Washing my Cousin's Ass

Washing my Cousin's Ass

Ok, my name is Joey and I have a really hot cousin. She is 18 and her name is Jessica she has sholder length brown hair. She is short, about 5'2, but has an amazing, tan, body. I have had a crush on her for forever.

One day she came to my house complaint about how the car wash wouldn't work and that she needed to wash it by hand. So I tell her sure and we start washing it. I often crouched down to get peaks up her short shorts. She really did have a nice ass, and no panties. So I took the towel and soaped it up and smacked it aginst her ass.

"Joey!!!" she yelled, we continued to wash her car and playing around.

"now these shorts are getting really uncomfortable, can I borrow a pair of yours?"

"sure" I repled quickly and we ran inside, my parents were gone so we just ran up to my room, I grabed a pair of shorts and threw them to her.

"can I take a shower real quick" she asked.

"ok can you work everything alright?" I said

"I'm not sure just come with me."

"k, I'll be there in just a sec." so I took off my shoes then went into the bathroom. Jessica was standing there naked with her perfect boobs and hairy pussy.

"k I can't figure this out" she said, not bothered by me seeing her nude. She jumped in the shower and I quickly turned it on for her.

"Is someone horny?" she asked, noticing the bulge in my pants I got from seeing her.

"sorry" I said

"oh, don't be I like to see when boys get horny for me. Why don't you join me?" she said

I didn't hesiatie and striped and jumped in with her.

"Joey, you got my ass wet earlier. Can you wash it?" "absloutly" I replied and lathered my hand and slowly washed her perfect ass.

"want to shave me?' she asked, "hell yeah" i said and she spread her legs and got the shaving cream and razor.

"ok be carful, it hurts alot if i get a cut down there" and i was very careful as i slowly shaver her twat until it was hairless.

"will you do me?' i asked, " ok " she replied. and she slowy worked her was around my cock and then shaved my balls perfectly.

I started to wash her tits and newly shaved pussy area. Then she asked "can I feel your cock?" "go for it" and she slowly started to jack me off.

She pulled away from me and got on her knees. And started blowing me. It was amazing.

"don't cum." she told me," I need you in me." I was estatic at this point. I was going to get to fuck my really hot cousin that I had a crush on for forever.

She bent over and waved her ass at me "come get me, I'm your slut now." I put my dick up to her tight, wet pussy and slowly pushed it in.

"Ohhhh" she moaned as I started.

I worked my way in until i got to her heymen, "your a virgin?" i asked in disbelief, because she was so incredibly sexy and had had many boyfriends.

"Im not going to be a virgin anymore " she said as she pushed back, forcing my dick through her virginity, with only a small squeal.

"Ok im all yours now, fuck my brains out, i know you want to." and i did.

"I'm gonna cum" I said

"no! Not yet, just a little lil more." she pleaded wanting her orgasm

"I can't I'm cumming now." I said as if I was sorry

"me too" she said. And we came together

"thanks, I needed that." Jessica said

"any time" I replied, little did I know she would be taking me up on that offer a little later on that day.


"Hey Joey, I just got my new laptop. Can you help set it up?" Jessica said as she walked through the door at about 5:00 "sure" I said and she proceeded to get it out of the box.

My parents were home but getting ready to the city to shop and eat. "bye" they said as they left which left me and Jessica alone.

We immidialy started to makeout, remembering what had happened eariler.

"Ok let's get this setup because Maddie (Her hot 17 year old friend) is coming back here to see it." so I set it up and installed an anti virus program.

"Thanks" she said sexyly kissed me than let me play with her boobs.

About five minutes later Maddie walked in on us playing.

"What do we have here? A bit of incest?" She said as she walked in.

"it's not what it looks like" Jessica said definsivly.

"no, it's ok, I think incest is sexy, if I had any realitives around here I would be fucking them every day. Please continue." so continued what I was doing

Maddie was hot, she was taller, had bigger breasts, but not as tan. With longer red brown hair.

"Maddie I think I could be your cousin for awhile." I said as I had an idea.

"Yeah Maddie let's get some 2 on 1 female domination" " Ok, im up for it, but im a virgin, just to let you know." she said as the got up and stripped down revealing her sexy body.

I messed around with Maddie, kissing her and rubbing her all over, as Jessica stripped me and pushed me down on the couch. Jessica got down and started to blow me

"why dont you let Maddie try?" i asked jessica. "ok" jessica said and moved out from between my legs.

"i dont know if im any good, this is my first time" maddie said as she got down on her knees.

"its soo big" she said, " just do what feels natural" i told her and she began to suck
and i started to eat out jessicas shaved pussy. Maddie was a natural and soon i shot my load in her hot mouth.

We went in my bedroom and I laid down on my bed.

"I'm a virgin" maddie said "so let me do it" as she climes ontop of me and positioned herself over my already hard cock.

"what about me?" jessica said, so we got rearranged.

Jessica laid down on her back maddie started to eat her out and left me her pussy high in the air.
i posititoned myself behind her and slowly entered her. her pussy was amazingly tight and i wasnt going to wait to fuck her and i busted through her heymen.

"Ohhhh" maddie cried as I took her virginity.

Maddie had no words as i fucked her hard. Jessica was moaning and cumming and i told maddie i was going to cum in her pussy.

"ok" she replied in pure pleasure

I came in her pussy and she rolled off of jessica and got on either side of me and we realized my parents might be getting home.

We threw on our clothes and continued with Jessica's laptop with Maddie sitting on my lap.

Maddie found out that she was pregnant a few weeks later. we started dating and I got a job and now we plan to get married.

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