inside of her thigh, rubbing her back when she coughed which meant she coughed alot when smoking with me. and just for kicks grabbing that ass and snapping the thong just to be playful, right? so after a some 15 20 minutes of this pretty high and liking touching each other. i started talking abouthow my girlfriend wanted an open relationship, which was true, and how i knew she had dudes lined up to get in bed with her and how i wasn't all about sleeping with tonnes of people but how she wasn't sexually speaking everything i wanted and how Elisa girl had all the rest and more. She was flattered and i figured i had it just like that so i put it bluntly that i wanted her to be my other girl and that we could both be at each oters becka and call if she wanted. i figured i had the deal closed, but she figured better, said she wasn't just some hoe and that she had always sort of liked me and that she didn't want to be just some other woman on the side type of degrading deal. i respected this and it honestly upped her a lot of levels in my books. so we chilled and smoked more weed got less touchy and more comfortable and waited for next class to start so we could get back in the schooling mode.

A week went by at most and i was still loving the crazy sex with kaleigh (it never tired of joy) but everytime i saw elisabeths ass i was popping my eyes out of my head and talking sweet as sugar to the girl. so finally at the end of lunch elisa comes over and we share a soda until the next class starts then she invites to come with her well she smokes a ciggarette (i'm not huge on smoking but it fit this girl soo attractive). two long hard drags and she says plainly she wants to make out with me. so we walk to this outdoor down low weed smoking spot that was actually the town fairgrounds like 3 minutes from school. sit on the bleachers under an out door shelter and cache a pipe. she coughs and i rube her back and she looks me staright in the eyes and says, "smoking weed makes me horny." i slide my hand down her back and grab her ass hard pulling her leg from behind the knee so she's traddling me. we kiss for the first time ever, she kissed me harder than i kissed her so i slapped her ass and pulled her hair back and kissed her from under her jaw down to her collarbone making sure the tip of my tongue never came off her skin. my hand pushed her shirt up on one side and pulled a cup of her bra down so i could suck on her nipple. it got hard instantly and i gave it a very light bit between both teeth then a kiss before looking bakc into her eyes. she had that mad fuck painted look, the one that she gets when she can't wait to get me inside of her. I mean can't wait, she will get upset if i tease any we kiss hard undoing each others pants, she was wearing a button fly and a belt so she was helping me with hers keeping my hard dick in my boxers. my fingers started on her clit quickly. rubbing up and down first sliding a finger between her labia, which were a lot larger that my other girls. she was mad wete once i got her labia a little more naturally open. her clit was hard as hell and I'd already go her hand to grab my cock out of my boxers (she wasn't really doing much with it just gripping it really hard. I licked her ear and told her to get on her hands and knees so i could get behind. she did but i still had to push her back down into that arch so that the pussies up which i thought was sort of weird (turns out never done doggy before). her pussy was way tighter than i had imagined. much tighter than my girlfriends and i only got half my dick in before i had to pull out. i get excited sometimes and i exheggerate little things like a little tension to be amazing. so i chilled for just a little while smacking my dick head off her asshole and slapping her butt. cooled a little i ran my head from her clit between her lips and between her ass cheeks before easing it in slow.half way in again and i started a little rhythym to loosen her up just maybe half an inch back and forth. (i didn't really get it then but i've got a bick dick and if i had have known i would have taken it easier on her)once her pussy started to give just a little i put it all in she let a loudquick skreetch. thisbrought us back to the factthat were were basically, except for a little bit of cover frome beleachers in the middle of a huge empty field ringed by the backyard of houses in the middle of the day. She started to put it on me first afer this revelation. I kept my hands on her hips and didn't interfere for the most part. She was really feeling it out, trying different depth of penetration and different sized cirles with her hips. her breathing was timed perefectly wih her thrust like sliding me in her pussy forced the air from her longues. i bent over her and kissed and bit the back of her neck and shoulders when i bent back up i slapped her ass and gave her a few hard thrusts then a few real quick as i leaned on my hands and pushed her stomach down towards the bench she pushed back against me back into doggy style than started fucking me hard, i matched her and we were really slamming into each other, every push sent ripples through her round ass cheeks. then completely unexpected she turned around still on alll fours and stuck my dick in her mouth. she tried to take it all but couldn't, the two inches past her full red lips were covered in her pusssy juice. my other girlfriend never sucked my dick after it had been inside her so this was a huge turn on for me. istarted asking her how her pussy tastes and if she liked sucking my dickand she only responded by quikening the pace that she had running my cock into the back of her throat. i put my hand to the back of her head and tried to get all my dick down her throat, she tried with me and i let up when she started to pull back. i put her on her back and started in missionary for awhile until her breathing matched my thrusting. my hands pulled her shirt up so i could look at her stomach and pull her bra down to get her boobs out. i went to licking and kissing her nipples then i pulled her feet up and brought them together on my chest. her hips moved with my fucking so the angle got deeper as i went further in we fucked like this with her moaning until i coul take no more and i pulled out cumming on the back of her thigh and letting it run down and cool on her ass cheeks. we kissed for a while in the after glow then she di what i think was the hottest thing, shepulled her jeans back on wthout wiping of my cum and told me that it would keep her thinking about it until she showered the next morning. we smoked another pipe and packed up for the day.

At the end of the day i walked her to her bus, talked about what we did a bit and agreed we had a deal.

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