Who Knew Part 2

Who Knew Part 2

Who knew that at 40 yrs old I would crave cock and become the cum swallowing demon I had resisted being so late in my life? Who knew that it would take one man, a man of many musical talents to show me the way to sexual bliss and complete carnal satisfaction? I certainly did not. But as I write this sequal, I involuntarily reach for my cock and lick my lips at the thought of this experience happening again and again.
I can't wait until the day when I can wake and have my magic man at will. I just hope I can fully 100%. Maybe some of you can help.

Here is: Who Knew Part II

It was a Friday night at my home in Griffith Park CA. Memories of Ron were as vivid as a flag against a cloudy December sky. My thoughts raced as I helped my wife pack an overnight bag in preparation of her trip to see an old friend in Malibu that same evening. She would stay the night this time. MMMMMM, finally……I would be on my back with a cock in my ass and mouth with cum on my face before the night was over! My cock twitched. I watched her nervously as I retrieved the DVD form the night stand and the movie I had watched two nights earlier. I put it in it's case and handed it to her. "Take this back" I said…"It's late". She zipped her bag, grabbed a coffee cake from the top of the frig and was gone in a flash. I almost ran to the bedroom as I watched her pull out of the driveway.
I shuffled through the night stand in search of Ron's card while simultaneously trying to stop my hands from shaking. All I could think of was Ron's rod impaling me from behind and him finishing with a load on my face and tongue. It was getting me soooooo hot. So hot that it was hard to control the urge to get myself off right then and there. I took out my cock. Pre cum started oozing from the tip. I wisped it off and licked my finger as the taste of my own cum made me think of Ron squirting in my mouth just two weeks prior. I stroked myself a few times and felt myself starting to fall into a stream of pictures of that day. Pictures of Ron and his amazing cock going in and out of my mouth and telling me he missed me. Those blue eyes and Clark Kent chin and the way he said he wanted to see me again. I put my dick away as I knew it would be worth every second, every minute, every hour once Ron arrived. I hoped he would come.
His number! There it was, stuck to a reciept from Home Depot. My hands shook as I looked at it. Finally, it was time to call him once again. I walked into the kitchen and poured a half glass of Crown and drank it quickly. Another. I reached for the phone and dialed. It went straight to voicemail. DAMN! Grrrrrrr. "Hey, this is Ron……I'm not around at the moment…..leave a message…" Beep!!!!!! "Ron"…I said……"this is…. you know who…….(nervous laughter) it's J J John, the d d ddrummer. I'm free tonight…I thought…..um er.. maybe we could jam again or something….. N E way…call me if you want…I'm here………….. Later!!" (my enthusiasm waned as I finished the message) I starting getting depressed thinking he would'nt call. I took a deep breath and let it out. I grabbed the bottle and poured another drink. I walked to the bedroom and stared at the card. I pulled out my cock and stroked it slowly. I sucked my finger. I remembered my wife's dildo in the drawer next to me. It was an exact replica of Rocco Sefriedi, something or other, that one porn star. It was big and veiny with a bulbous head. I leaned my head back on the bed, closed my eyes and stroked my cock as I licked the dildo. I slid it into my mouth. I tried to imagine it was Ron's, but it just didn't feel the same. Ron's was long and very hard and the dildo was….well…….NOT! it was fake! It was a big fat fake! I threw it to the side of the room (pissed) and slapped the bed. WHAM! "Damnit" I said……. "he'd better call me!!"
An hour went by and I paced. I went out to the garage and looked at my drums. I thought of Ron and his bass and the look on his face as he complimented my playing. I picked up a stick and the phone rang. There went the butterflies. I ran and checked to called ID. IT WAS HIM!!! Ohhh my god it was him! "Ron!"……I said enthusiatically as I answered the phone……."Heyyyyyyyyyy" he said…….."what's up dude!" "uhhhhh n n nada… what's up with you? "I get off at 4"…. he said……"You want me to swing by?"
(You have no idea I thought) "Y yeah I said….. that would be cool…." " My gear is in Newport though, so as far as jamming….it ain't happenin today……" he said. " "No problem man, I wasn't much in the mood for music today anyway……." "Awesome…… I'll see you at around 4:30!!….." I could see his smile through the phone. I said….. "Cool……I'll see you then!!".
The butterflies in my stomach were intense. I shook off my clothes and hit the shower. I grabbed my wife's watermelon body wash that she got at Whole Foods or something and started scrubbing myself with the loufa. I wanted to be delicious for Ron. I wanted him to tell me how good I smelled and watch him suck my cock. I staired at the tile and arched my back. The soap dripped onto my legs as I washed my chest. My cock bounced slightly. The light was a pale blue, recesed in the shower ceiling and it accented my shape nicely. "Not bad for 40" I thought…. 13% body fat to boot. I imagined Ron pulling my hair softly as he entered me slowly from behind. I started fantisizing about him talking nasty to me as I reached for my cock. "You like that cock don't you……….mmmm slut!…….ahhhhh yeah…you want more…." My ass full of cock and thinking of the payoff in my mouth made me weak in the knees. I reached between my legs and stuck my middle finger in my ass. I squatted down and pushed it in deeper. In and out. Ohhhhhhh man I couldn't wait!!! My cock was so engorged it looked like the head might pop. It was so untra sensitive I knew it would'nt take long to cum once Ron arrived. My God was I hot now.
I snapped my head around, shaking off the lust on my face. "Blblallalllllll!" I had to snap out of it!! I rinsed, dried and splashed on some Acqua Di Gio. I used the uncented deodorant. I combed my hair with a horse hair brush and sprayed in some leave in conditioner. I ran my fingers slowly across my chest. My cock stood straight out and knocked against the grey, smoked glass sink. I thought: "Soon……Mr. Johnson….soon!"
Ha ha! I was happy again. I walked to the bedroom and slid on my Tuscano silk shirt, silk boxers, Levi's, Feragamo loafers and I was good to go. My heart rate was up and I was STILL hard. There was just one thing that could take care of my craving. Ron's nine inch cock and huge balls. "MMMMmmmm" I thought as my cock twitched.
"BAP, BAP, BAP!" I looked at the clock. It was 4:13. It couldn't be Ron. As I turned the corner and headed into the living room I saw his silouette in the curtain. IT WAS HIM!!!!! OMFG! …..But he was early! My heart pounded. I opened the door. "Heyyyyyyyyyy…what's up dude!…I got off a little early……hell it's Friday!" "Hey Ron……wow…you are early" I said. "Come in"
He looked amazing! His shirt was open he had on nice pants and I could see the outline of his rod down his leg. "Did you miss me?"….he said. "What took you so long?"
"D, dunno man…..been thinking" I said. "Been trippin a bit" "No worries man" he said as he walked into the kitchen. "You got anything strong?" he said. ""I'll get it" I said, as I reached for the Crown Royal in the top cabinet. "Is that you" he said….."You smell good"
He lightly touched my lower back. My knees buckled slightly as I blushed and pulled the bottle down…."Acqua Di Gio" I said. "Smells good" he said.
Man was I nervous. My leg shook and I started to sweat a little. "I HATE THAT!" I thought to myself as I reached for the ice dispenser on the fridge. "crushed or whole" I said. "Who cares" he said. I poured one for myself and iced it as well. My hand shook. "I want you to see something" he said. I turned, looked at Ron's pants leg and saw the outline of his rod. He was hard! A big smile came across his face. There was a little small wet spot as well. HOLY SHIT!! I smiled nervously and giggled a little. "I was hoping you could help me with this" he said. " I swallowed some air along with a sip of Crown and coughed a little. Ron started unzipping his pants as my heart rate rose. Out came his cock and in full view he rolled back the skin and exposed the head to me. "I'm really hoping you can help me with this" My heart pounded as I looked into his eyes. God he looked so hot, standing there with his shirt open and cock out. I could'nt believe my eyes. I walked at him like cheetah on a gazelle. "I've dreamed about this for two weeks!" I said. I grabbed his cock and gently licked the tip which was already wet with pre cum. MMMMmmm. I looked up at him and smiled as my left hand softly carresed his balls. I pulled it out of my mouth and looked at it. My god was it sooooo big and long. I made the head fatter by squeazing all the blood to it licking it again. I stared at his cock and balls together and was overcome with lust. I hungrily ate him. I sucked his rod like a kid would an ice pop on a hot summer day. "Ohhhhhhh" he said….."Yeahhhhhhh Uhhhhhhh" I sucked and he moaned. This time I wanted to savor the moment fully. I took it out of my mouth and would look up at him and then lick his balls, close my eyes and imagine him shooting a load all over me. I was sooooooooo fucking horny. My dick poked at my jeans like a dog at the front door. At one point I felt myself totally relax and I let his cock slide deeper into my throat. "Ohhhhh…..shshit" he said……"that feels soooooo good……Ohhhhhh yeah man…" I sucked him with my knees on the tile floor and thought of how erotic it would be if this were being filmed. I imagined a crew behind me with the lights on telling me what to do. I worshipped his cock this time. I made love to it like it was going to be taken away from me the next minute. I felt so nasty and hot. I wanted his cum on my face, in my mouth and I wanted him to fuck me. I thought of his big rod going in and out of my ass and I almost shot a load right in my pants. I stroked him and looked up at him. " I want you to cum" I said.
"Oh don't worry……I will" he said. "Then I want to take you to the bedroom and I want you to lay on your back……Ohhhhhh…..mmmmm" he said. I want to show you how I'm going to give it to you….." he said. Right then I shot my load. I fucking jizzed in my shorts!! I slurped on his cock as my eyes rolled back in my head and I let out a moan as I almost bit his cock. "Ohhhhhhhhh……. fuck" I said. "What" he said……. I was too embarassed to say. I said: "NNevermind….." and I continued to give him head. I did this swirly with my tongue thing I saw in a porno as I stroked him faster. "Ohhhh……oooooooo " he said. "You want it……." Mmmmmmmhmmmmmm" I said. "Oh fuck yeah…….cum in my mouth…oh yeah". "You want it" he said. " "Give it to me Ron" I said. Ohhhhhhhhh…..ohhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk…..ohhhhhhhhhh…." he said as he squirted off like a firehose once again. I sucked faster. "JJeeeesus……" he said. OMG it tasted soooooooooo good. His cum was sweet and hot like pineapple juice but better. I stared at his dick with cum on it and licked it over and over. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back as Ron wiped a bit of cum off my chin with his finger.
"I can't believe it's only your second time" he said. "That was amazing……you got any grub" all in the same sentence. " Uh yah…" I said. "WTF?" I thought to myself. "There is some pasta salad in the fridge". "Cool" he said. As he opened the fridge I got up and went to the bathroom. I unzipped my pants and was shocked at how much I came in my pants. My boxers were toast! I slipped out of the wetness and locked the door. I rinsed off the cum on my boxers in the sink, wiped off my cock and scurried into the bedroom. I grabbed another pair just as Ron rounded the corner with the bowl of pasta. "H hold on" I said, "Whoaaaa" he said. "Getting ready for me already eh?' ……"I need a minute" he said. " No, no" I said I fucked up my boxers while……. " I was mid sentence when he put the bowl on the dresser and kissed me. He grabbed me and held me close. It was an amazingly hot kiss. Better than any I have ever gotten from my wife. "Did you cum on yourself" he asked. " N n n no" I said. "Yeah you did…..It's cool man, no worries….you were fucking hot……. was it when I said I was going to fuck you?" I turned red. " Do you want me to fuck you……." he said. My voice quaked. "I I I 've never……uhhh" " I know he said, I figured that…..I'll be gentle" he said: "At first"….(evil grin) There went that smile again. He had me and he knew it. I was scared and so turned on at the same time. I wanted his cock in me and I wanted to watch him fuck me in the bevemirror. My cock twitched again. I looked down and it was already hard. It had'nt been ten minutes. "It's your turn" he said. "MMMmmm…..go lay on the bed!" He undid his pants again and FUCK! he was hard as a rock! "Holy shit" I thought, what the fuck? Was it the kiss? Was it me being semi nude? "Fuckin viagra…ha ha" he said. OMG! "Viagra……why!?….." I said. "Usually makes me hard at will" he said. "You like….." he said as his cock bounced up and down like a midget on a trampoline. I gasped at the though of him inside me, but ohhhh how hot that cock looked coming toward me. It bounced a little. My cock twitched in anticipation. Ron crawled over to the bed, and as I layed back he took my cock in his mouth. "Mmmmm……..you got any enema's?" he said. "Enema's? " I said. "Yeah, you have to clean up before we do it". "Seriously?" I said. "Yeah he said, you've never heard that?" "N n no" I said with an embarassed face, though I had from gay friends years back. "I don't think so" I said. MMmmmmmmm…..he sucked. "Better go check" he said.
I went into the bathroom and looked in the cabinet. A FLEET enema? "Where the fuck did that come from?" I thought. A fucking multi pack??? WTF was my wife getting fucked in the ass without me knowing or something? I've never bought those. Ahhhhh then it hit me. My grandmother came last year and she got ill. She told me to buy four and she used two. That was where they came from. "Hurry up" Ron said. "I'm hard as a nigger in jail!…ha ha.." Where was the romance this time? Jeez. I did'nt care. I drooled at the thought of his cock inside me. I read the directions, bent over and inserted the enema. Another. Within a minute I was draining and almost out of breath from it. I cleaned myself with a Summer's Eve wipe my wife had next to the toilet and walked back into the bedroom. Ron kissed me again. It was hot and long. I reached down and played with his cock and imagined it penetrating me over and over. Ron pushed me back on the bed and went down on me again. He slurped and sucked and licked me. "I missed you….." he said. "I thought of when you would call…and ……I jerked off like 4 times thinking about you….". " Wow" I said. " So did I …..more than that…." Ron laughed and sucked my cock with his eyes shut. " Mmmmmmm you taste good" he said. I like your cock….. It's adequate" he said. Adequate worked for me. I was just over 7" and he was a much bigger and slightly thicker 9. "Ohhhhhhh yeah….." I said as he sucked the head. "You know how to do me baby" I said. He looked up at me with his big blue eyes and said: " So did you think about things….?" "MMMMMMmmmm ohhhhhhhhh…." I moaned. "Yeah…. I thought about YOU mostly." I said. He sucked me faster. " Did you miss me too?……" he said. "Ron……. I missed you every day I said……" "Mmmmmmm" he moaned and picked up the pace. "How much did you miss me" he asked. " I missed you a lot" I said. I thought about your cock and you fucking me sooooooo many times". "OOooooooo yeah" he said. "Yeahhh" I said. And just then he rose up a bit, stuck a wet finger in my ass and put my cock back in his mouth. He worked his finger in and out slowly until I was sprawled back on the bed in extasy. I wanted his cock NOW!! That was it! "FUCK ME" I said as he slipped his covered cock into my ass. I did'nt even see him put on the rubber. Stupidly, I did'nt care. I know that was wrong. But…….."OHHHhhhhhh God" I said as I reached for my own cock. "Ohhhhhh Ron" I watched in the mirror as his cock went halfway inside me. 4 inches, then five, six. "Oh my god……" I said. "Yeah……..that's what I was telling you about" he said. I watched in the mirror. Ron got up on the bed and really started giving it to me. It felt soooooooooooooo fucking good. I stroked my cock and thought of him finishing in my mouth. Ron pumped me with a look of total exctasy on his face. He kissed me deeply with his big dick inside me. I was in HEAVEN! I looked over at the mirror again and watched as he kissed my neck and slowly fucked me. I stroked my own cock and kissed him again. His tongue darted in and out of my mouth as I watched him fuck me in the mirror by the bed. THIS WAS SOOOOOOO HOT!!! "Ohhh my God….you feel so good" he said. " I'm gonna….c c cum soon……" Oh yeah baby" I said. "FUCK ME!" Ron fucked me harder, he moaned and closed his eyes. It felt sooooooo good. I never inagined it would be THAT good. I stroked my cock. " Save it for me" he said. "Oooohhhhh Ohh Ok" I said. " Uhhhh….uh…… I'm gonna…." "In my mouth!!" I said loudly. Ron fucked me at light speed for a second, pulled out his cock, slipped the rubber off and the head in my mouth. Some of his cum hit my face on the way up. I SQUEEZED his balls as he emptied another load on my Tongue. I wanted every drop. "Mmmmmmmmuuuuuhhhhhhh"….I said. "Yeah…..Uh mmmy Gg g……oh my G g god ….Rr r on……..I'm…..I'm…." Ron went down and engulfed me as I shot a huge load in his mouth. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mf ggggggog…….OOoooooohhhhhhh" I said as I continued stroking myself in his mouth. FUCK!! it was hot. He licked the tip. Uhhhhhhhhhhmmmygggod…….th…at was…." "YuuuuuuuMy" Ron finished the sentence. "MMmmmmmmmmm". Ron collapsed next to me like a Marathon runner after a 10 k race. He was breathing heavy and sweating more that I was. His cock bounced over his body like a huge spring not connected to anything. God, that cock!! He stroked my skin like he loved me. He came up and started kissing on me. Total bliss! I reciprocated. We kissed for about 15 minutes and we fell asleep. (There wasn't much confusion after that ) HA!
Later that night I heard clanking around in my kitchen. I woke to find Ron eating nude on my couch. "Heyyyyyy" he said in his usual greeting. " How ya feeeeeelin?"
"Not too bad" I said as he handed me half a pannini sandwich on a plate. I ate it and shook my head in disbelief with how things had gone. "What a trip…" I thought. Who knew?
The night ended gloriously with kisses and a strong hug from Ron. He left as quick as Zorro on a black stallion. I sighed as I watched him drive off. " Wheeew….what a night…" There would be more of those to come.

To be continued…….

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