We continued to become more comfortable with each other

We continued to become more comfortable with each other

In a couple of months, Greg became a part of our family. Regardless if we were partying, just hanging out to eat dinner or just playing cards we all did it together. Short of having a key to the house or having a key to his house, we spent much of our time getting to know each other better and better. Teresa and him would have long conversations about their family or things from their past. They found many things in common and their feelings for each other grew. Greg and I became closer and closer friends and sharing Teresa was something that we were more and more comfortable with in front of each other, regardless if there was alcohol or drugs involved.

Sometimes he would come over for dinner for the evening and Teresa would have something for both of us fixed up. We would eat together and then when I would clean up in the kitchen, he and Teresa would hang out in the living room together and talk. Since there was never anything that was expected to happen sexually we would just hang out until Greg would head home to do laundry or other household chores.

But then there were times when we would be feeling naughty. We included Greg on these times too, we just didn’t always tell him ahead of time or really even on plan on it. On a Friday evening during the summer after a long day at work we invited him over and I was feeling naughty, I didn’t even mention anything to Teresa, but wanted to see just how comfortable we were getting with each other. Teresa was sitting next to me on the couch while Greg was sitting in the recliner. She was to my left and I was sitting in the middle of the couch and she had just finished her cigarette. We weren’t drinking but we were feeling pretty good as we just finished a joint that Teresa had rolled. She was wearing a short skirt and had on her laced underwear.

It started out with me just petting on her and rubbing on her leg. I didn’t really think that I was going to get anywhere with her and expected her to pull away, but I quickly realized that Teresa was as horny as I was. So while I was rubbing on her leg, we all continued to talk as if nothing unusual was going on. I casually put her leg over mine which spread her legs in front of Greg so he could easily see up her skirt. While our conversation continued, I moved my hand up to rub her inner thigh and Teresa slid down a little bit, but the comfort level was at an all time high between us all. I clearly had the go ahead from Teresa, but just to be sure, I asked Greg if he minded if I rubbed on Teresa’s pussy while we talked. He said, “Sure, that is fine with me.”

So we continued to sit there and talk and watch TV. I pushed Teresa’s panties aside and was as excited to have Greg watching me rub her pussy as I was the first time I showed it off to a stranger. Teresa was really enjoying the gentleness of my fingers as she became more and more aroused. She eventually drifted off into her own little world as Greg and I continued to talk about work. I noticed that she closed her eyes and was starting to fantasize about something, so I stopped almost in mid sentence and asked her what she was thinking. She just replied, “I wish I had Robo right now.”

By this time, Greg knew where we kept her toy, so he asked me if I wanted him to get it. I said, “No, that is okay, I am closer.” And within seconds, I was back with it in my hand. However, in that short amount of time, Teresa had pulled off her panties and skirt and was laying with her head on the arm rest and was frigging her clit with her own fingers. I stopped at her feet for a moment and watched as my beautiful bride enjoyed herself and was glad to have one of my closest of friends enjoying watching her too. It didn’t take long for her to notice me watching her and she said, “Come on, give me my Robo.” So I sat down on the edge of the couch, next to her spread out legs and turned Robo on and placed it into her awaiting pussy. She really enjoyed Robo as usual, and I continued to work it in and out of her while I drank my beer.

After a little bit, as Greg and I made small talk while Teresa was getting more and more into her Robo, I had to stop and use the bathroom. I asked Greg if he minded coming over and taking over for me while I relieved myself. I didn’t take very long and when I walked back into the living room, I leaned over the couch and watched as Greg worked Robo into her. He just looked at me and said, “Are you ready to take back over?” I said, “Okay!” And I walked back around the couch as Greg moved back to the recliner. I took over again and could tell that she was starting to get close to gushing and when she gushes, it really soaks everything. I gently took her hand and placed it on the Robo for her to take over for a little and I got up and got some towels and placed them on the floor in between the couch and the coffee table. Teresa then moved down to the floor and I sat on the couch and leaned over and continued to work Robo in her, but paid close attention to her clit. I also noticed that she gushes harder when I pull Robo out of her at just the right moment and then take the vibrating clitoral stimulator, or the ears, and rub her clit hard and fast with them.

Teresa was gushing in no time as she let out a scream of pleasure. I kept working the Robo on her clit so she could have multiple orgasms. She kept on cumming until she couldn’t cum any more and then grabbed a hold of my hand and pushed Robo away. She laid there until she caught her breath and I just sat back on the couch and watched her. Greg then lit up a cigarette and I asked her if she wanted one too. She said, “Yes,” so I went ahead and lit one up for her while she lay at my feet. Greg suggested that I take her top off so she could get fully comfortable, although I think he just wanted to admire her breasts which I like to do too. So I took her top off as she lay back down and smoked.

I played with her breasts for a little bit, mostly concentrating on her hard nipples. Greg got up and asked us if we wanted anything from the kitchen as he had finished his beer and wanted another. I requested a large cup of iced water with plenty of ice in it. This came as a little shock to both of them, since I am primarily a beer drinker, but I guess they just assumed that I was asking for Teresa, since she had little beads of sweat on her forehead.

When Greg came back into the living room, he handed me the cup of water and I leaned over to give Teresa some to drink. With one hand I held onto the cup and with the other, I gently placed it behind her head to support her while she was drinking. I made sure not to tilt it too far, so it wouldn’t spill or choke her. Once she was done, she let me know and I took the cup and placed it on the coffee table. She lay back down and continued to puff on her cigarette. She was smoking this one really slow and enjoying every last shredded tobacco leaf that burnt within its wrapper. I was continued to be consumed by her beauty and then reached over and grabbed the water from the table and took a drink myself. I also tilted the cup back far enough to get a piece of ice in my mouth. I set the drink back down on the coffee table and continued to suck on the piece of ice until there were no more sharp edges on it.

I then took the ice out of my mouth and held it tightly in my hand and while it melted, I held it over Teresa’s body and let it slowly drip on her, further cooling her down. She was really enjoying the attention and took a long drag off of her cigarette. When she was done exhaling, I took the ice and started to circle her already hard nipples. This sent chills all over her body and I continued to rub the ice around her breasts until I ran a trail from her chest, down to her navel and then down to her beautifully smooth pussy which was still steaming from earlier.

It didn’t take long for the ice to melt all the way once I reached her pussy, so I grabbed another piece of ice out of the cup and placed it in my mouth to make sure there were no sharp edges like the other one and then pulled it from my mouth and placed it into her pussy. I got up and undressed as I was extremely hard by this point and with her being still wet; I slid my dick into her and could feel the coolness of the piece of ice that entered her before I did.

She was only half way through her cigarette when I took it from her hand and laid it on the coffee table. I really didn’t care about it at this point. I just wanted to start fucking her good while I could feel the ice cube inside of her rub up against the head of my penis. We were still on the floor in between the coffee table and the couch when I grabbed both of her legs and put them in the air. I then grabbed both of her ankles and put her legs together while I was still fucking her. As I slammed my cock into her, I was also rocking her body in rhythm with me. Even Greg was impressed as I fucked her like this way past the point of where the ice cube melted. I could feel Teresa having another orgasm as her pussy started to contract around my penis and I shot my load deep inside of her soft pussy.

Once we were done, I put her legs back down, and I pulled my semi hard dick back out of her. When I was out, my cum and the water from the ice drained from her pussy down the crack of her ass and onto the towel underneath her. I looked over and saw that the cigarette had burned out, but also burned the coffee table in a short strait line. I picked up the butt and put it in the ashtray and looked over at Greg who was still sitting in the recliner enjoying the show. He said to me, “Dude, you could have been in porn!” I just smiled and said, “Only if Teresa was in it with me.”

We didn’t have nor were we up for marathon sex that night, but we were all off the next day, since it was Saturday and we had planned on going out to a new bar down in Buckhead called Mako’s. Teresa and I got up and cleaned up and Greg got up and started to head to the door. I went over and shook his hand goodbye and Teresa who was still naked herself, embraced him and gave him a good night kiss goodbye.

The next day, Teresa and I slept in. When I woke in the morning Teresa was snuggled up in my arms on my chest. This is my favorite position with my wife to sleep in. I rubbed on her a little, and found that she was already partially awake. I said to her, “Good Morning Love” and she replied back, “Good Morning Baby.” I asked her if she enjoyed last night and she said she did. I enjoy her reassurance of our life style that might offend others. I started to kiss her neck and she said, “Alright Baby, we need to get up and get moving.” She already knew where I was headed!

She rolled over and picked up the cell phone and called up Greg to check on him to make sure he made it home alright last night. He did. They talked a little bit and I got up to use the restroom. When they were done talking, Teresa got up and joined me in the bathroom. We took a quick shower and then moved on to our Saturday chores. She even had time to get her nails done in a deep red that I always like.

The day went by quick; we finished our chores before noon and then went out and hung out by the pool. We called and invited Greg over, but he said that he had just laid down for a nap and that he still had some stuff he needed to do after his nap. We hung out by the pool for about an hour or so, just freshening up our tans and drinking a few cold ones. Once we were back in, we lay down and took a quick nap ourselves.

The phone started to ring, it was Greg. When I saw it was him I just handed it to Teresa. He was just checking on us and making sure we were still up for going out that night. Of course we were; we just had to start getting ready. Greg let Teresa know that he would be over shortly, so I went ahead and unlocked the door, should he arrive when we were taking a shower. Once I got back in the bath room, Teresa had run some water in the tub, so she could lie down and I could shave her pussy clean.

Mako’s was a new club in Buckhead and one of the last before they rebuilt everything in Buckhead. Like most bars, it was at least 5 other bar names and themes before it became Mako’s. But of all the concepts it went through, I would have to say that Mako’s was one of the best. Obviously just from the name, you can tell that it had a beach flavor to it. So knowing this Teresa dressed for the part. She had bought some sun dresses for when we flew down to Jamaica, to get married so she decided to wear one of them, the red one to be exact to match her pretty nails and toes. I was dressed in a nice pair of shorts, some sandals, and a nice Hawaiian type shirt, not too bright but was appropriate for the night.

Greg arrived as I was just finishing getting dressed. Teresa was still in the bathroom doing some final touches. She is naturally very beautiful, so when she dresses and fixes herself up, it just adds to her beautiful self. I went and greeted him in the living room and offered him a beer. We sat in the living room and chatted for a couple of minutes while we waited on Teresa to finish up. After I finished my beer, I ended up needing to use the rest room before we left, so I went into the spare bathroom.

When I came back out a few minutes later, I noticed that Greg was no longer sitting in the living room. Teresa had finished getting ready and at the corner of the opening of the kitchen by the end of the bar, Greg had Teresa bent over, legs spread wide, her hands on the counter and her head in between her arms and he was fingering her pussy with both hands, one from the front and the other from the back. She was moaning with pleasure as he masterfully worked her clit. When Greg saw me he just smiled real big. I smiled back at him and walked by him and grabbed another beer from the refrigerator. When I opened the door it caught Teresa’s attention and she stood up and straitened her dress out. I apologized for disturbing them, but Greg didn’t seem to mind.

We ended up leaving to go to our local bar to grab something to eat. It was still a little early for Mako’s. Teresa didn’t bother to wear any underwear out that night. To be honest, I don’t know if she had some on and then took them off for Greg, or if she just never put any on. When we arrived at the local bar, it wasn’t very crowded. We took a seat at one of the high tables close to the bar. Clay was working the bar and gave us a quick wave as we came in. I sat on one side of Teresa and Greg sat on the other and Teresa faced the bar. Clay was finishing up making a drink for some one and Teresa gave him a little flash of her pussy by spreading her legs a little bit.

We placed our order with Clay when he brought us our drinks. We had been there before once or twice, and he knew what we all drank. He asked us what were up to that night and we told him that were just trying to kill a little time before we headed to Mako’s. Clay knew it would be a couple of hours before Mako’s would get started. He asked us if we wanted to play a little pool in the mean time and opened the table up so we didn’t have to pay to play. Once we finished eating the three of us went over to the pool table area to play a little Cut Throat. Greg would go first, then Teresa and then me. There were a couple of interesting shots that Greg left for Teresa that made her bend over the table. If she was shooting at my ball, I would take my pool stick and rub her pussy with it, and if she was shooting at one of Greg’s balls he would do the same. Teresa would let us do what ever we wanted to her pussy as she would grin and try to concentrate on her shot. Of course, turnabout was fair game and she would rub our nuts with her stick when we were shooting at her balls. She had to be careful though to make sure she didn’t rack us! No pun intended.

We were having such a good time; a couple of hours flew by in no time. Clay continued to wait on us until we were ready to tab out. When we were finished playing pool, we got into the Rodeo, only this time Greg drove and I sat in the back. We drove down to Buckhead and parked at Three Dollar. Parking was five dollars, but they would give you a five dollar coupon, good for anything at Three Dollar. So we stopped in there for a drink, to cash in, since it was already money spent.

We only had one drink each and then we left to walk across the street to Mako’s. When we arrived it was busy but not too crowded. There wasn’t even a line to get in or a cover. They had their music turned up and there was a gorgeous girl barely dressed working there that was swinging in a swing that hanged from the ceiling close to the front door. They had several bars inside but the place was set up to be very open. Most of the side bars had bartenders that were smoking hot chicks, and the main bar had some studs behind the bar, they didn’t have on shirts. They were muscular dudes that were tan and didn’t have a hair on them. We ordered drinks and shots from one of the side bars and watched people dance down on the dance floor which was a couple of steps down from the railing we were standing by. The railing was thick enough that you could set your drinks down on it, but you had to be careful not to knock it over onto the dance floor.

We noticed that the girl on the swing now had a guy up there with her. We could tell that he was a customer like one of us. She was sitting on his lap facing him and straddling him at the same time. The “ride” only lasted one song, but it was very entertaining. We continued to drink and watch everyone around us. Then I asked Teresa if she wanted to get up in the swing with the girl. She said she did and we walked over to her. Greg stayed at the railing and watched her drink. He could see Teresa get on the swing, as it was raised up high enough that the whole bar could see it. The girl straddled Teresa just like she did the guy and together they got a lot of attention. Even though Teresa was wearing a short dress with no panties, we really couldn’t see anything since the girl straddling kept Teresa from opening up her legs to give us a peak.

Teresa was no stranger to showing her stuff in Buckhead either. About a year before we had met Greg, Teresa and I were partying down in Buckhead at Coyote Ugly and she was dressed in a short skirt and I had removed her panties and placed them in my pocket. Like all the other girls, she too wanted to get up on the bar and dance. When she did at the corner of the bar, guys quickly started to gather around and even some girls. She was enjoying the attention as guys started to rub on her legs, higher and higher and then I reached up and stuck my fingers in her pussy and spread them so everyone could see. Shortly after though, she was asked to step down from the bar. I guess the Coyote Ugly girls were getting jealous that she was getting all of the attention.

When Teresa and I got back, she finished her drink and then the song, “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me” by the Pussy Cat Dolls came on which Teresa absolutely loves to dance to. So she grabbed Greg and took him down to the dance floor and danced with him. She is a good dancer and loves to turn around and bend over and grind her ass into your crotch when she is dancing. They danced the whole song together and I watched from above. I didn’t stare at them because there was lots of eye candy there to look at. When the song was over, they came over to the wall below me and I handed them some more drinks I was able to get while they were dancing. Because Greg was driving, he made that his last one, but Teresa and I kept drinking. I eventually joined them on the dance floor and Greg wandered off to another part of the bar. We could tell that even thought the bar was a cool bar; he was starting to get a little bored. I think he also knew where the real action was going to take place, and it wasn’t there!

Teresa and I danced to a few more songs and then went and found Greg. He was just chilling out; taking in all that there was to see. But we knew it was time to go so we headed out the door. We walked back across the street to the vehicle and Teresa disrobed before she got in the car. I hopped in the back again and Teresa laid the seat back and put her feet up on the dash. She was totally naked as Greg pulled out of the parking lot. Now I was able to make out with her and play and kiss on her tits. Greg would reach over and play with her pussy when he could, but I was enjoying my wife to the fullest. Between Greg and me we worked on keeping that pussy ready, wet, and waiting. Greg didn’t know where the inside lights were so they never got turned on, but we didn’t care. Teresa was ours for the night and that was good enough for us.

When we arrived back at our place, the down stairs neighbor was out on his patio with his little dog. He was smoking a cigarette. It was very late and he was just in his pajama pants. Greg parked the vehicle directly in front of him and we all piled out. Teresa was still naked and it was obvious what we had been up to. Teresa walked in front of the car and said hello to our neighbor and he was very nice and said hello back. He asked me if I was having a good time tonight, of which I was and told him so. We headed up the stairs and Greg handed me the keys. Once inside, Teresa laid on the floor and Greg went strait to her pussy and started eating her out. I watched long enough to drop my shorts and kneeled down beside her so she could suck my dick while Greg was eating her out. He stayed down there for a while until she was close to having an orgasm. She was doing a masterful job at sucking on me and even had her hand between my legs on my ass pulling me in to her mouth. Every once in a while she would even stroke my ass hole with her finger and rub on my nuts to further my satisfaction. However, she all of a sudden stopped sucking my dick and then Greg rubbed her clit real fast with his fingers and made her cum. He had gotten as good as I was at making Teresa cum. I was impressed.

He then looked at me and said, “She is ready for you.” I couldn’t agree more, so I moved down between her legs and stuck my dick back in her as I had done so many times before. Clearly I was already very horny from all the fore play from before and I was close to cumming in her mouth. It didn’t take very long and I filled her up with my cum. I got up to get a towel and Greg was lying beside her when I came back. They were making out and she was rubbing on his cock through his pants and then pulled it out so she could make him hard. I went and grabbed some KY and took a seat on the couch and watched them as they played. I was masturbating in clear view of Greg for the first time while he was messing around with Teresa. I was hard again, and went ahead and ordered some porn movies for us to watch.

I think Greg got weirded out again by this, because this was new to him again. I figured he would be use to our naked sexuality by now, but he obviously wasn’t. He got up and said, “It looks like you are ready to fuck her again.” I never pass up on a great piece of pussy, especially one that is as perfect as Teresa’s. I got on top of her and started to fuck her again and Greg went and sat back down in the recliner and watched us and the porn on the TV. I fucked her for a little longer this time and then came inside of her again. This time when I pulled out, I could tell she was still not finished. Actually she looked more like she was just getting started. So I lied next to her on my side, with her in between Greg and I and finger fucked her for a little while. When I started it was with two fingers at first, but as I kept going, I added another finger and then another. I was fucking her good with all four of my fingers and Greg was very impressed. He even came over and knelt down beside her on the other side and asked if he could try. Before I could say a word, Teresa had grabbed his hand and put it down by her pussy. I pulled mine out and moved aside.

He took one finger at a time and stuck it into her to get them all wet. She was really enjoying the attention as Greg and myself were sitting on both sides of her. I was gently rubbing her body with my finger tips, which was giving her chill bumps. I was already hard again and she reached down and started to stroke my cock again. Greg was beside her with all four of his fingers in her and was fucking her furiously with them and smiling and telling her that she was enjoying that! She obviously was because she was screaming again. I am sure the down stairs neighbor could hear her the whole time and probably was impressed in Greg’s and my ability to please Teresa as much as we were. Greg than went down and started to lick on her thoroughly fucked pussy. Teresa really loved this because it was the first time she had ever been eaten out after she had been fucked. I think she also liked it because after all the pounding and abuse to her pussy, Greg’s soft tongue probably felt pretty good to her. It even looked like it tickled her a little bit.

Greg could tell that I was ready to fuck her again, so he moved back to the side of her and I raised her legs in the air and slid right in. She was loosened up pretty good and still soaking wet from the combination of her juices, my cum, and Greg’s wet tongue. I was really enjoying fucking her again, knowing that Greg was just eating her out. She reached over and grabbed Greg’s hand and stuck his fingers in her mouth and sucked on them. This was very erotic and turned Greg and I both on even more. He leaned over and kissed her with plenty of tongue and I continued to fuck her while I was watching them. They kissed passionately as she held onto his hand. It was almost as if they were making love and using my dick to fuck her as she was floating on air with passion.

I came inside her for a third time that night and then let her legs down. They continued to kiss as I got up and sat on the couch. I thought for sure they were going to go ahead and fuck in front of me, she even had his dick out of his shorts again and had pulled them down far enough that even I could see his tight little white ass. But while I continued to watch them, he stopped again, and left Teresa craving his cock even more. He wasn’t intentionally teasing her, but he was. He was just having the hardest time with me being there.

She came and sat down next to me for a little but it was getting late again, almost morning by now and I was tired. I asked Teresa if she was ready to go to bed and she said she was. We all went to bed together and Teresa lay in between us and I fell asleep. I was only asleep for a couple of minutes when I heard Teresa moaning again. I looked up and saw that Greg was fingering her pussy again. I immediately got hard again and started to join them. This upset Greg a little bit, but he took it well and just got up and left the bedroom. Teresa then let me have some more for the fourth time that night. Greg had her nice and wet again for me so I penetrated her easily. We made love again and I came inside her again. When we were done, I rolled off and went to sleep.

I thought Teresa remained in bed asleep with me, but after about an hour of some solid sleep, I was awakened by Teresa’s hot breath in my ear as she put her leg over me so she could rub her pussy up against me. She whispered in my ear in a very hot tone, “Hey Baby, Greg and I finally made love.” My eyes popped open and I was hard instantly. Without hesitation, I went down between her legs and started to eat her pussy out. She didn’t last long and wanted me inside of her again. She had been up all night and was tired. When I got up on top of her and started to fuck her again, I asked her if it was as good as what she had hoped for. She said it was, but didn’t want to talk about it until we got some sleep. So I finished off in her for the fifth time that night and she cuddled up with me and went to sleep.

It was about 11 in the morning on Sunday when we finally woke up. I got up to go into the living room, not sure if Greg was still there and he was not. I looked outside and saw that his truck was gone. I am not sure when he left but we had a good time. The KY was still sitting on the coffee table. I went back into the bedroom and saw that Teresa was up and using the bathroom and getting her morning cigarette in. I grabbed a “Girls Gone Wild” DVD I had purchased earlier in the week but had not watched and said to Teresa through the bathroom door, “I am going to be on the couch, don’t forget that I want to hear all the details about you and Greg from last night.” She said “Okay” and I went in the living room, put the DVD in, and lay naked on the couch waiting on Teresa.

When she was finished, she came into the room and saw something new on TV. She asked, “What is that?” I just told her that it was a new DVD I got that week and haven’t seen it yet. And then I asked her if she wanted to watch it with me while she told me the story. She said, “Sure.” She sat down on the couch between my legs with my one leg behind her and the other in her lap and she grabbed the KY and asked me if I wanted to do it or did I want her to. I told her that I would love for her to jerk me off while she told me about her and Greg.

She poured some KY on my dick and I turned the TV down so I could pay attention to what she was saying and fantasize about what I missed. I asked her not to leave out any details and she didn’t. She started to stroke me and then started out telling me why she left me in bed. She knew that Greg was upset when he left the bedroom so she went out to talk to him. She said they sat on the couch and talked for a little while before things got intimate. They started kissing at first and then touching each other very intimately. She said that Greg starts off slow and takes a little to get going, unlike me who can just jump right in there and be ready at the drop of a hat. He was very gentle with her and they kissed for quite some time. I asked how he was touching her and she said that he was very slow, but he really liked to caress her whole body. I was growing harder now in her hand as she was starting to get into the good stuff.

She reached up and started to pinch my nipple as she was stroking me. She then went into the details of how she finally got him hard and undressed. I asked her where they decided to do it, and she said, “Right here on the couch where you are laying, that is where I was on my back at first.” I said, “At first?” she said, “Yes, we did it in several positions.” My balls were tightening up as she was giving me the details. I asked her how he felt compared to me. She said that he wasn’t as big or as thick, but he still felt really good. I imagined that their first time would be good regardless of his size because she had made him her quest for so long. She said that she was still wet from all the sex we had that night, so his dick slid into her easily. She then said, “but Greg was all about intimacy, that is why he had such a hard time with just, ‘doing it’, in front of you.” I was close to cumming in her hand now and asked her if he came inside of her. She said he didn’t, but I didn’t know for sure. She was not on birth control and probably didn’t want me to question her if she ever got pregnant.

Teresa could tell that I was about to cum and I asked her if she wanted to fuck him again. She said, “Probably, but when it happens, it will just happen.” She was pinching my nipple hard now and stroking me really fast and I shot my load up in the air and onto the back of her hand. Her story with Greg was the most erotic thing I had ever heard.

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