Workin' it

Workin' it

I picked my 5-year-old up and kissed him hard on the cheek…it was puffed and full of cheerios and he didn’t like it one bit! He whimpered a little but was too tired to protest much. I then kissed my husband on his big, Mick Jagger lips. His kiss tasted like coffee and a bit salty and I could still smell myself on his face. The aroma made me tingle and I could feel myself getting wet all over again. It was early. And dark. I grabbed my bag full of shoes, hose and makeup and headed to the door. I had a train to catch and it wasn’t going to wait for me!

Not two hours before, those big pouty lips were buried deep between my legs and I woke up with him pushing my legs apart as far as they would go. Seems he’d been down there a while and was getting insistent on getting every last drop of the river of pussy flow he had caused with his probing tongue, his middle finger and his amazing, soft lips. Being half asleep, I instinctively tried to straighten my legs, but his strong arms were having none of that. He restrained me and pushed back hard against my 36" inseam legs. Thru my sleepy haze, I realized what was going down and gave in completely – spreading eagle as far as I could. The incredible sensations he was causing made me moan low and long. I placed both hands on top of his head and ran my fingers through his thick curly brown hair, loving every second of my pre-dawn assault.

I sleep on my back and tend to sprawl out, invading whatever vacant space is available on the bed. He no doubt saw this as his moment to pounce given I was wearing a camisole and nothing else – the sheets must have fallen away leaving me wide open. I earned my living as a model and my next booking was a swimsuit ad. Not knowing how skimpy the suit would be, I had my “area” waxed the day before and Nella was none too gentle about it. I was sore and had applied an aloe cream to relieve where all the hair had been ripped out leaving me red and raw. I can see where he got the idea I was horny (seeing a glistening pussy right out there in the open and all) and automatically assumed I was excited and did the gentlemanly thing by helping me out! Besides, I had been gone 2 weeks and poor baby was left to jack off to my infrequent phone sex calls and the Spank-a-vision channel!

Before I was conscience, I must have been integrating what was actually happening with my dream-state. I was dreaming about being on the set of an erotic shoot…naked and beautifully lit under the hot lights and being deftly fingered by the photographer after he had adjusted the lighting a bit. I could feel the pussy juice flowing out of me and down my butt-crack. What he was doing felt incredible! His assistant stood behind the camera with his mouth open in astonishment. I could see his hard-on 15 feet away! I didn’t recognize the photographer, he was no one I knew. He had a full head of salt and pepper hair, beautiful white teeth, dark green eyes and was thin with a boat-captain tan. I dreamt I took hold of his head and forced him to my glistening mouth. As his fingers flicked in and out of my hot, wet pussy, I flicked my tongue inside his mouth and bit his lips hard. He had three fingers in me now and I was bucking my hips to meet his probing hand. Having 5 inch heels on helped me really get some momentum going as I raised up and down against his knowing fingers. I threw my head back and felt the heat of the lights. His mouth was on my full, b-cup, (real!) breasts now, tenderly sucking each rock-hard nipple and raising up every once in a while to circle a nipple with his tongue. I turned my head a bit and glanced over at the photo-assistant. He had his now very excited penis in his hand and was jacking off to the sight of us. I was wishing he would come closer so I could take him in my now-free mouth and suck him dry. I was checking out the size of it and made a mental note of planning on getting that big thick rod inside me before the day was out. Maybe they would like to tag-team me? The thought of a threesome was getting me even hotter now. I’d propose the plan later, but for now, I was loving every second of my sexy shoot. I felt like I was on the edge of cumming when I woke up to my wonderful early morning surprise.

My husband sensed I was almost there and brought his face up to look at me. His mouth was shiny and wet. He gave me a smirk. I was reeling and looked down at him, smiling. I felt like maybe I was still drunk from the night before, but knew I had fallen asleep after that first glass of Champagne. He loved getting me to the point of no return and he knew he had done just that. I knew what he wanted next. He whispered, “turn over for me, Baby”. He brought my long, tanned legs together and flipped me on my front. We have a mirror by the side of the bed and I could see in the half-light he was jack-hammer hard from eating me out. He was all business now and spread my legs just enough to get his narrow hips between them and in one quick movement grasped my hips with both hands, raising my throbbing pussy to him and jammed into me hard from behind.

He started out at a slow pace, I suspected he was trying not to cum too quickly, but he just couldn’t wait and neither could I. He started slapping against me. The right side of my face was buried against the bed and I looked toward the mirror so I could see the whole thing out of one eye. I watched him put his middle finger to his mouth. He brought the now wet finger out and placed it against my completely vulnerable, hairless ass. I knew what was coming next and I couldn’t wait. He ever-so-gently circled my asshole with his wet finger and in it went, slipping right up to almost the third knuckle. I gasped and could feel him pushing it around in there and against his cock on the other side of the thin skin wall separating my vagina and anal canal. His pressing finger caused his rock hard cock to push against my g-spot and I knew this was it! I could feel myself cumming – the waves hitting hard and I could tell he was cumming too. He could feel the contractions in my ass and up and down my hot love canal. I turned my face into the bed and shouted out loudly. He was making grunting noises, like he does when he’s lifting at the gym and I could tell his cock was shooting me full of hot, thick cum. After what seemed too short of a time, he relaxed his grip on me a bit, pulled his finger out of my ass and pulled his still throbbing, erect cock out slowly. It made a slight "pop" noise and a river of cum came pouring out of me – it was too late to grab the towel in the drawer by the bed for just such events. We both collapsed breathing hard into a cold, wet puddle of semen and pussy juice on the bed. . . and just in time, too. We tried to muffle our excitement but must have done a horrible job of it because our kindergartener was awake, at the door and he was opening it to come in!

Hubby slipped on his pajama pants again, coaxing the tight waistband over his still-hard cock, and I headed off for the shower. As I closed the door, I could hear them talking about how loud we had been and I shouted SORRY from the bathroom.

I soaped up in the shower letting the water run down my long naked body. My nipples were erect again from the cold bathroom air and my still sleepy mind remembered my dream and the photographer’s mouth where the water now was. I washed my long blonde hair and enjoyed the smell of my new shampoo. It was wonderful – like lily of the valley and honeysuckle. I shaved my legs and underarms and gave my pussy an extra soaping. I accidentally slipped a soapy finger up inside me and sighed, wishing there was still a big hard rod in there instead. I continued soaping and washing –I didn’t want to run the risk of leaking cum all over the bathing suit they would put me in today. Very bad form for a model to violate the merch! I was careful to wash really well down there and could see the redness from my waxing was gone. It was still a little sore but I couldn’t tell if that was from the brutal fucking I had just gotten or from Nella’s hotwax (those Italians beauticians love to instill pain)! Either way, it hurt so good!

I finished up and wrapped a towel around me. I went inside the walk-in closet and shut the door. I placed a hand over my smooth, clean pussy. It was dripping wet again and the moisture starting to run down my leg. I couldn’t tell if it was from the shower, the leftover cum or me being “ready” again. I wiped gently between my legs with my thick white towel. How could I still be so horny after the perfect fuck? Well, it would have to wait. I was a girl on a schedule with an 8am call time and I was now under the gun thanks to our little t?-?? in bed. Good thing I had packed the night before. One thing I forgot to do was to put my undies in the dryer after washing them the night before. I had come home from my 2-week long work trip to Italy the night before and had just dumped my entire bag in the washer. I really didn’t want to wear wet undies, and besides, I didn’t want to chafe before the shoot, so I went commando. I threw on a sleeveless black, stretchy “wiggle” dress I picked up in Italy, fringed brown half boots, and a sheer pink blouse. I went back into the bathroom and threw on some lipstick and a little mascara but had no time for anything else. My hair was almost dry now. It was really blonde from all that Italian sun and I had a glow, but not a tan from all that outdoor shooting. I looked relaxed and fresh from vacation even though I was dead tired from over-work and jet-lagging my brains out!

My man appeared at the door of the bathroom and asked if I was ready. I said “yeah….I’m ready alright”. He caught my meaning immediately and said “it’ll have to wait and so will I. Time for you to make the money, honey!”. I looked down and saw his hard-on pressing against the tight jeans he was now wearing. I laughed and said “you too?” he shrugged “I really missed you, what can I say?”. He grabbed my bag for me, I threw my purse over my shoulder and followed him downstairs. “What do you have IN this thing”. I said “tell me about it, I have to lug it around all day long, you have it for 2 minutes. I wish these studios were better equipped”. As I said that last part, I was HOPING the studio was “equipped” with a good-looking photographer and a horny assistant.

Off I went into the dark for my 2 block walk to the train station. I could see the train coming down the track and knew if I had waited one minute more, I would have missed it! I placed the headphones of my bright yellow Sports Walkman over my head, and positioned one side of it over my right ear leaving the left one off . I clicked play and boarded the train. Strains of Roxy music filled my right ear and I was feeling drugged now.

……………so much more to come!!!

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