when we were Virgins

when we were Virgins

After reading all thes good and wonderful stories i decided to wright about the experinces i have went therw so here goes the first story.

I was 19 at the time when i first lost my verginity. I was living on my own for a couple of years now, my family decided to move from ny to maine and I dident want to go so i stayed. They dident have the money to take everything but the things that they needed, so my mother asked me to clean out the appt they were living in. I went there The following day n started making phone calls to get most of the furniture out without throwing it away.

On the second day i went n started throwing dishes n what furnitur left out. I have three sisters at the time age 9 13 and 14. One of my older sisters friend came by that day looking for her. Her name is Amanda. I hade to tell her that they moved for no one told anyone. Amanda Hade just turned 15 the month prior and not that bad looking. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans with a pink halter top. She was about a inch bigger then my sister and almost the same curves. She was 5' 3" with B cup boobs, long dark brown hair with gren eye and a few fricles on her face. As we stood there talking I was starting to put things in my sisters room into garbage bags. Amanda asked what I was going to do with all the toys n clothes they left behind, I told her just put them on the curb. She asked if she could take some of the toys for her sister n some clothes for herself, without hesitation i told her yes.

About twenty minuts later she asked if she could try on some to make sure they fit, I said u know where the bathroom is. As she walked away with a pile of clothes in her arm i hade to adjust myself, She hade such a nice ass witch the pants she was wearing was really tight n showed her asset off realy nice. A few minuts went by n she hade came back n was standing there in the doorway, she cleard her throght to get my attation and as i turned around i stared at her in shock. She said how do i look, standing there wearing a pink lacy braw and a pair of pink thongs that read kiss me on the front. I was speachless as i just gaucked at her. By this time i was starting to stand at attention again, and she seen the movement in my pants. I stood 6' even so i towerd over her. she started to run her hands up her side n swinging her hips as if she were a stripper. A good one I might add. As she undid her bra i removed my clothes till i got to my underwhere. She moved acrost the room and put her hands on my chest and pushed me down to the bed, as I sat there she sat on my lap thrusting and grinding her hips, as if she was giving me a lap dance. i was so hard and wet from her juices and my pre-cum.

She stood back up after ten or fifteen minuts went by and removed my and her underwhere. As i sat on the edge of the bed she rubed fer tits and pussy as if to tease the hell out of me, witch it worked very well. Then she finley neeled down infront of me and grabed my cock with force. She put her lips around the head and damn near put the hole thing in her mout till she started to gasp for air. It feelt great the best feeling iv ever hade. Nothing like when i play with my self anyways. She stratled my cock for what seemed a life time of pleasure till i stood up, I picked her up with her hips n placed her in the bed in the doggy position. I ran my toung up her inner legs and thies till i reached her inner lips. What a great taste she was. I licked and ate n fingured her till she sweeled up reall good. Her panting and moning grew deep and long as i fingured and ate her.

I then picked her up off the bed and place her against the wall where i kissed her lips as we carresed each outher. She whisperd in my ear ( I want you inside me now ) so without hesitation i grabed her legs picked her up till she was just above my cock and lowerd her onto me till my cock squeezed its way in. She let out a loud moan and grabed my back with her nails. I pushed all the way in then out in and out till she was screaming in extacy. We went to the bed and she climed on top of me and rode me like I was a horse just out of the stables. We roled and roled around for a while till I couldent take the abouse she was giving me. She felt me about to cum as i pulled out she said no ceep it in. I asked her if she was sure n she said yes.

So i out it back in and just keep pushing till i came in her. As I did She let out a sigh of relife, her body sank into the bed in relife. I laid on her for a few minuts later rubing her sides. She said she needed to go to the bathroom so I rolled over to let her up and as she walked away i seen her blood from her cherry breaking, I looked down and I too was coverd in her blood. I followed her into the bathroom and started the shower. She said good just what I need too.

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