ugly duckling part 6

ugly duckling part 6

The news came by way of a phone call from Barbara’s case worker. Barbara could not bring herself to tell me that she was pregnant. I was stunned. At the time my ex-fiancée had nearly convinced me to take her back and I was struggling just to pay the rent. The news could not have come at a worse time. I felt as though my life was unraveling.

“Man! This just can’t be!” I thought. What the hell was I to do? Later that same week I took a day off and drove up to talk to Barbara. I figured that due to her medical condition, her caregivers would surely recommend that she abort the baby, and I wanted to talk to her and support her through the whole ordeal. I strolled into the room that Barbara shared with an elderly woman patient, her head jerked up to look at me and then she burst into loud sobbing and crying. I went to her, held her, and told her everything would be alright. She frantically babbled something about “my baby”. Nurses came to comfort her, and soon we were alone in the room with some sort of counselor. I logically discussed the matter with the counselor. I learned that there was next to zero probability that both Barbara and fetus would survive pregnancy.

Each time there was any mention of “abortion” or “taking the fetus”, Barbara violently broke down. She begged me to just take her from there. She said she would rather die trying to have my baby than to stay there. She was nearly 4 and a half months along and her swollen belly and puffy appearance seemed to give her frail body new life, even though she was red faced and crying constantly, she looked different. This little monstrous handicapped woman, now touched with the miracle of new life growing from my seed, looked radiant and beautiful to me.

I visited with her late into the night, and we talked. Tonight was no different from the other times that Barbara had put her spell on me; I was compelled to go against my thinking, to defy logic. I was awed by her willingness to lay down her life to fulfill what she saw as her destiny. I could have so easily excused myself, walked down the hall, out the door and away from Barbara forever. But instead, I resolved then that I would face all the ridicule, bear all the burden, pay the full price although it meant my financial, and social demise, to do whatever I could to make Barbara happy.

I signed Barbara out in the midst of serious chastising from the entire staff at her facility. “You will be fully responsible for any harm that comes to her” they said, “her family will be notified immediately”, “Barbara you are making a very bad decision”, “we will testify on the family’s behalf if they take legal action against you sir!” Their words went in one ear and out the other; no one but Barbara and I could understand why we had to do this.

This is supposed to be a sex story so I won’t bore you with much more details from the weeks that followed. My life was hard, I worked two jobs in order to make enough money to keep us up, and I had to do most of the work around the house. We were having sex regularly but it was not the earth shattering kind we had known before. But the sex grew more and more interesting as her body changed shape during her third trimester.

I had become fascinated with her pregnant form, and her hormones had her in an orgasm seeking frenzy. After a week long trip out of town, I returned to find Barbara and me in an undeniable and intense state of desire. As soon as I got home, little Barbara pulled me down with her onto the couch and we kissed deeply, then as I sat on the couch, she sat astride me and bared her pale chest. Her breasts had become full and slightly sagging, her areolas were now a dark brown.

She offered a breast up to my lips and as I licked and tasted it, her nipple swelled and protruded unlike anything it had ever done before. It almost reminded me of a hard little dick that was straining for relief. I fondled her heavy tit with one hand and I squeezed it gently forming a cone shaped point that I engulfed with my mouth open wide. My lips encased her entire darkened rings, my tongue tickled at her straining nipple as I looked into her eyes and sucked.

Her deformed face, now swollen and puffy, took on a pleading, loving look, as she watched me suckle her body’s first mammalian offerings. It was a sweet tasting warm liquid that flowed through her porous swollen nipple and into the back of my mouth. Three gulps worth was all that I could suck from her before I sensed that it was getting painful for her, I removed my mouth from her tit and kissed her.

Barbara broke our kiss and slid down to kneel before me and she quickly undid my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles along with my underwear. Her head steered her mouth straight onto my warm, pulsating erection. Her deformed face gave my cock a balls-deep, wet, and warm massage that abruptly ended in less than a minute. She was just getting me wet.

Now she arose and shucked her gown as she crawled up to me. Her hands grabbed my face and she kissed me with her swollen, wet lips. Our tongues met and teased at each other while her tiny frame centered her crotch over my erect cock. Her body lined up her aching lips with my soft head, pressed downwards until her opening began to give way, and then sank quickly onto me. Both of us lost our breath as her warm cunt engulfed my slick, stiff, rod. My hands clasped her motherly waist and I began lifting her up and down, jacking my dick with her small pregnant body.

Her belly protruded obscenely towards me, almost hiding her dark haired cunt. I kept lifting her and then shoving her downwards forcibly onto my raging member. The wondrous miracles of human anatomy kept our baby safe inside her as my strong arms repeatedly bounced her upon my stiff pole. Within a minute, Barbara was moaning and groaning as if she were about to orgasm. My hands left her hips, one behind her back pulling her chest to me, and one groping her other breast as I inhaled its engorged nipple. I sucked warm milky fluid from her as our groins rocked hard into each other. I felt those joyous explosions happening in my groin just as my taste buds perceived the warm milk flowing from her, followed by the exhilarating feeling of wads of sperm shooting through my cock and into Barbara’s heated and convulsing pussy.

Barbara was helpless to do anything but sit there impaled upon my dick and endure her rapturous orgasm and submit to the exchange of fluids that her lover was forcing upon her. Liquid nourishment flowed from her tit into her lover’s mouth at the same time that her pregnant pussy was being hosed with copious amounts of my spurting semen. As her climax began to recede, she could feel sperm leaking out of her trembling cunt, her pussy tried to clamp down to prevent the loss of this life giving sperm even though her belly already held her lover’s child. Her heart was filled, she was now living with her one true love, sharing all with him, now feeling herself filled with her lover's cum, all of her dreams were realized. Thoroughly sated, Barbara’s body collapsed, her orgasm had wiped away all thoughts from her mind and all she was conscious of was the growing life snugly embraced between the spent bodies if it’s parents.

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