Wild Hot n Black

Wild Hot n Black

I was still 15 my parents knew i was old enough to last a week spring vacation on my own at our house and they decided to leave me home while they vacationed i didnt wanna go camping anyway. i had the house to myself fully stocked with junkfood i decided to invite a friend over a girl friend not one i was dating but a girl who was a friend of course we had experimented with sex before she had a nice body i couldnt resist it but it wasn't sex sex sex with us we are good friends watched movies made popcorn your usual cheesy friday night stuff. she stayed the night with me that night and i had fucked her that night but she is not the star of this story . my friend who is black has an older sister. who is dman hot about 22 yrs old 5'6 big juicy ass she had sum tits maybe b cups but non the less they were nice she had came over and said that she lost her job and her place and was moving in with some friends next week who had left her on spring break o well at least they were letting her move in i asked her why not go to her moms place but it was a small place crowded with my friend and his brothers and all she only wanted to stay for about 2 days before she went to meet up with her family down south.

so i let her stay we watched movies she went out that night and came home drunk which i wasn't suprised i went to bed early that night having stayed up late the previous night and she came in i gave her the key she asked me where i could sleep well there was lots of options i had a bunkbed for when a friend wants to stay over the couch or my parents room she didn't want my parents room or the couch so she slept on top bunk i lay asleep waking up a few hours later realizing she was next to mewith her leg over me i liked this and didn't like it at the same time because she was a bit drunk my alarm clock was on her other side and when i tried to reach for it it was like she thoguht i was trying to hug her she said sleeply :"oh Honey" and grabbed my hand and immediatly stuck it in her panties she was sleeping in like a bikini or sumthin knowing that she does get a lil mad at people for even looking at her butt i was scared she would probably think i was taking adavntage of her.

But then i relaxed and i didn't want to wake her so i left it there thinkin this is probably a one time chance i prickled my fingers in her pubic hair and tried to find her pussy after a couple minutes i found it and started to rub it …she then licked her fingers and started to wet it a bit and then said "why don't we keep this a secret"

My dick was erect in record time and there was nothing i could do it pushed its way to her leg. as soon as she felt it she began rubbing it through my shorts and put her hand inside eventually and starting rubbing. i was fingering her with two fingers and she also was doing this with her other hand. i always wantied to squeeze her big black booty which i did man it was big and juicy, then she said she wants to taste my dick and before i could say anything she started sucking it with so much force i was afraid she was going to suck the skin off she was attaking it like a hungry lioness i told her she would make me cum really fast at that rate and she stopped sucking and then she sat on my dick while it slid in her cunt and began riding it she was like a pro… she knew what to do and how to do it little did i know she was a slight squirter she was riding me for about 5 minutes when she was moaning and i felt her juices slid down my penis and on to my stomach she then ran her palm over her pussy vigorously as if she wanted it all to come out she then lay for a while knowing i hadn't cumed

yet she sat on me again and began riding this time it was different sahe wanted me to cum she fucked as if she was trying to ride a real bull and about after about 20 min i felt it comin up she asked me if it was as if she felt it too. and i came she continued riding and the pleasure and pain colided i wanted her to stop but keep going at the same time she finally stopped and got off i sat up quickly and held my penis for she had ridin it about a minute after i cumed and i was still trembling a bit i then lay down she left to take a shower i continued to lay there thinkin about this particular black girl she was older than me and i fucked her i didnt care i loved it she came back and i went to shower after that i came back and we lay and we talked till morning of course i couldn't tell her little brother who was my friend what i had done i didn't but i hope he doesent' read this.

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