[SAGBA] Cat-Girl vs. Tentacle Monster

[SAGBA] Cat-Girl vs. Tentacle Monster

(Camera is on some exceedingly excitable blonde guy holding a microphone that says TIM on it)

Tim: WELCOME to the Super Anime Girl Battle Arena Network! Our contestants for tonights match are!

(Camera pans off to the right, and it shows a young girl with hazel eyes, light brown hair, cat ears, a tail, and a yellow bikini on. She shyly turns away)

Tim: Fresh, young Marlene!

[Strength] 7
[Defence] 10
[Speed] 13
[Will] 18
[Spirit] 13

Tim:19 years old and just from the mountains of Kira, she's ready to rock! And why do you wish to compete in this competition today?

(Tim holds the microphone under the girl's mouth)

Marlene: Well I uh… I need the money for…

(Tim jerks it back right away)

Tim: Wasn't that cute folks? She needs the money for school!

Marlene: But that's… Umm…

Tim: ANYWAY, Marlene – what inspired you to come to this arena?

Marlene: Um… I was trained a little about fighting and if I can fight and win I can use this money to get a better defense for our hometown and…

Tim: Oooh, a tough one! Let's see how long she lasts!

Marlene: Wait, am I going to die? Noone ever said anything about actually going up in a serious fight like this, I figured at most it would be like mud wrestling or something!

Tim: No no, missy no one dies in our arena. Except maybe the monsters. But here's where your wrestling skills will come in handy!

Marlene: M… Monster?

(Tim clips on a little microphone to her back and pushes the Cat Girl out a door saying Arena and then closes it.)


(The camera flickers to outside view in a circular arena with several people sitting around and another huge door still closed. Marlene looks around confused, and then the door opens. From within comes something best described as a gigantic red mound with several purple holes along it's surface.)

[Strength] 18
[Defence] 13
[Speed] 8
[Will] 10
[Spirit] 17

Tim: From the deep reaches of the "Forbidden Norn Jungle" comes the Tentrulus! Best known as the Tentacle Monster!!! Numbering in 7-12 different fully functional 5 feet long or more tentacles, it makes for a dangerous opponent!

Marlene: What is that thing? I've never seen that before…

(The monster begins it's approach!!! It can creep about 4 feet every 10 seconds, and it's about 50 feet away!)

Marlene: Eeck! It can MOVE?

(The creature continues it's waddle towards the girl.)

Tim: Marlene has been intimidated!!!

Marlene: Oh god, what's going on?

(Marlene walks back and backs back into the door. Realizing she had no escape route, she looks back at the monster as a single tentacle protrudes from it upwards into the air, 5 feet.

(Marlene steadies herself and goes into a defensive crouch.)

Marlene: I'm not afraid of you! What can a wimp like you do to me? You'll never catch me!

Tim: Would you look at that! The fighting spirit of the girl sends the Tentrulus into caution!

(The tentacle retracts a couple feet, and the monster continues it's advance! It continues to creep towards the confused girl until it is at striking range!)

(Suddenly, the tentacle lashes out and hooks onto her left arm!)

Marlene: W… What? It was LONGER than 5 feet?

Tim: Oh, look at that! The tentacle monster had 7 feet stored away! Looks like it knew what it was doing!

(Marlene seemed to be staring at the tentacle latched onto her wrist)

Marlene: Why is it producing such a strange slimy liquid? It almost looks like… WHAT is this thing? Get off!

(Marlene swings her arm back and fourth to shake it off but to no avail! Suddenly another tentacle lashes out and locks onto her right wrist!)

Marlene: SHIT!

(Suddenly, another tentacle slowly creeps fourth from it's hole! It begins to slowly make it's way to her mouth!)

Marlene: What's this about? What's it doing?

(The tentacle nears her mouth and rubs against her lips! A cheer comes from the crowd!)

Tim: Marlene has lasted the liquid and felt it welcoming, and thus her mouth opens! A cheer comes from the crowd!

(The tentacle moves in and out violently from her mouth, and Marlene takes it for a minute, then snaps back to her senses and bites onto the tentacle! It quickly Retracts, and then another comes forth!)

Marlene: What kind of arena is this?

(The girl struggles against it's mighty grip, but quickly fails! Suddenly, she feels the grasp of two more tentacles around her ankles! A tentacle then goes forth, and lashes off her top! Yet another cheer echoes from the onlooking crowd!)

Marlene: Eyaaah! Noo!

(The tentacle moves down and begins to attempt to penetrate the bottom piece of the swimsuit, to no avail!)

Tim: Looks like this tentacle monster never heard of foreplay, folks!

(The girl begins to move her hips around.)

Marlene: Stop it! Sto-

(Her mouth is plugged by a quickly moving tentacle! She is backed against the wall, attempting to move her hips away from the threatening tentacle, and she seems to be far less resistant to the tentacle thrusting wildly in and out of her mouth.)

Marlene: Mmm….

(She lets out a little moan and attempts to turn her head in embarrassment, but fails! She begins to move her hips around the tentacle below her, and continues a steady slow moaning. Suddenly, the tentacle seems to begin jamming rather hard down her throat, and then it seems to retract and spray all over her face. It retracts, and another comes forth)

Marlene: No~!

(The newly protruding tentacle begins to aid the other that has begun to struggle with the laws of physics against the bottom piece! Suddenly, it lashes underneath it and begins to feel around. At this point, Marlene lets out a very load moan, as it plays with her and the other finally finds it's way underneath and rips off the bottom piece!)

Marlene: Help… Someone Aah… Help me…

(She had all natural hair underneath, not shaven in any way)

Tim: Would you look at that? Looks like there's no razors in the mountain town she's from but hey, it's kinda nice all in it's own!

Marlene: N… No…

(She says this with her eyes moving back in her head slightly at the new pleasure she finds. She then feels it penetrate her pussy, and she begins to moan loud and wildly as it continues thrusting deep within her, over and over again, being coated in her built up love juice. Suddenly, her moans are put to muffled moans as another comes inside her mouth! The two holder her wrists goes to work as well, moving back and fourth in her hands. Soon, she begins to stroke them on her own.)

Tim: And there we have it folks! It didn't take long and it seems that the monster has won the match!

(The tentacle retracts as it sprays along her neck and chest)

Tim: Ooh, almost a headshot! You hacker you!

(Then she begins moving fast and then has an orgasm on the tentacle, as it seems to spray deep within her, and retract. She seems to relax a bit but then another is thrust within her and she continues to play with the two in her hands.)

Tim: That's all the time we have today, folks! Tune in next time!

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