Wild Sister-in-law

Wild Sister-in-law

[b]I only have two true stories of incest. I have already related my first "High Fever Mom". This one concerns my sister-in-law, which I believe qualifies as incest….at least by marriage. The remarkable thing about these encounters is that they took place, for the most part, between my age of 14 to 16 yrs. old. First, I must give you a little background about my brother.

My brother was six years older than me. After spending several years in a boy's school, where we were separated because of age, we finally found ourselves sharing a bedroom in my parents new home. Since I had to take the top bunk, I was surprised, one evening while reading, by by the bed shaking. In my 12 year old mind, I thought we were having an earthquake. I looked to the lower bunk to see what my brother thought and there he was with his big cock in his hand and just about to ejaculate. I was totally intrigued and pestered him over the next few days to "do me". He finally relented and it felt so good. Of course, I couldn't ejaculate, but I still pumped and, as I called it, "got that funny feeling". Well, this got me started down the sexual road and my brother taught me how to be a voyuer, how to always look for up the skirt opportunities and etc.

Fast forward. I'm now fourteen. My brother has been in the service for the past year or more. My parents thought I should travel to his base and spend a week with him as he might be going overseas. The week I spent was going fast and I had only been able to see him mostly in the evenings, but he would have the weekend off. His fiance, Betty was coming down for the weekend and would bring her girlfriend, Ginger. Of course, I would be paired off with Ginger. Since I was big for my age and taller than my brother, she didn't seem to mind.

Saturday, we did the minature golf, bowling and dinner and my brother bought a bottle of Vodka. He insisted on mixing the drinks. I truly believe he didn't give me any as I never felt it and complained about the taste which he explained away with: "Vodka doesn't have any taste".

Bedtime came and my brother was definetely going to sleep with his woman, so Ginger was stuck with me. No protest from her, but no excitement either….at least on her part. I was excited as hell. I had felt up girls my age, but this was the first time to be this close to a 21 yr. old woman! Since it was a double bed and a typical motel bed, we were kind of thrown together. I figured I may as well try to kiss her, so I did. Wonder of wonders, she kissed me back with quite a bit of passion and since I had my arms around her and could feel her bra under her pjs, I started trying to unhook it. Well, after way too much time, I could not get the damn thing unhooked and she lost interest and said good night and with the affect of the booze, she very quickly dropped off to sleep.

I vowed not to let such a sound sleep go to waste, so started experimenting, very carefully, on different parts of her body. The same deep sleep, so I got a little bolder and finally pulled the string on her pj bottoms and gently reached in to find panties underneath. What the heck, I'll go for it. Since she was on her back, I gently pulled her leg as close to me as possible and gently pulled the crotch of her panties aside until I could slip my finger slowly into her slit. I kept looking for signs of her coming awake, but she still seemed to be breathing the same.

As I gently slid my finger up and down her slit, I was ecstatic, thinking that I had accomplished this much, when all of the sudden she rolled towards me, raising her arm and for an instant I thought she was going to hit me, but no, she pulled my head down to hers and planted a big kiss on my lips and at the same time started pushing her pj bottoms off. I couldn't believe it. Had she been fakeing sleep? Who cares. The fire had been lit. Now my brother's early advice and related experiences kicked in. This time, she reached behind and unhooked her bra as I was helping with her pants and panties.

It was hot in the room and we only had a sheet over us, but even at that, there was a lot of rustling of bed clothes and Betty called out, what are you guys doing over there. Ginger said: "We're just restless". I wasn't going to let this opportunity go by and I now had my fingers in her bare cunt and I could feel her hips pushing gently up to my finger thrusts. I guess she forgot who she was with, because she whispered in my ear: "Lick my pussy, Honey". Well, of course, I had never done anything like that, but my brother had told me all about it and how the ladies loved it, so I wasn't about to refuse her request. I started moving down in the bed and between her legs and found my target and had just barely started to lick her cunt when I heard: "What……are you guys doing?' It was Betty and a second later I heard the light click on and could see it through the sheet. I layed perfectly still. I heard betty say: "Where's Jack"? Then…….."Oh my God!"

The next moment, the sheet went flying off of us and there we were in all of our glory with my tongue firmly entrenched in Ginger's cunt. Ginger had red hair and this was, of course, the first time I had seen her cunt hair and it was flaming red too.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Betty standing beside our bed with only her bra on and she said: "Come on Bob. Let's get some of this!" and with that, she disappeared behind me, going around the foot of the bed and had now shed her bra. I guess she was in charge as far as Ginger was concerned because she told Ginger to entertain Bob because she wanted some of what I was giving to Ginger. Without objection, Ginger went over to the other bed, bent down and started sucking my brother's cock. (I found out later that they had had threesomes before.) Betty layed down on the bed and threw her leg up over me so I was now between her shapely legs.

Before me was a very hairy pussy, but well trimmed into a beautiful triangle. She was even hairy between her legs and you had to old her lips apart to see the pink. The rest of her body was slim, with medium sized tits. Ginger was bigger, but not fat, but had larger tits. I dove right in and was really enjoying my first experience of eating pussy. Over the course of the next few minutes, I think she came two or three times. After the first time, she instructed me to make my tongue hard and insert it deeply when she told me to…..which I did. I could feel her cunt muscles ripplying on my tongue when she came.

Finally, she reached down with both hands on each side of my face and pulled me up to kiss her saying: "You've got to come up for air young man!". She asked me if I had ever fucked a woman. I lied and said I had fucked a girl from school. She corrected me saying: "I asked you if you had fucked a woman…not a girl". I said no and she proceeded to push my shorts down, briefly jack my hard cock and put it in her warm cunt. I think I lasted about ten seconds before I came. She just laughed and said let's try it again. Ah……youth is wonderful. Hardly ever lose that hard on.

Well, Betty finally went back to my brother and I was able to fuck Ginger, which felt muc better, by the way. Got a few hours of sleep and when we woke up, the girls wanted to go again, but my brother couldn't get it up. His problem was diabetes which was diagnosed just a few months later and caused his dismissal from the service shortly after their marriage.

Now we come to the real reason for this story. Fast forward to a little over a year later and they are living near my parents. My bro had been in and out of the hospital, was now out of the service and was not doing well for a job. My sister-in-law was not happy. She missed the military life, the parties and most of all the sex, since he was impotent most of the time. I knew of his illness, but didn't know of her unhappiness. She called one day and asked if I could stop by their apartment and …"help her with something". She wouldn't say what.

I went in their apartment and she offered a coke and we chatted for a bit. I asked her what it was I could help her with. She was in her robe and this was after school, but it wasn't unusual for her to lounge around all day, so I didn't think anything of it. She got up and started to walk away from me, but stopped and turned and as she turned, she opened her robe and came towards me stark naked, saying: "You can help me with this". I said: "Oh no, I can't do that ". She said: "Well, you did it when we were down at the airbase". I said: "That was one time, and you weren't married and everyone was in on it. I'm not going behind my brother's back". She said: "He knows and approves because I told him I would start picking up guys if I had to, but he is the one that suggested you to keep it in the family". I suggested she was doing this behind his back and she got mad and picked up the phone and called him and told him I was there and that she wanted to do what they had discussed and asked him to talk to me.

I stood up and took the phone and my brother explained to me his problem and that he could trust me and that Betty was going nuts without her "pleasures". While he was explaining all of this, she had sat down in the chair in front of me, unzipped my pants and waved my hands away until I gave in. She took my cock out and started to suck it until I hung up. Then she stopped got quite angry and said most boys would give anything to have a sister-in-law that would let them fuck her whenever they wanted. While I was sputtering half explanation and half apology, she grabbed my wrist and led me into the bedroom.

That started about 6-8 months of continues sex. I would go over there after school to the point where the guys complained I never hung around with them anymore. Of course, I couldn't tell them what was going on. Unhappily, even though she seemed to enjoy my company, she finally left later that year. What a year for a young kid!!! Once she left, this is where things started picking up with my Mom, as I explained in "High Fever Mom".

Wonderful memories!!

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