When Your Dream Comes True

When Your Dream Comes True

For everyone puberty changes everything. The way you act, think and feel. The way you are around certain people and the choices you make. And of course, the thought of one day having sex. Entering middle school certainly evoked many thoughts of sex. The girls were becoming lean, hips were widening, and breasts growing. I could jack off at night to several of my classmates, and especially to one, Christy.
She seemed to blossom more beautifully than any other girl, and I was impressed. She was very lean, with the widest hips and the greatest ass. I was caught more than once admiring her tail. And her breasts were ripe melons! She was quite a sight. Ever since first meeting her in the 6th grade, I always wanted to fuck her. The best part was I had no competition to worry about. Sadly, this smart and sexy babe was cursed with plenty of acne, but I didn't care. Anyway, my dream of banging all came reality after years of anticipation.
She wasn't mine until high school, but many things occured between us before then. Once in the 7th grade, we came very close. It was during class, that she realized I was interested in her. Everyone was quite, reading their preferred book for their report. Christy stood up and walked past my desk up to the teacher. The teacher was with another student so Christy had to wait to speak with her. There she is standing right infron of my desk, her back towards me. I just stared at that magnificient ass for so long. When she noticed I was, she turned her head around and looked at her own ass and then up at me. She broke a gentle smile, as she walked away.
During locker break, she came up to me and asked me why I was looking. Without looking at her, I told her she was so fucking hot, I couldn't resist. She laughed a little, and took my hand in hers. At this, my cock hardens almost instantly. She walks away backwards, staring at me, and casually slips in the boy's bathroom. I barely hesistate to follow her. Everyone is leaving to either band, orchestra, or health now, and we are the only ones in the wing. We pause for few seconds in the bathroom until she walks over and sticks her hand down my pants. WHile grasping my stif cock, she unbuttons my pants and pulls them down. She starts jacking my cock, and kissing me. I go straight for her ass with my eager hands. We are both so turned on, until we hear a teacher walking towards the bathroom asking if anyone was in here. I push away and stick her in a stall. I frantically try to pick up my pants and boxers and I run to a urinal. The teacher walks in and yells at me for not getting to band. I tell I was just pissing. She doesn't look like she believes it but lets me go. The next day, I find out Christy made it out okay too.

Christy and I don't speak with each other until sophomore year. I had already gotten another girlfriend, and Christy was still alone. Well, I had a huge project for science. We had to find out science behind some sport, and I got tennis. Well, I ask a bunch of tennis players I know to talk with me about the sport but I never really get any info. Finally, my best friend tells me that Christy is a champion tennis player. So I eventually get around asking Christy if she could help me out. She invites me to her house, where she has her own court.
That weekend I drive to her house, to find her already playing on her court. She's panting and sweating, and I can't help to stare at her bare tan legs. She's 5'5, probably 120 lbs. with brunnete hair and green eyes. She has D cup breasts and still that perfect round ass. I yell out that I'm here, and she stops the ball-shooting machine. She walks up to me smiling brightly hugging me, and kissing me on the cheek. We talk small for awhile on her patio furniture about the sport and everything. When I tell her i got enough notes, and start to stand up to leave, she puts her hand on my leg, telling me not to leave yet.

I sit back down. Her hand is still on my leg. She looks at my crotch, so I put my hand on her leg. I start rubbing her bare legs, and she spreads her legs out, exposing her wet pussy under her skirt. I go down on my knees and start kissing ker inner thighs. I lift the flaps of her skirt up and stick face in her cunt. I lick her clit and the pussy lips with quick strokes of my tongue. She moans louder and louder, and she rubs my neck and squeezes my hair in her fists. I go faster and faster until she cums on my face. I stand up and yank my pants down. I bring out my hard 7.5' cock and jam it in her mouth. She squeezes the bottom half of my shaft and rubs her clit with the other. Shes sucking and jacking my cock like there was no tomorow. After couple minutes, I feel my biggest climax to date. I tell her this, but she just goes faster. I squirt my pearl jam down her throat. Cum still is flowing slowly through the head, so she rubs the head all around her face. With semen on her fae and some on her lips she tells me to fuck her. I pick her up and carry her in the house. On the kitchen top I undress her, which doesn't take long since she isn't wearing anything under her shirt. I ly on top of her on the counter top. I cup her breasts in my hands and lick the hard nipples. She wraps her legs around my back. I hold my cock in my hands and jam it in her pussy. She gasps in pain for a moment and I stop. She kisses me and whispers in my ear: "Now fuck me as hard as you can"

I thrust my hip, jamming my cock deeper and deeper until our croctches are touching. I go faster and faster and faster. SHe's moaning and groaning, screaming "FUCKING COCK!" Before I climax again we kiss and I take out my cock and rest it on her chin. he happily receives my juice. After we get dressed, we talk a long two hours before I get home again. After that day, we would fuck every other saturday until she went to New York for college. We still keep in touch, but not much though. She was my first time and my best.

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