Two Exhibitionists Meet

Two Exhibitionists Meet

Two Exhibitionists Meet

Recently I had to go to New Jersey on business. When my work was done I decided to disappear for awhile. I turned off my cell phone, and a bus ride later I arrived in a mid-sized city I had never been to before. No one knew me or cared. I rented a hotel room and relaxed for the first time in a couple of weeks.

After three days of sleeping and eating I was getting antsy. I hadn't even been able to expose myself to the maid. She always cleaned up while I was gone. The weather had turned warm and my cock wanted to get out into the sunshine. If I don't show it to someone for awhile it starts to pout. Then the wet dreams start. I was getting very horny.

I had very little clothing with me. I had nothing to wear for an exhibitionism adventure.

I decided to see what I could find here in this lovely town. Adventures are everywhere.

During my time in town I had noticed a Department Store with Sports Wear in the window. After having lunch at a nearby Food Court, I went looking for some shorts. I planned on cutting out the netting so my cock would swing free. I have several shorts at home that I use for this purpose. When I entered the sports wear department, I noticed two sales women talking. One of them left the store. Luckily for me the beautiful Japanese one stayed at the counter. She was about 5'5" or 5'6" tall with long, hair the color of a rich Burgundy wine and beautiful brown eyes.

She was wearing a black sweater that sort of crossed over in front that formed a V across her very large boobs and an almost see through skirt that barely covered her thighs. The black clothes and the burgundy hair gave her a very exotic look. She was even wearing pointy, black Witch type shoes.

Just the sight of this beautiful vision in black had my horny cock spewing pre-cum down my pants leg. It's a good thing I was wearing a pair of black jeans. I wasn't wearing shorts. In blue jeans the wet spot would be very visible. She was so hot I almost came in my pants.

I couldn't keep my eyes off of her as I was trying to find the right size shorts. She must have noticed the hungry look on my face as she walked towards me and asked if she could help. Wow could she. I knew I had to find a way to expose myself to this fantasy come true. I told her I was looking for a large size pair of shorts. She asked what color. I was to hot and horny to think. I just blurted out "White". White is not a good color as I explained above. But, I wanted keep her around. When she reached for the nearest pair of shorts, her sweater fell open and I could see her whole right tit. Her very large nipple was fully exposed. The erect nipple I was looking at was surrounded by a large dark almost purple, areola. The unexpected view was almost too much for my long over due cock. I had to look away. Of course I looked right back. I had to force myself to think about work.

She found several styles in white and asked if I wanted to try them on. I thought "Oh My God Yes." Changing rooms offer all kinds of opportunity. After seeing how openly she had exposed that tit to me I knew we were going to have some fun. I hoped she like to watch as well as show off.

I followed her to the dressing rooms. She hung up the shorts and told me she would be back in a few minutes to see if I need a different color or style. I told her, "OK, Please, do come back." Again she flashed that perfect tit. As soon as the door was closed I stripped off my now damp jeans, wiped my cock on them and slipped into one of the pair of shorts. I decided to see how she acted when she returned so I didn't expose myself. That was a hard thing to do. I wanted to show this beautiful woman the effect her tit had on me, but I didn't want to piss her off.

Within minutes she knocked on the door and asked how I was doing? I told her I couldn't make up mind which one I wanted to buy. She asked if I would like her opinion. I told her yes, please come in. I was sitting on the little bench facing her as she opened the door. I stood up and asked her what she thought of the ones I was wearing. I was hoping she would say something about the bulge that was showing. She didn't seem to notice. She told me they looked nice on me. And commented on my tan. I told her I was from California and was out in the sun a lot. I told her these were my first choice, but would she mind seeing me in another pair I also liked. She said "ok" and stepped out, I again caught a glimpse of her erect nipple as she closed the door.

Well, now or never. I removed the shorts and pulled on a different pair. This time I tore the netting on my right side so just the head of my cock would hang out in view. I said, "OK, I'm ready." She opened the door; I was just standing there facing her. She glanced down at the shorts and saw the head of my cock hanging there. I didn't say anything, I just pretended I didn't know it was showing. She blushed a little and leaned back against the door jam of the still open door. She didn't say anything, I could feel my cock getting harder and harder, the fabric of the shorts moved out and up as it slid further down my leg. She just stared at it. Her beautiful brown eyes grew wider and wider. I could see her already erect nipples getting harder as they pressed against the fabric of her sweater. I looked down at my nearly erect cock and said, "Oh, I'm sorry, you just have that affect on me." I moved to cover myself, when she said,
"No. It's OK. Actually it's nice to see."

I reached down and played with my cock through the shorts. I tugged on the head of it so more of it would be exposed to this beautiful exotic woman. I yanked on it a little and sat down on the bench, I slid the shorts up to expose the whole cock. As I've told before, my cock is a little over eight inches when erect. Remembering the erect nipple I had seen earlier caused it to get as big as it was ever going to get. She just stood there and stared me. She told me later, she had never had this happen to her before. An exhibitionist is always surprised when someone else exposes himself or herself.

Just when I started to worry that she might scream or something. She slowly pulled her sweater aside. Exposing the gorgeous tit I had been getting glimpses of. She gently rolled her large and very erect nipple around between her finger tips. The door behind her was wide open. I knew we could be caught at anytime.

Watching this beautiful stranger playing with her nipple was all I could stand. Pre-cum was dripping onto the floor. I ran my hand over the head of cock making my hand slippery. I rapidly ran my hand up and down the shaft of my cock as she stared at it. I shot streams and streams of built up cum all over my stomach. This absolutely beautiful women playing with her large nipple had me so turned that when the cum started flowing, I drained myself like never before. The gorgeous sales clerk watched with open mouth as stream after stream of hot cum shot out of cock. When I finally finished cumming, she said, "I'll go get you some tissues". When she came back with a hand full of them, I smiled at her, thanked her and cleaned myself. She said, "That was the best show I've ever seen and it sure made my day." She went back to the front counter as I dressed. I came out and told her I would by the second pair. I explained that somehow the netting had gotten torn out of them. She smiled at that and rang up the sale. She thanked me and said, "I hope I will see you shopping here again". I assured her I would be back. I thanked her for all the help in making the right choice, and left.

The next few days I relaxed, watching a complete stranger watching me jerk off had drained every drop out of me. My cock was very happy. I didn't even try to expose myself to the hotel maid. I couldn't get that exotic woman out of my mind. I had met a few women exhibitionists in the past, but not one as beautiful as this one. I kept thinking of that big breast, that big areola and that big nipple. I tried to imagine what "Miss Exotic's" pussy must look like. I knew her pussy would have to be as beautiful as her tit. I had to see her again. Seeing her pussy had become an obsession.

Finally, one morning I woke up and my cock indicated it was ready for another round with "Miss Exotic". Mentally I had been ready, but physically that last session had worn me out. I most be getting old.

She had said she hoped to see me shopping there again. She wasn't there when I went to the store. I didn't know what shift she worked. I didn't see her at Food Court at noontime. That evening I went back to eat dinner. I was wearing my new shorts. I had removed all of the netting by now. As I was eating, my fantasy walked in the door. She bought her food and walked over to my table and said "Hi, Remember me? My name is Emily, do you mind if I sit here?" I was smiling from ear to ear, when I said, "Oh, absolutely, My name is Tom. Please sit down. It's great to see you again."

I told her I had cut all of the netting out of my new shorts and I was now dangling free in the breeze. I moved my chair back just enough so she could see the head of my half-hard cock peeking out. I slid the material up a little so she could get a better look. Her eyes opened wider, she smiled and went back to her dinner. She said she had to get back to work. She asked if I would be shopping later. I told her yes I had planned on doing that after I ate.

Emily smiled and said, "I'll see you there and I have a special surprise for you." I waited for about half and hour then went to the store. She was at the counter. I grabbed a couple of pairs of shorts and went into the same dressing room. I left the door partially open, stripped down naked, sat on the bench and started stroking my cock. In a few minutes Emily pushed the door fully open and came in. She looked at my fully hard cock and said, "Hmm, I didn't believe I'd see this again." She approached me and put one foot up onto the bench and slid her skirt up to her waist. I said "OH GOD, Emily, you don't know how I have been dreaming of seeing that beautiful pussy". And it is a very beautiful pussy. Completely shaved. Her clitoris was large and looking right at me. I couldn't believe my eyes. My hand was stroking faster and faster. I could barely control it. I could feel my eyes opening wider and wider as Emily took hold of her clit between her thumb and index finger. She started to pull on it like a small cock. She was pulling on her clit as fast as I was pulling on my cock. I know my mouth fell open. God, I would have loved to suck on that little cock like clit. She stuck a finger inside that wet pussy and finger fucked herself, but her eyes never left my hand on my cock. I watched her finger going in and out of her pussy. Her finger was going in and out of her pussy at the same speed as my hand. We were synchronized in our masturbation. She started working on her clit, she was rubbing it, and pulling on it and shaking it like a cock. All of a sudden she made some kind of a sound and her climax started. First I saw a spray of juices squirt towards my face. It slowed a little and then she started to cum again. I just stared at the juices flowing out of her. I could smell the great pussy cum. I hoped some of that cum would reach my mouth. I could feel a big smile spreading on my waiting face when some of her cum hit me in the face. As I licked it off of my face I got so excited I had to let go. I couldn't stop it. I was tasting "Miss Exotic's" cum, as she watched stream after stream of cum shoot all over my thigh. When I was completely drained, Emily handed me some tissues she had hidden in a pocket somewhere. We both cleaned up the best we could. I had to sit and rest for awhile after she left the room.

I was so worn out. I barely had the strength to say "Goodnight Emily." as I left.

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