When I Met Kyle [Chapter 4]

When I Met Kyle [Chapter 4]

When we got back to Kyle’s locker, the dense flow of kids walking through the hallway had dissipated to just a few kids here and there. Some were still rummaging through their lockers and others were leaned up against the wall socializing, flirting, or making out. Kyle grabbed his book bag from inside his locker (which he had forgotten to close) and swung it over his shoulder as he shut the door. He turned to us, smiled, and said, “Let’s go.” We all followed him down the hall and out the main doors. I was surprised to find out that he was planning on taking the bus home. “Where’s your car, dude?” I confusedly asked him. “At home.” He explained. “Well…” I started. “How about I drive us to your home?” I finished. “Yeah, I didn’t take my car here either” Jay added. “Cool. Then follow me…” I said as I made my way towards my jet-black Honda. It wasn’t mine actually, it belonged to my sister. But she was at college, and said I could borrow it anytime I needed too, just as long as I didn’t scratch the paint too bad or total it, which I was very careful not to. I opened the trunk and we all threw our bags back there. Then we piled into the front seats of the Honda. The cool thing about that car is that it doesn’t have like a storage thing in the front between the driver’s seat and the passenger, it’s all one seat so 3 or 4 people can fit in the front seat, despite some minor claustrophobic discomfort. But us all having French kissed, tasted each other’s cum, and sucked each others cock at one point or another, it didn’t really bother us. “So Kyle, where do you live?” I asked as I began pulling out of the parking place. “234 Maple Lane. It’s off of Cermont road.” He replied. [This is a made-up street address and road name, as I do not remember right now exactly where he lives. Any relation of those names to real places was completely coincidental and not purposefully intended.] “Cool. Well then, let’s go ‘help you with your homework’.” I said.

We hadn’t even been driving for more than a minute when I looked out of the right window to see if there were any cars coming so I could turn, and I noticed Jay’s semi-erect dick was sticking out over the top of his pants, which were pulled down slightly to about mid-thigh. Kyle’s pants were in a similar fashion, and Jay’s hand was slowly stroking his (Kyle’s) cock as Kyle was slowly stroking Jay’s cock. Both of their heads were back and their eyes were closed as they quietly moaned in pleasure. “Hey, be careful you two, we’re almost there” I warned them as I heard their moaning get louder and noticed that their slow stroking had become much quicker and could now be considered jacking off. “Yeah…okay…” Jay managed to say in between moans. No less than about a minute later, I said, “Okay I’m turning onto Maple Lane guys. Put your dicks away. We’ll have plenty of time to admire them later…” Jay and Kyle reluctantly obliged, and stuffed their now fully erect cocks back into their underwear-less shorts. Being as horny as they were, not to mention me now, there was a definite and impossible to not notice bulge in each of our pants. So we decided to talk about non-sex related stuff to let our cocks soften up before we met Kyle’s parents. We sat in the driveway for a couple minutes, and once we noticed the bulge in our pants had mostly gone away, we got out of the car. We grabbed our bags, and Kyle let us to the front door. He rummaged through a side pocket in his bag and pulled out a small bronze-colored key. He opened the glass storm door, and slid the key into the lock and swung the door open. “Kiki, Mom, I’m home!” Kyle yelled as he stepped inside the house and tossed the key back into his bag. Jay and I followed him, and threw our bags down beside the door on a small rectangle of carpet where Kyle had set his down. “Who’s Kiki?” I asked soon after he called out the name. “Kiki’s my sister. She’s only 15, and she’s like a total slut. She gets out of school like 2 hours before we do, so I expected her to be home by now.” Kyle explained. Just then, this absolutely gorgeous babe comes out of what I believed to be the kitchen and hugs Kyle. One of her hands wondered down to his ass and was grabbing it through his shorts while she was slowly grinding her pussy against his hardening cock as she passionately kissed him. About 10 seconds later, Kyle pulled back and ducked away from her, leaving us in plain view of the most beautifully sexy girl I had ever seen. Her natural hair color was blonde, but her dirty-blonde highlights dominated her beautiful elbow-length layered hair. Her eyes were a deep blue and both Jay and I got lost in them from one quick glance. She was wearing a sexy pink tank top that came down to about an inch or so above her belly button, and a matching pink thong that was mostly visible through the almost transparent short shorts she was wearing. Her breasts were beautiful; about 35C if I had to estimate. Her nipples were sticking out from her body and were clearly visible through her top that only seemed to cover the good parts, as much of her breasts leaked out the top to form a nice 3 or 4 inch line of cleavage. “You didn’t tell me you brought company” she said sexily as she smiled at me and Jay. “Yeah….. This is Jay,” Kyle said pointing to Jay, “and this is Jerry,” he said pointing to me. We were both at a loss for words so we just slowly waved a hand at her. “Where’s mom?” Kyle asked Kiki as she was looking us up and down. “She…left…like just a couple minutes ago. Said she was looking for a bigger bed for her room…for reasons she couldn’t explain to me…” Kiki informed us. Kyle turned to us with a smile. “Damn were we lucky. My mom takes forever to shop for furniture and stuff so that means we got at least 2 or 3 hours ‘till she gets back.” “Sweet,” I replied. Jay showed his enthusiasm with a wide grin that wielded dirty thoughts entering his mind.

Just then I heard another female voice from the kitchen. “Ooooooh, Kyle brought home some friends!” And with that, another drop dead gorgeous babe appeared from the kitchen. She was about the same height as Kiki, but with slightly darker skin, from tanning under the sun I presumed. Man! I had to see what was happening in that kitchen! Anyway, her hair was black and most likely layered like Kiki’s was. It was pulled back into short ponytails on either side of her head that accentuated her beautiful facial features including deep brown eyes I found myself getting lost in also. She too was wearing a tank top that came to about an inch or so above her belly button, but it was light blue. She also wore extremely short jean shorts that ended in a ‘ripped’ fashion with frayed edges and stuff. Her breasts were slightly smaller than Kiki’s, probably about 32C or something like that, not that they weren’t as sexy as Kiki’s were, no of course not. Both girls were probably equally sexy. And, yes, they did look like total sluts. “Hey Gina” Kiki said with a smile as she leaned in to kiss the girl who had just appeared (who I assumed was Gina). “So…” Gina began, “I couldn’t help but hear about adults not being present for 2 hours or so…” she finished. Gina’s right arm was wrapped around Kiki’s shoulders, and her left hand was playing with Kiki’s breasts. Kiki let out a quiet moan as Gina began teasing her nipples, slowly twisting them with her fingers. Then Kiki responded by moving her left hand over to Gina’s boobs and began playing with them as well. Her right hand made it down to her pussy, and she had gotten it underneath her shorts and into her thong. She was masturbating as Gina spun her around and their lips met for another long, wet and passionate kiss. After about 2 minutes or so, Kiki slowed her masturbating down and eventually stopped. They stopped kissing and Gina began looking me and Jay up and down. Then she slowly walked over to me. She wrapped her arms around me and stared straight into my eyes making me involuntarily smile. I could feel her sexy tits rubbing against my shirt and onto my chest through her shirt. I also felt her slowly grinding her pussy through her shorts against my cock. “So… Who’s this sexy beast?” She asked, still grinding me. “I’m-m-my name’s…J…” I stuttered.” “His name’s Jerry.” Kiki finished for me. “Yeah…what she said…” I added. “Jerry… I like that name” Gina said as she started grinding my cock a little faster. Then she reached forward and kissed me softly on the lips. “Yeah!” Kyle said excitedly. “So…” I said. “You’re bi?” I asked Kiki and Gina. “Yup.” Kiki replied with a smile.

She looked over at Gina who had a look on her face that said, “Yeah I know I’m sexy. I want you and I know you want me too. Come get me”. And with that, Kiki answered her call by pulling her close to her and kissingbegan to kiss her. And I mean really kissing.kiss her. Kyle, Jay and I just stood there watching Kiki and Gina engage in another a long, passionate, and extremely hot kiss. Gina’s hand found its way to Kiki’s clit and was now rubbing it. Gina’s pants and thong were down near her ankles and Kiki was rubbing her clit as well. Gina’s other hand pulled the top of Kiki’s shirt down, fully exposing each of her beautiful breasts. Kiki lovingly fondled with them, teasing the nipple again by twisting it with her fingers. Kiki was doing basically the same thing, except she was more into feeling up Gina’s breasts rather than teasing her tits. Suddenly Gina pulled away from Kiki. “Let’s take this upstairs, shall we?” Gina whispered to Kiki. Then they both headed up the stairs, taking their shorts and panties completely off and shaking their sexy ass at us as we stood at the bottom of the stairs. Kiki motioned for us to follow her, and we didn’t waste time thinking as we flew up the stairs behind them. We followed the two girls down a long hallway and into a room that was locked. Kiki reached in between her pocketbreasts and pulled out a small silver key. She The unlocked the door and opened it up, revealing a probably average sized windowless room. It had a good source of overhead lighting, a table, some chairs, a plasma screen TV with a DVD and VCR, a computer with a webcam, a bookshelf that covered an entire wall that contained an immense amount of porn videos and DVDs, some beanbag chairs, and a hanging wall cabinet labeled, “Toys and Other Supplies”. I didn’t have to think very hard about what was in there. The cabinet also had a lock on it, and looked like it could be opened with the same key used to unlock the door. “Holy. Shit.” Jay said as he looked around the room. “Yup. We’re gonna have some fun in here!” I exclaimed as I began rubbing my cock through my shorts.


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