Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle

I was 5 years old when I first moved in with my aunt and two cousins. My aunt was a 30 year old single mother who was stuck raising my 14 year old cousin Katya and my 1year old baby cousin Katrina. Since my parents were now dead, she had the addition of taking care of me as well.

The house we all lived in was not very big at all. When I first came here I was put into the basement to live. The ground floor had a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and a closet or two. The floor on top of that was a bathroom, my aunt’s room (which she shared with Katrina), and Katya’s room. Living in the basement may sound good to some but I was only 5 and it was a small room. It only had a twin size bed where I slept, a night stand, a small dresser, and a few cobwebs. My only source of light was from a small window.

My first week living here wasn’t that bad I don’t think. I would wake up and go upstairs to have breakfast. My aunt would be sitting on the couch with nothing but a pair of shorts on and little Katrina sucking on one of her nipples.

“What’s auntie doing with Katrina?” I asked.

“She’s feeding her stupid,” said Katrina from behind the refrigerator door. Katya was only wearing a thin white T-shirt that showed her tummy and barely showed her pink nipples underneath. She was also wearing a pair of pink panties. My family always looked like this around the house. I soon learned that I could walk around the house in nothing but my white briefs and it wouldn’t bother anyone.

When school started there was one thing that really stuck out to me: all the black people. Katya had walked me to school and when I first arrived I couldn’t believe how many black people there were. From what I saw, me and Katya were probably the only white kids. Katya walked me up to a group of kids and told me that was my class and she would pick me up after school.

“Hi, my name is Marcel,” said a kid who walked up to me.

“I’m Mikhail,” I told him.

“I never see you around before. You new?”


“Well anyway,” he said as he looked at some of the other classmates, “welcome to the jungle.”

The bell rang and all the kids started walking into the building. I had no idea what he meant. When school was over Katya picked me up just like she said she would and we started walking the few blocks back home.

“Katya, what’s the jungle?” I asked.
“What kind of stupid question is that,” she said.

“Some kid told me ‘welcome to the jungle’ and I don’t know what it means.”

“Oh,” she said. “He was talking about the neighborhood. Everyone from around here calls this place the jungle because of all the niggers living here.”

“Niggers?” I asked her.

“Yeah. Black people. If you didn’t notice we live around a whole bunch of black people.”

“Oh yeah,” I told her.

When we arrived home auntie was sitting at the kitchen table and was looking at some papers. Her blonde hair was put up in a pony tail. She had a tank top on that looked like it was too small for her; maybe her chest was too big for it? I don’t know. I just know that it liked like it was really tight cause I could almost see through it.

“Oh, home from school?” she said as she looked at us. “Katya, go upstairs and take a bath today. Have Mikhail take one too. You two haven’t bathed in a while and today is a good day to do it.”

Fine,” said Katya. We both started going upstairs. It wasn’t out of the normal to take showers together in my house because we needed to save money. The less water used the more money we would save. I don’t know what kind of job my aunt had but it wasn’t bringing in too much money and she was very conservative about spending.

Anyway, Katya and I had walked into the upstairs bathroom and closed the door. (There really was no point in closing the door but for some reason we did it anyway). Katya started to unbutton the white, long-sleeve uniform shirt she had to wear for school. She threw it off and started to unbuckle her bra.

“Hurry up and get your stuff off,” she told me.

I started to pull of my white polo shirt and went to unbutton my navy blue pants. I pulled them down and was standing in my underwear and socks. Katya had her bra off and was already done pulling down her plaid skirt and was starting to pull down her panties. I pulled down my underwear and also pulled off my socks. She had her panties down and we were both standing there naked. I always thought it was funny looking between her legs cause she was so furry. The blonde hairs there almost match the blonde hair on her head.

We stepped into the tub and the warm water started filling it up. When the tub was full we both sat down and soaked in the water. We sat across from each other. I was almost fully submerged in the water while everything from her nipples up was visible.

“Alright, time to wash you,” she said. I stood up and faced her. She grabbed the soap and started to lather her hands. Then she started to rub all over my body. She started at my neck and moved down to my smooth chest and onto my stomach. She took more soap and started to go down toward my penis. She took two of her fingers and started rubbing all over it. I started to get hard.

“Haha,” she laughed. “Look at that. You must like the touching huh?” She took her fingers and started rubbing my nuts too. I really liked it. She then pulled the skin on the edge of my pecker back and cleaned the inside. It hurt a bit but at the same time I didn’t mind.

“Turn around,” she told me. I did what I was told. “Bend over” I felt her put two of her fingers between my butt cheeks and spread them. Then she took a different finger and poked it right into my hole.

“Ahh,” I gasped. She kept poking it in further. I told her it hurt but she didn’t stop. She kept going in and out and I could feel myself squeezing her finger to try and keep it out but she kept going. After repeatedly going in and out for a while she stopped.

“That’s how you clean the inside,” she told me. We finished the bath by shampooing our hair, washing herself, and rinsing in clean water. She gave me a towel which I wrapped around myself and went down to my room. I walked awkward cause my butt felt sore.

Later that night, I was in my underwear lying in my bed trying to sleep. The door opened and in came Katya. She had a pair of tight, baby blue panties on and a small little T-shirt that barely covered her thin body. She walked up to the bed and climbed in next to me making it a bit crowded.

“You really liked it when I touched you in the bath didn’t you?” she said as she rubbed my stomach. Her smooth touch started to make me go stiff down there. She moved her hand down into my briefs and started fondling me. I just laid there quiet.

“Let me make this more comfortable,” she said. She got off my bed and through my green blanket onto the floor. She grabbed my underwear and pulled them off my body. I was laying there with my little pecker sticking up. She knelt down and started stroking it again with her fingers.

“You don’t want me to stop do you?” she asked. I shook my head. It felt so good I didn’t want the feeling to leave me. I started breathing a little faster.

“Hmm,” she said. “I don’t think I washed you properly. Let me fix that.” She pulled the skin at the end back unveiling my pink head. She stood up and put her lips over it. It felt so good. She started moving her tongue over it and was rubbing my legs with her hands. She let out a little moan. I held the sheets with my hands and felt my hips moving up.

“You really like this,” she said. She started stroking me again and put one of her fingers in her mouth. She reached under me into my butt. She rubber the hole and started to push her finger in.

“Ahh,” I let out. My hips hunched up high and my cheeks tightened. My body felt right back onto her finger forcing it inside. It hurt so much. She was still stroking my penis with the other hand and that felt great. I was having all these feelings rushing me. The feeling of her fingers touching my stiff little pecker, her other finger plugged up tight in my butt hole, and another feeling building up in the pit of my stomach. I arched my head back and started breathing hard.

“There you go,” she said. “Have that little orgasm. You know it feels so good.” She kept her finger deep within my hole as I was orgasming. When I calmed down she took it out and stopped storking me. She started walking away and went upstairs. I laid there tired and started drifting to sleep.

The next day Katya walked me to school and walked me home again. She didn’t mention the other night. When we got home my aunt told us that she was going out for a few hours and would be taking Katrina with her.

By the time auntie left Katya had already called a bunch of her friends to come over. My aunt had a strict policy of never having people over our house. So, whenever she went out, Katya would take advantage. Within half an hour of my auntie leaving, five black kids came over. They were all about 15 or 16. Within another hour eleven kids were here. They were all drinking beer and smoking what I thought were cigarettes. The smell bothered me so I made my way downstairs.

“Man, fuck you!”

“No fuck you you stupid bitch!”

A black girl wearing jeans and a bra and her shirt in her hands stormed passed as I was walking downstairs. When I got to my room I saw a black kid maybe 16 years old sitting on my bed. He was only in a pair of red checkered boxers. He was really muscular. He had six pac abs and tight pecs. You could see the arm muscles he had without him even flexing.

“Who the fuck is you?” he said looking at me.

“Umm…umm…this is my room,” I told him. I felt scared being downstairs with him.

“It’s a shitty ass room man,” he said. He stood up and through the hole in his boxers I could see his penis sticking out. It was huge! When I thought about it compared to mine it was way longer. It was also black like the rest of his body. The tip was purple and it was covered in skin like mine.

“Umm, your pecker is out,” I told him, pointing at it.

“Yeah I know, what of it,” he said agitated. He looked tired but I don’t know if he was.

“My stupid bitch of a girlfriend wouldn’t let me fuck her so it left my cock all hard.”

I just looked at him not knowing what to do.

“You know what?” he said. He rushed up to me and grabbed me. He lifted me up and threw me onto my bed. “You may not have a tight pussy,” he said as he pulled my pants and underwear down, “but I know you have a nice tight ass.”

I tried to crawl away but couldn’t. He held me down tight. I was on my stomach and he stuffed my face into the bed. I heard him spit and felt wetness in my crack. He started to spread it about inside.

“I don’t know if you’ll enjoy this,” he said, “but I know my cock will.” He grabbed my hips with both of his hands and lifted them up. I felt him starting to insert his penis. His head began spreading my hole. I groaned as his large black monster of a penis was invading my butt. I started really screaming as he started shoving it in farther.

“Yeah baby you really are tight,” he said. The he thrusted his hips forward.

“Ahhh,” I screamed. My eyes started to tear and I clenched my teeth. I felt myself stretch so much. I kept letting out little screams as his penis was destroying my insides. He squeezed my hips as he thrusted again. I could feel the rough flesh being thrusted far within my smooth hole. I kept squeezing the sheets tightly to embrace for each thrust.

“Yeah, you like this sock don’t you,” he said. “Ya tighter than any of my girlfriends’ pussies and none would make my 9” cock feel this good.” He kept thrusting so hard. It didn’t feel like the whole thing was going in but it was enough to make me shake and want to throw up. He let out a grunt and made a powerful thrust as I felt myself getting filled with warmness. He stopped thrusting and pulled his penis out. I felt some of the gooey warm stuff drip out of my butt. He let me go and I laid out on the bed.

“That was a nice fuck little bitch,” he said. I looked at him through teary eyes and saw him wipe the white stuff onto my sheets. He threw on his pair of jeans, grabbed his shirt, and went upstairs closing the door.

I tried to climb out of my bed but couldn’t. I was hurting so much. I felt like I was throbbing on the inside. I tried to look at my butt and saw white stuff and blood dripping out and smeared a bit on my sheets. I put my face in my pillow and started to cry from the pain. This was my worst experience in The Jungle.

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